ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 22nd Annual Homeschool Convention

Friday & Saturday, May 18-19, 2012 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, Edison, NJ

ENOCH Homeschool Convention
The TEEN TRACK has been cancelled.

Mission Imperative will still be at our convention but there will be no Teen Track.

Any and all registrations will be refunded.

Parent, you can register your teen for an all day Teen Program on Saturday. For just $10 plus general admission, your teen can benefit from Mission Imperative program presented by Mike Snavely.

Since your teen's general admission price gives them access to the Convention on both Friday and Saturday, look over the Friday workshop schedule to see if there is something you might want to attend with your teen. Also, encourage your teen to volunteer for a 2 ½ - 3 hour shift on Friday.

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"How 'Evolutionized' Are You?": A Teen Track by Mission Imperative!

Is there a God who created everything?...or did all living things evolve through random, natural processes? It's a question that is asked by so many people today, and it's a very reasonable question since it strikes at the very essence of our being. Why am I here? Why am I alive? What is the meaning of life? If there is a deeper meaning, what really happens when I die?

Many Christians cannot answer basic questions their neighbors, friends, or co-workers have regarding origins. Many Christian young people are often very disillusioned when they get into the real world, because they don't know how to answer these questions. The faith of many of these can be severely shaken.

Check out the video to see more.


The Pillars of Evolution

In this session we define “science”, and illustrate the scientific method of problem solving. In the light of true science, the three main concepts that the theory of evolution is based upon are examined and shown to be faith-based rather than science-based. The purpose of this session is not only to show that science does not support evolutionary theory, but also to give Christians some “tools” with which to combat the theory.


Aunt Lucy?

What evidence is there that humans evolved from ape-like creatures? As it turns out, not much! In fact, the “evidence” is stunningly sparse, being limited to a few fossilized bones. However, many of these are either fakes, or greatly misinterpreted and exaggerated. This session uses humor as it exposes much of this.


Lunch Break


The Horror of the Flood

Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, and where it all went?! Understanding the flood (the purpose, the causes, the aftermath and the evidence) is very important to a biblically sound creation model. This session covers all the basics about this event, and also includes a video and PowerPoint presentation on the “Hydroplate Theory”, a biblically accurate and scientifically feasible portrayal of the “how” of the flood event.


The Mystery of the Dinosaurs

A hot topic for today! This session provides a biblical alternative to the standard explanation for these creatures, and answers the basic questions everyone has on the subject - What were dinosaurs? When did they really live? What really happened to them? Does the Bible talk about them?, etc.




Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations

The biblical and the secular views of the origins of man are diametrically opposed to each other, as are the two views of man’s activities in the past. Ancient civilizations indicate a high level of accomplishment - something to be expected if we were created “good” at the beginning, but labeled “mysterious” by those who believe in a four-million-year process. However, all great civilizations of the past have collapsed. Why? Does the Bible have anything to say about this?

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