ENOCH's 2017 Homeschool Conference, April 22, 2017

ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 27th Annual Homeschool Convention

Register Online using VISA, Mastercard or Discover!

Register Early!!

Pre-registration Early Bird begins February 1, 2017

Pre-registration EARLY BIRD deadline is April 1, 2017!

Pre-registration deadline is April 15, 2017!

NOTE: The Children's Program ages run from 5-12 years old.


Begin your registration with your name and then begin making your choices. No names are required during the adult registration. In addition, we have added the Children’s Program registration within the same page. 

Early Bird Registration   Regular Registration
Married Couple (Price per Couple) $25.00 $30.00
Single Individual (age 13 and up) $20.00 $25.00
Minimum Amount $5.00
Scholarship Fund Donation
Minimum Amount $5.00
Children (12 & under) are free of charge

How to register online using a credit card for payment

Online registration payment can be done by credit card.

  1. Fill in your information first. The FIRST and LAST NAME will be the name you pick up your wristbands under.
  2. Next is our Volunteer Section. ENOCH cannot do this alone! We need “all hands on deck”. If you are interested, check off the box. In your confirmation, you will be given the information where to register as a volunteer.
  3. Our Registration options are next. We simplified this for you. Just choose the registration you want. For example, if married, then Married is chosen; if Adult, then Adult.
  4. Next you can register for the Children’s Program. You can find information about the Children's Program sessions by clicking here
  5. Finally, you come to our Donation section. ENOCH is a non-profit organization, so any donation you give is tax deductible. Any amount you give is greatly appreciated. Help with the costs of processing on credit cards, a $5.00 donation is most welcome.
  6. Your Grand Total will show up at the bottom right above your credit card information. Fill in accordingly. If the address is the same as the registration information, save you some time and click COPY next to the Name. This automatically fills in your information for you.

Paying with a Credit Card
You will be registered after successfully completing the transaction. You will receive an email as your confirmation. Please keep this for your records. This will be your proof of payment. In the confirmation there will be a link to volunteer. Click the link. It will take you to another site. In that website you can choose your volunteer position you desire.

Click here to Register Online


How to register by mail sending a check for payment

Simply print out the Registration Form and mail with a payment to: Make checks payable to: ENOCH of NJ

Mail to:
Convention Registrar
c/o 810 Route 202/206 North
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

How to Register to Volunteer

To sign up to be a volunteer, you must register to attend the ENOCH Convention as you normally would, either

Simply check the "volunteer" box on the by mail or online registration form. If you register online  you will be contacted and given the directions that will allow you to volunteer and select a job(s). If you register by mail, you will be contacted by our Volunteer coordinator within a few days. You must pay the convention registration fee to volunteer. Any questions may directed by email to the Volunteer coordinator.

How to make a donation to ENOCH of NJ

ENOCH is a service-oriented, not-for-profit, volunteer ministry dedicated to serving the home education community in the State of New Jersey. ENOCH operates solely through proceeds from the Annual Convention and your generous gifts. We encourage you to help in this ministry by making a fully tax-deductible donation.

The Board of ENOCH appreciates its supporting families.

How to get a Refund

At times, our plans change and things prevent us from attending the Convention as planned. In most circumstances, refunds can be given. However, refunds are subject to a $5.00 processing fee per family. All refund requests are to be made in writing NO LATER THAN April 1st. After April 1st, we do not issue refunds or credits.

Please include your full name, as registered, and your amount paid. Also include your full mailing address, as registered.

Mail request to:
Convention Registrar
c/o 810 Route 202/206 North
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

How to make a donation to the Scholarship fund

ENOCH of NJ, Inc. provides a means for you to assist the financially burdened through a special "Scholarship Fund" Monies donated to this fund will be directed toward the registration fee of those whose applications are submitted and approved.

How to apply for Scholarship admission

ENOCH wants you to know that if you cannot afford the registration fee, be assured ENOCH would like to help during these tough financial times. If you cannot afford the convention registration fee, you may apply for scholarship monies by sending a request with a short explanation of your need with your completed registration information to:

Convention Registrar, c/o 810 Route 202/206 North, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Applicants, if accepted, will be required to volunteer at the convention (a three hour shift) and will not qualify for any of the usual volunteer compensations. Scholarship applications must be received by April 1st for consideration.

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