ENOCH of New Jersey presents its first College & Career Fair

Saturday, October 6, 2012 at Lincroft Bible Church, Lincroft, NJ

Career Professional Job Description

Thank you for taking the time to invest in eternal treasures by guiding the next generation to fulfill their calling by God in the form of work.

Your job will be to represent your career to them from a Christian perspective.  Using one-on-one discussions, you will introduce them to your career option and provide guidance to help them identify whether their interests and gifts are applicable to your field.  Please provide information on required skills, educational requirements, compensation to be expected, perks and pitfalls, advantages/disadvantages, and any other related personal experiences you would like to share.  Please feel free to incorporate a faith component as you describe your career and how that plays out in your field.  You will be provided a table for the one-on-one discussions in the proximity of other related careers in your category.  At a minimum, you should have for your table,

  1. A business card with contact information
  2. A one page handout that gives a brief career description, educational requirements, and links to resources and further information
  3. (optional) Promotional items to handout
  4. (optional)  Any equipment for demonstration if appropriate
  5. (optional)  Any other visual aids such as backboards
  6. (optional) PowerPoint aids – You must provide laptop/projector

Prepare a short verbal presentation of your career for one-on-one discussions as you will need to use this with many individuals throughout the day.  A longer, more formal presentation may be used for the 20 minute session.

Please indicate if you are willing to participate in a panel discussion with other related professionals in your category or to present a 20 minute presentation to a larger audience in a classroom setting.

Your presence and guidance will give students an insight into the variety of career options available to them; ones they may not even know exist.  This is a very difficult time of life for them as they choose what avenues to spend time and resource on for their life’s calling.

Click here to register online as a Career Professional for this fair.

Please print a copy of this flyer to give to someone you feel would be a good candidate as a Career Professional for this fair.