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Education Newtork of Christian Homeschoolers (ENOCH) of New Jersey
Box 308
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

If you are interested in contacting anyone from ENOCH, please choose one of the following to email directly. All general inquiries should be sent to the Office.

Board of Officers

Rich Millward president@enochnj.org
Vice President  
David West vicepresident@enochnj.org
Recording Secretary  
Susan McLoughlin (Advisory) secretary@enochnj.org
Vacant treasurer@enochnj.org
Legislative Liaison  
Vacant legislative_liaison@enochnj.org
North East Representative  
Doug Rogers & Gladys Harris northeast@enochnj.org
North West Representative  
Doug Rogers & Gladys Harris northwest@enochnj.org
Central East Representative  
David & Jackie West centraleast@enochnj.org
Central West Representative  
David & Jackie West centralwest@enochnj.org
South East Representative  
Vacant southeast@enochnj.org
South West Representative  
Vacant southwest@enochnj.org

ENOCH Volunteer Staff

Office Manager(for general inquiries)  
Newsletter Editor  
Vacant newsletter@enochnj.org
Convention Coordinator  
Richard Millward ConventionCoordinator@enochnj.org
Exhibitor Coordinator  
Michele Gross ExhibitorCoordinator@enochnj.org
Workshop/Speaker Coordinator  
Susan Hartman WorkshopCoordinator@enochnj.org
Volunteer Coordinator  
Gladys Harris Volunteers@enochnj.org
Convention Registrar  
David & Jackie West ConventionRegistrar@enochnj.org
Used Curriculum Coordinator  
Sue Eshelman UsedCurriculum@enochnj.org
Children's Program Coordinator  
Danielle Ingram ChildrensProgram@enochnj.org
Recording Coordinator  
Greg Hartman Recordings@enochnj.org
Jim Abrams Webmaster@enochnj.org
Special Needs Coordinator  
Annette Hooper SpecialNeedsCoor@enochnj.org
Silent Auction Coordinator  
Michele Gross SilentAuctionCoord@enochnj.org

Board of Trustees

Greg Hartman
Rich Millward
David West