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In light of scriptural principles, this position shall be held by a man. Responsibility for the overall functioning of the organization; presides over all meetings of the Board of Officers and the Annual Meeting; assigns members to committees; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees; coordinates the dates of activities and functions sponsored by the organization; oversees the work done by any individuals or organizations whose services are contracted by this organization.

Vice President

In light of scriptural principles, this position shall be held by a man. Shall execute functions of the President when said officer is unable to carry out a given responsibility, and such duties as shall be assigned by the President.

Recording Secretary

The Board Secretary is responsible for:

Secretary Maintains on File:

Skills Necessary:


Basic Function:

Working under the direction of the Board of Directors and Trustees, the Treasurer oversees the finance operations of ENOCH of NJ. The Treasurer coordinates bookkeeping entries and checkbook, makes deposits, manages accounts payable and performs other administrative tasks related to ENOCH’s finances.


Understands and is proficient in generally accepted accounting philosophy and procedures related to financial management, reporting, budgeting and control operations. Must demonstrate the attributes of a Christian leader in skills and character especially in the area of personal finances. Must be computer literate. Proficiency with accounting software, particularly QuickBooks, is preferred.


Legislative Liaison

Must be educated in the legislative process in NewJersey, including now a bill is introduced, the hearing and voting requirements of the N.J. Assembly and Senate, as well as the governors final approval. Must also be familiar with the regulatory agencies and law in New Jersey where such agencies or laws could have an impact on home education. These include the Department of Education, the Division of Family Services, and the Child Advocate’s Office.

Interface with HSLDA regarding legal threats to homeschooling in New Jersey.

Interface with representatives of other New Jersey state level homeschooling organizations in coordinating collection of data, strategy and action plans regarding any legislative threats to homeschooling freedoms in New Jersey.

Communicate to the ENOCH board regarding any local, state, national or international threats to homeschooling freedoms.

Communicate in writing – clearly outlining any threat to home education along with any recommended actions.

Communicate orally – to testify at Senate or Assembly hearings, and as needed with regulatory agencies. To be interviewed by the press, when the press is asking for homeschoolers’ point of view.

To recommend to the ENOCH board how and what to communicate to the public, including the press, regarding home education and any bills or laws related to homeschooling in New Jersey.

Regional Representative


Responsibilities to Support Groups in NJ

Responsibilities to the Board of ENOCH