ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 20th Annual Homeschool Convention

Friday & Saturday, May 14 & 15, 2010 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, Edison, NJ

*** 2009 Information below for your reference, check back March 15 for updated 2010 information

ENOCH Annual Convention Information


Friday and Saturday, May 29-30, 2009

An Event for the whole Family

This day is organized to equip you as parent-teachers. Your teens can also attend workshops. Children 12 and under are admitted free of charge. There is an inexpensive Children's Program available for children ages 4-12. A nursing mothers' room will be available for moms and their babies. Strollers are allowed in the Exhibit Center, but use with caution. Due to space limitations, strollers will not be allowed in the used curriculum area. No wagons or other vehicles are allowed. Families will be asked to remove them from the premises. Please Note: Your children are your responsibility. Parents must not leave children unattended.

Early Friday Opening

We are opening early on Friday! Those of you who want to beat the traffic and crowds can shop on Friday afternoon starting at 2:00 pm.

Expanding Exhibitor Selection

Close to one hundred exhibitors will be participating! We are also getting exhibitors that are popular at larger conventions and new to our convention. Check out the frequently updated exhibitor listing which also contains links to the exhibitor websites. Consult with and support our exhibitors. View them as experts who can advise and provide you with materials needed to "flesh out" your home school. Carefully consider all materials that would augment your family's growth. Remember, if you purchase materials at our convention, you save on shipping and may find reduced convention rates!

New & Different Workshops

Check out the Workshop Descriptions and start planning right now. Eleven workshops will be featured on Friday. Twenty-six workshops will be featured on Saturday. See the Convention Schedule for times and locations.

Used Curriculum Sale

A Used Curriculum Sale will take place from 10:30 am - 3:00 pm on Saturday. Credit Cards, checks and cash are accepted. There are ATM machines at the Convention Center for your convenience. Click here for more information about used curriculum and for forms and instructions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help Wanted! Please consider volunteering at the convention. It's a great way to "give back" to the homeschooling community and be blessed by serving. We need folks to help in Registration, as Ushers, Workshop Monitors, and in Used Curriculum Sales. Take a look at the ENOCH Volunteer Information.

Online Registration

Register Online and make payment by check or with any major credit card. You can also sign up as a volunteer or make donations to the scholarship fund or to ENOCH, all online!. More information is available on the Online Registration Page.

Discounted Hotel Accomodations

Edison-Woodbridge Courtyard by Marriott
3105 Woodbridge Avenue
Edison, NJ 08837
800-321-2211 or 732-738-1991
1 mile from Expo Center
Indoor pool
*Ask for special ENOCH rate of $79.00 prior to May 8!

Great Location

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

This facility is large, quiet and specially equipped with enclosed rooms for workshops. It is also easy to get to from just about anywhere in the tri-state area.

Food Court

The Food Court located inside the Exhibit Hall will be open throughout the day. You may also bring food or drink to eat inside or in the parking areas.

Directions to Raritan Center

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center
97 Sunfield Avenue
Edison, NJ
(732) 417-1400

The convention will be held in the NJ Convention and Exposition Center, located at 7 Sunfield Avenue, in Raritan Center, an industrial park in Edison, NJ. Due to heavy rush-hour traffic during the 3:30-6 PM time period, plan to come early. Raritan Center, Edison, is no more than 1 1/2 hours from anywhere in New Jersey! Although there are many routes that could be used, the following are the easiest to follow without getting lost in the confusing maze ramps surrounding Raritan Center.

New Jersey Turnpike

Take New Jersey Turnpike to Exit #10. After paying toll, take the ramp all the way on the right for Route 514 west. After about 0.1 mile, take the first exit on the right (Raritan Center). The ramp will take you under Route 514 to a traffic signal. Proceed straight through the signal onto Raritan Center Parkway. See Raritan Center below.

Garden State Parkway

The easiest way is as follows:

From Garden State Parkway, use Exit # 129. Get on the New Turnpike southbound. Follow New Jersey Turnpike directions above.

An alternative (if you do not wish to get on the Turnpike) would be:

Garden State Parkway driving Northbound

From Garden State Parkway driving Northbound, use Exit # 127 and follow signs to I-287 and watch for Route 514 WEST exit which exits to the left, get on Route 514 West and watch for jughandle entrance to Raritan Center on your right. Take the jughandle and continue on Raritan Parkway for about 1 mile following the expo center signs. Watch for Sunfield avenue on your right. Make a right and follow signs. The expo center entrance is on your left.

Garden State Parkway driving Southbound

From Garden State Parkway driving Southbound, use Exit # 129 and follow signs for I-287 and watch for Route 514 West exit. Get on Route 514 West and watch for jughandle entrance to Raritan Center on your right. Follow signs to Expo Center located at END of Raritan Center Parkway. Watch for Sunfield avenue on your right. Make a right and follow signs. The expo center entrance is on your left.

Route 1 heading North from New Brunswick/Princeton/Trenton

From Route 1 north, watch for Route 440/NJ Turnpike Exit about 5 miles north of the Raritan River. Get on Route 440, keep right and get off immediately after the NJ Turnpike Exit onto Route 514 West (2nd exit). After about 0.1 mile, take the first exit on the right (Raritan Center). The ramp will take you under Route 514 to a traffic signal. Proceed straight through the signal onto Raritan Center Parkway. See Raritan Center below.

I-287 south (from I-80, I-78, et al.)

As you travel south on I-287 you will see the exit numbers going down. As you pass through Piscataway, Metuchen, and Edison, the exit numbers will be 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. (Exit 2 is for NJ Route 27; Exit 1 is for US Route 1). Continue south on I-287 past exit 1. Just after exit 1, I-287 becomes NJ Route 440. Keep right as you continue south on NJ 440. Immediately after the exit for the NJ Turnpike, get off onto Route 514 West (2nd exit). After about 0.1 mile, take the first exit on the right (Raritan Center). The ramp will take you under Route 514 to a traffic signal. Proceed straight through the signal onto Raritan Center Parkway. See Raritan Center below.

Raritan Center

Continue on Raritan Center Parkway for about 1 mile following the "Expo Center" trail blaze signs. Watch for Sunfield Avenue on your right. Turn right on Sunfield Avenue and follow signs. The Exposition Center entrance is on your left. (Convention center phone number is 732-417-1400.)

Convention Frequently Asked Questions

Why are registrations after April 30th so much more?

We are creating incentive for you to register early. This will allow us time to pull together the last minute details so the convention can run more smoothly.

What if I miss the deadline?

We can't accept registrations by mail after May 23rd, but you can still register at the door. To save time, fill out the registration form and bring it with you to the convention. Also you can register online until May 23rd.

Do many fathers attend?

Yes. In fact, ENOCH conventions attract a large percentage of men. To encourage this, we have included  workshops specifically aimed toward fathers.

Help! I can't decide which workshop to choose. Are audio CDs available?

We realize there may be several workshops you would like to attend offered at the same time. For this reason, all sessions will be professionally recorded. Audio CDs will be available for purchase and pick-up in the Exhibit Hall at the Manna Conference Recording table.

Why is there no childcare offered?

This is a convention especially for equipping parents. If you find that you will need childcare, please provide your own. Nursing infants are welcome and there is a room for mothers to relax and nurse or change diapers.

What if I choose to bring my children?

Children age 12 and under are free. Teens (ages 13-17) may register for an early-bird rate of $12.00 or regular rate of $15.00. We ask that children never be left unattended by an adult.

What if I can't afford the registration fee?

If you cannot afford the convention registration fee, you may apply for scholarship monies by sending a request with a short explanation of your need with your completed registration information to:

ENOCH of NJ Scholarship Fund
c/o Convention Registrar
15 Manchester Avenue
Keyport, NJ 07735

Applicants, if accepted, will be asked to volunteer at the convention and do not qualify for Early Bird Used Curriculum shopping or for ENOCH bucks. Scholarship applications must be received by May 15th for consideration.

How will my registration be confirmed?

Registrations received online or postmarked by May 23rd, will receive a confirmation email if an email address was supplied with the registration. If no email was provided, there will be no confirmation sent. Your cancelled check will serve as confirmation.

When is the Food Court open?

The Food Court is open on Friday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Are we allowed to bring in our own food?

Yes, but the facility's Food Court eating area is available only for items purchased there. We recommend that you use the parking areas for any food you bring yourself.

I just want to shop in the Exhibit Hall. Why isn't there a special rate just for that?

Our convention is planned with a three-part purpose for attendees:

  • That they be challenged and inspired by the Main Speakers to restore a vision for homeschooling.
  • That they be practically equipped with the how-to’s, tips and latest research on methodologies and practical skills needed for their school year.
  • That they can wisely purchase a variety of educational materials, and be made aware of services that are available to them by our exhibitors.

What if my child makes noise during the sessions?

Noises children make, no matter how endearing, significantly distract the instructors and those who have paid to attend the sessions. The audio tapes are also affected. We ask mothers or fathers with children to sit near an exit so that if your child makes noise, you can step out immediately. A hostess may ask you to do so if the situation persists.

What if I lose my name tag?

Everyone, (except children 12 and under) must wear his/her name tag visibly at all convention activities. If you lose it, you can purchase another one for $2.00 at the registration booth.

How can I avoid being overwhelmed by the Exhibit Hall and the amount of products available?

I am glad you asked. These tips were written by Sharon Grimes and taken from the "New York State Loving Education At Home Newsletter" Convention issue 1994:

  • Prepare ahead of time by talking to other home educators, reading books that review materials and looking at catalogs.
  • Make a "shopping list" of the materials you would like to see if they are in the exhibit hall.
  • Find these companies on the exhibit hall "map" and mark them.
  • Work your way around the exhibit hall in an orderly fashion - stop by each table and pick up their literature, even if it isn't something you are particularly interested in at the moment. File it when you get home for future use. Mark in your program any exhibitors you would like to revisit before the end of the conference.
  • Ask each exhibitor "What market was this curriculum developed for the public school, the Christian school or the home school?" "Have you used this curriculum with your children?" "Are you a home educator yourself?" Some products are not as "home-school friendly" as others, even though their content is good and this could make a difference if you are just getting started.
  • Don't be pressured into making a decision if you are not absolutely certain; however, don't wait until the last minute to gather your curriculum. At least 90% of your materials should be in place or ordered by July 1.
  • I want to add my own here - please make every effort to purchase your products from those individuals who take the time and effort to discuss it with you. The exhibitors have made a sacrificial effort to be at our convention and we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to talk to them personally. Saving a few dollars by ordering online or through a discount store is inconsiderate toward those who have spent time, energy and money to exhibit displays at our convention. We want our exhibitors to keep coming back to New Jersey! Show them your appreciation and thank them for coming.

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