ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 20th Annual Homeschool Convention

Friday & Saturday, May 14 & 15, 2010 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, Edison, NJ

*** 2009 Information below for your reference, check back March 15 for updated 2010 information

Convention Schedule at a Glance

Grand Ballroom Lobby Salon A Meeting Room Board Room
Friday May 29, 2009 (Hours 2 - 9 PM)
Exhibit Hall Opens at 2:00 PM
Session I 3:30 PM Supporting and Encouraging the Homeschool Mom (Phil Downer) Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates (Craft) Practical Parenting – What I Know Now That I ... (Barnier) Enjoying Homeschool – An Oxymoron? (Kemmerer) College Rules! (Bruce Eagleson)
Session II 5:00 PM Smart Kids Who Hate To Write (Craft) Developing Independent Learners (Hazell) Teaching Your Child To Read – Made Easy (Barnier) Winning and Keeping the Heart of Your Young Adult (Farr) Debate? Who Has the Time? (Au)
Keynote 7:00 PM Building World Changing Leaders For Christ (Phil Downer)
8:00 - 8:45 PM - Used Curriculum Sale - Early Bird Shopping For Volunteers Only
Exhibit Hall Closes at 9:00 PM
Saturday May 30, 2009 (Hours 9 AM - 6 PM)
Keynote 9:00 AM Don’t Miss the Gift In This Child (Barnier)
Exhibit Hall Opens 10 AM
Used Curriculum Opens at 10:30 AM
Session I 11:00 AM Teaching the Right Brain Child (Part 1) (Craft) What Are You Thinking – Learning Styles and Beyond (Barnier) Homeschooling the Strong Willed Child (Paul Downer) Homeschool: Is It School at Home or Family Education? (Hazell) Preparing Students for High School & College Science (Keller)
Session II 12:15 PM Dad’s Irreplaceable Role (Phil Downer) Teaching the Right Brain Child (Part 2) (Craft) Taking the Pain Out of Research and Report Writing (Goldstein) The Horror of the Flood (Snavely) Surprises at the End of Homeschooling (Mary Ann Eagleson)
Session III 1:30 PM Media and Entertainment – Monitoring What Influences Your Family (Phil Downer) If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave The Baby? (Barnier) Eight Principles to Shape Your Curriculum (Birkett) Teaching Teen Boys (August) The Purpose of Passion (Guffanti)
Used Curriculum Closes at 3:00 PM
Session IV 2:45 PM Biology of Behavior and Learning (Part 1) (Craft) Margins for Moms, Limits That Liberate (Barnier) Purity and Accountability for Fathers/Sons (Men Only) (Phil & Paul Downer) High School – Preparing Their Future (Abrams) Math Wars (Krahn)
Session V 4:00 PM Giving Homeschool Teens a Vision to Change the World (Phil Downer) Biology of Behavior and Learning (Part 2) (Craft) Leaving Key Frustrations Behind (Parnell) Building a Christian Worldview (Ciervo) Seven Categories of Consequences to Motivate Heart Changes (Williams)
Exhibit Hall Closes at 6 PM