***2010 Information for Reference Only - Check back March 15, 2011 for updated 2011 Convention Info***

ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 20th Annual Homeschool Convention

Friday & Saturday, May 14 & 15, 2010 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center, Edison, NJ

ENOCH Workshop Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workshops does ENOCH provide to its attendees?

In keeping with ENOCH’s goal to equip Christian homeschooling parents to better disciple and educate their children at home, we attempt to provide a wide variety of workshops at our annual homeschool convention that convey vision that encourages and challenges; practical advice that equips and motivates; and topics which hone in on a focused challenge in one area of homeschooling.

What is ENOCH's Statement of Faith?

Click here to read ENOCH's Statement of Faith.

How are workshops selected? What things are important to ENOCH?

Workshop selection and scheduling is a complex task taking many factors into consideration. To give you some insight on how your application will be evaluated here are some of the key factors we use when putting together a schedule:

How does ENOCH compensate workshop speakers?

After the convention ENOCH will mail a monetary gift for each workshop. For the first workshop the gift is $50.00, for any additional workshops the gift is $35.00. Note: ENOCH generally does not schedule Exhibitor related workshops (i.e. product related informational type workshops). If we do schedule such a workshop, no monetary gift will be given.

How many attendees can I expect at my workshop?

Our workshop rooms differ in size, from a small room holding about 50 to the largest, holding 500. Workshop rooms are assigned based upon our prediction of how broadly your workshop will appeal to our attendees in comparison to the other workshops scheduled during the same hour. You will be notified at least a month prior to the convention of the workshop room and size for your workshop.

Does ENOCH record workshops?

Yes, ENOCH records all workshops for sale during and after the convention. ENOCH keeps a master copy of each workshop for any question that might arise later regarding a workshop. ENOCH provides speakers with a single copy of the recording of their workshop.

What does ENOCH provide at the convention?

A podium, a microphone (for recording and if necessary amplification), electricity for a laptop, an LCD projector and screen, and a workshop host(ess) to introduce you, help with any handout distribution and to assist us with workshop evaluations. We can also provide an older overhead projector by special request.

What should the workshop speaker bring to the convention?

Your notes, your laptop (if you are using one), enough handouts to reasonably supply the room which you were assigned, and any other materials you would like to use during your workshop. Note: ENOCH can make your handouts available for download both before and after the convention on our website. Our attendees generally do not take the time to download and print handouts prior to the convention.

How do I apply to speak at ENOCH?

Click here for a Speaker Application. Follow all the instructions carefully. Take note, some of the required information must be sent electronically by email.

What is the deadline for applying?

Applications must be received by ENOCH by January 15, 2010 to be considered for the 2010 convention.

When would I hear if my workshop(s) has been scheduled?

You will be notified prior to March 1, 2010.

If I have never spoken at ENOCH before, will my application really be considered?

Yes, you will definitely be considered. ENOCH is always looking for new speakers. In fact ENOCH often contracts with Featured Speakers who have never spoken at our convention before. However, first time speaker applications and proposed workshops will be scrutinized quite closely, and there are some additional application requirements like providing a recording or detailed outline. ENOCH believes that every workshop scheduled reflects on the quality and integrity of our entire convention and organization. If you have never presented a homeschool related workshop in public before, you might consider offering your workshop to a local support group this year, so that you will have ready references for when you apply next year.

How do I contact the Workshop Speaker Coordinator?

Mark August
Workshop Coordinator, ENOCH of NJ
78 Skeet Road
Medford, NJ 08055