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SAVE THE DATES- May 16th and 17th 2014
for ENOCH's Annual Homeschool Convention!

Speakers and more details to follow in the coming months.

Dear Friends,

How is your summer going? I know that our summer is going fast. Before you know it, September will be rolling around, with cooler weather, and the beginning of the school year. I know as homeschoolers we do not hold to the Thursday before Labor Day or the Tuesday after Labor Day, the official start of the public school year. Those days are long gone, more years than I really care to remember. However, it is just around the corner, especially for those of us who "start" school in August. For homeschoolers, and I know they do not want to admit it, but public school parents as well, we are always teaching our children, so there is no real start or end of school.

Are you ready for school? No? Do you have everything laid out already, all the way through May or June? On the other hand, do you take the more eclectic approach? No matter how far you have planned or whatever your teaching style is, do not forget to enjoy the rest of the summer. Whether it is traveling around the country or in your own backyard, take time to smell the roses or the pine trees or the ocean air. Take advantage of the great natural or historic places of New Jersey, from High Point to Cape May, from the mountains to the seashore. Speaking of the seashore, I will miss that this year, being able to watch the sunset over Barnegat Bay, smelling the salty air from the front porch of my parent's summer home. The repairs to the house from Superstorm Sandy will not be complete until after the season has ended. It is hard to believe that it is nine months since the storm hit. Let us continue to pray for all those who are still suffering because of the storm. From the devastated towns like Mantoloking or Ortley Beach along the ocean to the towns like Union Beach and Keansburg in the Bayshore Area of Central Jersey.

During the nine months, ENOCH was able to assist homeschool families that were devastated from the storm with books donated to us. How about you? Why not spend a day or more helping people who maybe struggling. Not everyone can help the victims of Superstorm Sandy, but maybe your family can help that neighbor who cannot do the yard work anymore or that shut-in who maybe would like a book read to them. Pray about it and see what the Lord would have you do. Be creative! We as homeschoolers know how to do that best: being creative. Drop me an email and tell me what your family thinks up and does and maybe we will put a few in the next newsletter.

Enjoy what is left of the summer,

In His Service,
Rich Millward

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Encouraging Words For Homeschoolers Across The Nation


His Joyful Homeschooler by Sheila Campbell

Ah summer . . . its arrival always brings back sweet summer memories of my childhood. Although there was plenty of work to do on the farm where I grew up, my parents were gracious to allow us ample free time to enjoy our summer holiday. I remember summer afternoons cooling off in the pool and summer evenings riding bikes up and down dusty dirt roads or sitting perched on the top rail of a fence with a  good book. Summer was a time to slow down, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the season. 

Pleasant summer memories are not reserved only for childhood. I have many wonderful memories of summer days when my children were growing up. I remember quite vividly sitting on the tailgate of the pickup listening to the drone of an irrigation motor, the lapping of water in the ditch, and the laughter of small boys as they played and tossed dirt clods into the water. I remember how the evening breeze would blow wisps of my daughter’s soft, blond hair across my face as she sat in my lap as I read to her and her brothers. I have countless memories of cookouts, campouts, star gazing, and climbing trees with my kids. Those memories are riches that will not corrode or decay with wear and use over time.

Memories are reminders of the blessings that are rained down upon. When we pause to live fully in the moment, to live contentedly in the moment, we are giving praise to the One Who gave us each moment.

In Matthew 6:19–21, Christ tells His disciples: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Sometimes it is difficult to know what we truly treasure. I have heard it said that we have only to measure where we spend our time and our money to know what we really treasure, but sometimes our heart is deceitful, and it is easy to convince ourselves that we are treasuring time spent with our children—treasuring our children—when our real treasures are actually the status and respect that their activities, achievements, accomplishments, and good works gain.

One of the most precious gifts I ever received is a watch given to me by my mother. It has an inscription on the top that reads, “We do not remember days; we remember moments.” This inscription always reminds me that I cannot really enjoy or remember a moment if I am frantically jumping through it.  Treasured moments of our lives are moments in which we live fully in the moment—moments in which we are calm, content, and thankful. However, enjoying life, living fully, and treasuring moments does not mean that we are no longer working or learning; it doesn’t mean we are no longer productive or are leisurely wasting away the hours; it simply means we are completely content and thoroughly thankful in and for each moment.

This summer, don’t rush away the hours. Summer is a time to relax; it is a time to discern what we value. Do we see blessings in each season, each day, and each moment? Are we content and thankful for who we are and what we have, or are we continually trying to get more, do more, and be more?

Summer is a beautiful season in which to practice contentedness and thankfulness. It is a season to make memories. So, this summer, fill the storehouse of your heart and those little hearts that are yours to nurture with rich summer memories of moments lived fully.

Sheila Campbell began homeschooling in 1991, and after the death of her husband in 2001, she homeschooled as a single parent. She also was the parent of a special needs child whom she cared for at home until his death in 2004. These difficulties have strengthened her walk with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and it is her prayer that her words will encourage and inspire others. Sheila resides in Hale Center, Texas, and recently left her job with the Texas Home School Coalition to pursue her writing goals. Sheila invites you to visit her blog at pausingtopraise.wordpress.com.

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com                               His Joyful Homeschooler • July-August 2013


Homeschooling Together by: Sandy Norlin

“Our group’s prayer time has been such a blessing to me this year. We are new to homeschooling and I had so many questions getting started. I don’t know what we would have done without the wisdom and help of other mom’s in this group.” she said, with tears of gratitude in her eyes.

Is this the type of support you need? Is this the type of support your group can provide to new families and not so new families that have lost their original vision for home educating?

Home educating is a wonderful adventure but it is not an easy venture by any means. At times we can be filled with the overwhelming pleasure of seeing evidence of our hard work such as: listening to your 6 year-old read a new library book all by herself, seeing two, quibbling siblings apologize to each other without having to be coaxed into it, or hearing your 7-year-old explain to Grandma and Grandpa that your family chooses to homeschool because public schools won’t let him say much about Jesus. These are victories and blessings worth cherishing.

But there are those other times: thinking yourself a failure when your 8-year-old is still not reading properly in spite of everything you have tried to do, you are certain it is a vision problem -- the optometrist says no, yet your mother’s heart questions? Or feeling fearful that your oldest child, soon to be high school age, won’t learn enough at home to prepare him for college entrance.

If you have been home educating for any length of time you understand. Where can you turn for the support you need? A local support group may be exactly what you need. One word of caution, there are many groups which are as varied as the members within them. In order to find the group that works for your family you will need to do some research.

Values? Determine the type of group your family wants to participate in by finding a group that compliments your family values. Some groups have a Christian statement of faith that they want members to adhere to in order to belong to that group. Other groups require no specific statement of faith either for members or those in leadership positions of that support group. Still others are definitely secular and have no faith focus. Make sure you ask where the group stands before you make a decision to participate.

Participation requirements? You should also determine how much participation on your part is involved with membership in the group. Each person is gifted in unique ways and groups run best when gifts are shared. Also, as a home educating parent, you are accountable for the education of your children and are their primary teacher. Clarify at the outset how much sharing and participation is required to be part of this group.

Purpose of group? Consider too the emphasis and focus of the potential group and how it is organized. The primary focus of support groups will be to encourage families and specifically teaching moms. Often these groups will provide regular times of fellowship and/or discussion forums for families. The emphasis for co-op groups will weigh in favor of group activities and supplemental classes in which children can participate. Events like field trips, classes, large group activities would occur in co-op situations. As the name implies co-ops are cooperatives with responsibilities shared by the group members themselves.

To make the distinction less clear yet, another type of group combines both elements of support for moms and additionally classes for students in a type of hybrid support group. Other mega-groups may even hire teachers and administrators that create pseudo-school situations that provide classes and activities for children.

Again, research your support group choices thoroughly before deciding what will work best for your family and still hold true to the purpose you have in choosing to educate and disciple your children at home.

Scheduling? Another item to consider when determining which group will work for you is scheduling. Are monthly meetings adequate? Are weekly meetings too often? This is something your family must consider. Don’t forget the home in homeschool. It is difficult to home educate when more time is spent on the road then in the home. This of course is the constant balancing act we do in the age in which we live. Ask yourself if the benefit received is worth the investment of time, money, energy and effort on your part.

Because our teaching at home is closely tied to the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens of this country and state it is important that home educating families stay informed of the pressing events and legislation that can impact our parenting rights. A support group that stays informed and attentive to current issues is a necessary resource for the individual home educating family. When choosing a support group keep this in mind as well.

Finding adequate support during your homeschool years can often make a difference in enjoying this calling and season of life, or simply enduring it. If you are certain the Lord has called your family to this lifestyle but feel burdened, alone, or unsure of how to proceed next, there are groups waiting to mentor and encourage you on this adventure. As this new school year begins, do yourself a favor and connect with others to walk along the same path together.

This article first appeared in the August/September 2007 issue of "The Paper MACHE", the official bimonthly newsletter of Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE). MACHE may be contacted at P.O. Box 32308, Fridley, MN 55432, by phone 763/717-9070, or at info@mache.org.

(c) 2007 MACHE. Permission is granted to print this article in its entirety.



For the Homeschooler's Eye Only...by Lee Woods

Ever have a parent or teacher ask you why you’re not using a journal to help you improve your writing? And have you ever wondered what the fuss is all about, especially when you don’t like to write in the first place? When I was in middle school, I had all sorts of strange thoughts flying around in my head, a real scramble of ideas and stuff that I couldn’t unscramble. I did want to understand how I felt about this or that, and was surprised when a friend told me to try writing in a journal. It took me about one second to say, “I don’t like writing, and even if I did that’s not going to help, so forget it.”

My friend came back with, “Hey, don’t think of it as writing. Think of it as a private place where you can unload all your thoughts and feelings where no one else can see them. You can string words together, can’t you? Well, that’s all you have to do, and don’t worry about getting it right. Just jot stuff down, like how you feel about deciding not to try out for Shakespeare Club, or for the band, or what you think about being a homeschooler, or how to get parents to let you pick your own writing prompts. If it doesn’t work for you, stop. Simple as that, but I’ll bet you end up learning a lot about what’s going on inside your head.” She was right; I did learn things.
Today, I carry my journal around and, whenever something important pops into my head, I write a few sentences about it. Later, when I look at what I wrote, something weird happens: it’s like I’ve “trapped” my thoughts on my computer screen. They’re just sitting there, looking back at me.  Funny, but that’s the real difference, isn’t it? When I just sit and think, my thoughts go flying by in my mind so fast I can’t pin them down. But when I capture  them on a screen or on a page, I can change, delete, add, and move words around until my sentences make better sense. Before, I didn’t know what was going on inside my scarecrow brain. Now, a journal helps me see what I’m thinking, and that helps me improve the way I express my thoughts. I went back to my friend because I wanted to know how writing in a journal could actually improve my writing. She looked at me and grinned. “I bet you didn’t know it but you were writing all along.”
Okay, if a journal is something you think might help you learn to write, you might be wondering how to start. How about making a list of things that interest you? If you've got a pet, put Fido or Whiskers on the list. Pets make good subjects, but don't forget some of the abstract topics you've been thinking about, like your feelings about bullying, or your interest in becoming a doctor, a CEO, or a nurse or a police officer. You’re bound to come up with ideas of your own—and that’s the best way to start—but if you’d rather start with a list, try this one:
• If I were president of the United States, I would:
• If I had a magic wand, I would:
• What our family pet would say if he/she could talk
• If I had 3 wishes, I would wish for:
• A pretend letter to your parents on whatever:
• If you could change anything about your life, what would it be and why?
• If you had three special powers, what would they be?
• What I’d like to tell my parents about my writing prompts:
Finally, give it a try and see if you agree with author Virginia Woolf (1882-1941): “Writing for your eyes only can be relaxing, therapeutic, even fun.”

More writing tips at www.homeschoolwriter1.com and www.middlestudentsgetit.org 

ENOCH is Now Part of the Box Top Program!

ENOCH is now part of the Box Top program.

If you are part of a group that already particiates in the Box Tops program,
please continue to support them. ENOCH does not want to take away from your supporting your
own group. But if you are not part of a group and would like to support ENOCH, please save your Box Tops
get them to us.

They can be mailed to us at PO Box 308, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716.

Home School Legal Defense Association

 Join Bonus

Join or Renew your HSLDA for 2 years and receive a FREE gift!

Choose between:

  • Adventures in Odyssey: Adventures in American History: 23 Stories of a Great Nation (8 Audio CDs)
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  • Doing the Right Thing, an ethics course by Chuck Colson
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    To get ENOCH's HSLDA Membership Discount Number and save on your membership please e-mail the office at office@enochnj.org



    Sam's Club Appreciation Event for Homeschoolers-Cinnaminson, NJ

    Appreciation Event for Homeschoolers
    Sam's Club, 2521 U.S 130, Cinnaminson, NJ
    Aug. 2nd - 4th

    Join or Renew you Membership
    Receive Sam's Club Offers and Gift Card Promotion

    Attached is the invitation that you need to bring in to receive the gift card promotion. Please forward this e-mail with the attached invitation to your members and friends. If you have any question please contact Manuel Navarro, Sam's Club Membership Benefits Coordinator at 856-303-2103 or at mnavarr.s08145.us@smamsclub.com. Valid at the Cinnaminson Sam's Club only. You will need to bring a copy of the flyer with you. Click HERE to download the pdf file from Sam's Club.


    SUMMER CHOIR SCHOOL in Ridgewood, NJ

    SUMMER CHOIR SCHOOL - homeschoolers are welcome!  Invite your neighbors and carpool!
     This is a fun 5 day Summer Choir School camp which encourages students in participation and leadership in their worship services at their home churches.  

    The 41st annual Summer Choir School camp   will meet  Monday thru Friday, August  19-23, 2013  from 8:30AM to 1PM at West Side Presbyterian Church, 6 South Monroe Street, Ridgewood.   The theme this year is "A Jounrney Through Holy Week".    

    The choir school is designed for singers who have completed grades 2-8, who find joy in praising God through music.  The children form a community whose bonds endure long past the summer.  They also develop skills which help them as they continue to serve God through music leading and participation during the year.  

    There is singing, rhythmic speech chants, Bible study, sectionals and one elective class (choose from games, handbells, Orff instruments, creative cooking, Chinese brush painting,  newspaper or sacred dance).    

    Instrumentalists (winds, brass, with two years experience and strings with four years experience, no pianists) may participate in the Joyful Noise instrumental ensemble.  The Ensemble will meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 1:45pm. 

    The fee for the week is $ 70 for the first child and $ 60 for each additional child in a family.     Call Mrs. Mensing at 201-445-9364  or Lisa Stitt at 201-652-1966 x 39  about registration or scholarships.    Many students are homeschooled, including the helpers.  

    All students are required to participate in the  Friday's Summer Choir camp service,  7:30 PM on August 23rd at West Side Presbyterian Church. There will be a free will offering.  



    Fountain of Life Center, 2035 Columbus Rd, Florence Twp. NJ

    Craft Vendors – Sat. Aug 31st. Craft Fair, Car Show, 5KRace, and Pig Roast. Vendors needed with NEW specialized arts and crafts. Registration on campus at 7:30 a.m. Rain or shine. Space - $25
    For FAQ’s, call 609/499-8042 or more info: www.flcnj.org www.facebook.com/laborfest

    Flea Market Spaces Available – Monday, Sept. 2, Labor Day - Giant Flea Market, International Food Festival. Rain or shine. Space - $25
    For FAQ’s, call 609/499-8042 or more info: www.flcnj.org www.facebook.com/laborfest


    NEW START for Cornerstone Home Education Group in Howell, NJ

    Cornerstone Home Education Group (CHEG) will be starting up again at Cornerstone Calvary Chapel in Howell, NJ. Our desire at "CHEG" is to serve the homeschool family with monthly mom's encouragement nights, student academic and social support, and various family activities and opportunities to serve.Please visit us at: www.homeschool-life.com/nj/cheg


    Looking for a Fun Fellowship Group in South Jersey?

    LIGHT Fellowship is a fun fellowship for homeschoolers! We have monthly activities such as bowling and mini-golf. We organize field trips for all grade levels. Our annual class trips are always a great adventure with the cost being kept under control with year round fundraisers. We also host an annual graduation ceremony for both 8th and 12th grade graduates. For more information about LIGHT Fellowship visit our website at: www.lightfellowship.org . New registrations are now being accepted and our Kick Off Picnic will be on September 7th!


    Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers by a Homeschooler in South Jersey

    Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers by a Homeschooler – South Jersey (Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem and the surrounding counties.)
    It is my goal to make piano playing enjoyable for my students. In a fun, relaxed environment, your child will explore concepts such as music theory, technics, reading sheet music, sight-reading, improvisations/ composition, and ear training.

    I try to plan lessons that individually accommodate the progress of each student at a pace they will be comfortable with. I not only teach your child how to do things but why they are doing them as well.

    Along with Michael Aaron’s Piano Course, I will often use games and activities to reinforce musical concepts.By doing so I hope to capture and hold the interest and enthusiasm of each student.

    Tuition is $40.00 a month, for private, weekly, 30 minute lessons.I give lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in my home studio, in Upper Deerfield, between the hours of 10:00am  and 2:30pm. For more information contact me at 856- 641-2953 or visit my website at http://heatherspianostudio.musicteachershelper.com/

    Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…


    One-On-One Reading Tutoring for Children and Adults with Dyslexia and other learning problems

    Retired homeschool mom, who lives in Southampton, NJ, is offering one-on-one reading tutoring for children and adults with dyslexia and other learning problems in her home. Orton-Gillingham certified, degree in special education. Over 32 years experience.For more info call Renee at 609-284-4703.

    The FAITH Center has Expanded

    Come Grow with Us by Registering for Classes at Our New Locations in Wayne and Somerset
    The Lord answered the prayers of many this year when he paved the way for the FAITH Center to expand to two new locations, Calvary Temple in Wayne on Tuesdays and Holy Trinity in Somerset on Thursdays and Fridays. Registration is currently underway in both locations. Visit http://www.faith-center.com or email info@faith-center.com for details. For information on the classes offered at each location, click ‘Fall 2013 registration now open’ in the ‘Latest Headlines’ section on the right side of the home page. Information about registering and links to the master schedule for each of our four locations will appear. Click on Tutorial Videos/Help in the center of the bottom of the home page for assistance in registering. Calvary Temple will be running an academic co-op on Tuesdays at the same time Faith Center will be running classes. To register for Calvary Homeschool Association (CHA) classes, or for more information about CHA, please email cha@calvarynj.com or call 973.694.2938 ext. 231.
    Thank you to all who so generously reached out with suggestions when we asked for assistance in finding locations to further expand the FAITH Center for the Arts ministry. We are pleased to offer families the opportunity to enjoy FAITH Center programming at these new locations. Both new locations will follow our formula of providing small group instrumental lessons coupled with band and ensemble opportunities. Also offered are classes for various ages in choral singing, art, and computer art. Future offerings will likely include drama and dance.

    Register for the FAITH Center for the 2013-2014 School Year

    Register for the FAITH Center for the 2013-2014 School Year
    Before it’s Too Late

    This year, the Lord opened doors for the program to expand into two additional counties, Passaic and Somerset. Our Morris county and Sussex county locations continue to thrive and are nearing capacity for the upcoming school year.

    The FAITH Center, founded more than 20 years ago by Bill and Lori Briggs, offers homeschooled students of all ages professional instruction in the arts with a focus on exploring and developing talents to glorify God. Whatever your reason for seeking professional instruction in the arts from a Christian perspective, the FAITH Center may be your answer to prayer.

    There is something for every member of the family at the FAITH Center, from preschooler through high schooler. In addition to private and small group instrument lessons and bands and orchestras for beginning through advanced students, there are dance classes where honoring God is just as important as learning the steps, both traditional and computer art, drama, several different choirs divided by age, small group voice lessons, a fully staged spring musical, a new video production seminar class, and more. (Not all classes are available at each location.)

    Please visit the FAITH Center’s website, www.faith-center.com to learn more about our program or email info@faith-center.com. For information on the classes offered at each location, click ‘Fall 2013 registration now open’ in the ‘Latest Headlines’ section on the right side of the home page. Information about registering and links to the master schedule for each of our four locations will appear. Click on Tutorial Videos/Help in the center of the bottom of the home page for assistance in registering.


    FAITH Center Theater Arts Camp of Sussex

    Theater Arts Camp of Sussex, a two-week intensive for teens serious about developing their theatrical performing skills, invites you to attend performances of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jr. and a family-friendly adaptation of Anything Goes at the Sparta Evangelical Free Church in Sparta. Tickets are available through the FAITH Center store at http://www.faith-center.com/store.asp.

    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jr. will be performed at 7:00 pm on Friday, August 2 and 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 3.

    Our family-friendly adaptation of Anything Goes can be enjoyed at 7:00 pm on Saturday, August 3 and 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 4.

    This year’s theater camp participants enthusiastically welcomed master class instructor and Broadway actor Adam Jacobs, known by many for his Broadway portrayal of Simba in Disney’s The Lion King. Campers were also excited to learn how Jeff Bender of ‘Sight and Sound Theater’ has combined his love of the Lord with his love of the storytelling possibilities available through live theater for an incredible career. Mr. Bender not only shared his testimony, he also shared information about an exciting new post-high school theatrical conservatory program at the theater. Students appreciated the time he spent answering their many questions about the conservatory program and being a Christian in the world of theater.

    For tickets to our performances, please visit the FAITH Center store at http://www.faith-center.com/store.asp.


    Macculloch Hall Historical Museum Fall 2013 Homeschool Series

    Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
    45 Macculloch Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960
    Contact person: Cynthia Winslow, Museum Educator

    Fall 2013 Homeschool Series--

    Bricks and Beams: Building New Jersey

    This fall Homeschool families can explore the built environment using 19th century Macculloch Hall and Morristown’s Historic District as the focus. In this three part series, students will discover why buildings look the way they do and ask, “Can a building be a work of art?” With our architectural “tool kits” students learn how to identify basic building elements: material, form, color, and ornament and how the past influences the present. Each session includes mini-building team exercises which lead to a larger final building challenge. Students will see first-hand how math+science+art=architecture and how this is reflected in the world we’ve built.

    There is a morning session from 10 a.m. to noon and an afternoon session from 1 to 3 p.m. Pre-registration is required. Register by phone at (973) 538-2404 ext. 16 or by email to cwinslow@maccullochhall.org with the following information: parent name, name(s) and age(s) of child/children, session choice, contact phone number and email address.

    Recommended ages 7 to 13 years old. Full series registration/payment due by September 12, 2013. Cost: $24/per child for complete series or $8 per program per child if registering for a single session. No fee for accompanying adult.
    September 24    First Impressions: Studying Architectural Styles
    October 22    Stepping Through History: A Walking Tour
    November 26     Time To Build: The Sky is the Limit

    Preschool Program--

    Growing in the Garden

    Winter, spring, summer, and fall—come visit the gardens at Macculloch Hall! This year-round hands-on art program for 3 to 5 year olds and their caregivers uses the nature found in Macculloch Hall’s garden. Program includes a story, walk in the garden and an art project.

    Pre-registration is required. Register by phone at (973) 538-2404 ext. 16 or by email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org Cost is $8 per pair (adult and child) for members and $12 per pair for non-members. Cost is per program. Program meets the first and third Tuesday each month from 1:15 to 2 p.m.

    August 6    Little Trees, Big Trees
    August 20    What’s the Buzz on Honey Bees?
    Sept. 3    Finding Fall Flowers
    Sept. 17    Rabbits Running Wild

    For more information about Macculloch Hall visit their website at: http://www.maccullochhall.org/


    FIELD TRIP to New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Concerts for Young People

    FIELD TRIP to New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Concerts for Young People
    Open to homeschoolers of all ages!
    Cost:  $7 per person
    Contact:  tzmandi@yahoo.com

    NJSO Concerts for Young People at the NJPAC in Newark
    Mark your calendars for two concert dates: 
    Tues., Nov. 19 & Tues., May 20

    Space is limited! Please email Mandi Mangler to reserve your spot..

    Concert Details:
    Nov 19: Shooting for the Stars
    All of your little astronauts will enjoy exploring music inspired by the infinite reaches of the galaxy! With music from Holst’s The Planets, Strauss’ dramatic Also Sprach Zarathustra (known to parents and grandparents as the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and the themes from Star Wars and Star Trek, we’ll travel through space and reach for our dreams. 

    May 20: Meet the Orchestra
    Tweet, crash, oomph, plink, warble, pluck … Meet each instrument of the orchestra in turn through Britten’s delightful Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Don’t be fooled by the title—kids and grownups alike will be enthralled by it. Explore all the different sounds that an orchestra can make and cheer on your favorite instrument family! Designed for grades K-6.

    More information at http://www.njsymphony.org/education-community/for-educators-students/school-time-concerts


    Rutgers Faith and Family Day

    Rutgers University has discount tickets for $20 for the Rutgers Faith and Family Day football game between Temple and Rutgers on November 2. The game will be at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway. Everyone is welcome to attend this wonderful afternoon event. To purchase tickets or to find out more information,please call Andrew Granozio in the Rutgers Athletics department at 866-445-4678 or 732-907-1583 or email him at agranozio@scarletknights.com. Please tell others about this enjoyable day.



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