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August 2014

From the President’s Desk


Success at What Price

Do you ever take the time to re-evaluate why you do what you do?

If you do, do you find that the reasons are not the same as when you first began? This can relate to many long term tasks we may set our hands to do in our busy lives. The task starts out with strong convictions, based on Godly principles, and a need to enact positive change in your own life, lives of others, or the world at large.

Joshua 1:8 states "This book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it, for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success"!

Success? Academic Success? Vocational Success? Financial Success? What is the price one pays to achieve such successes? To keep this article short, I will reflect on decisions and tasks that lead us on a path to academic success. Maybe you have pursued academic success for yourself, or currently for your child/children. You may now reflect back on your first decision to homeschool your children.

Have the goals or methods you are using to help your child achieve this academic success change from when this journey first began? Did you originally pattern their success plan after Joshua 1:8? Was the major focus on pursuing the knowledge of God's world, memorizing scriptures, and building a relationship with the God of this Book which promises us success? As time moves on and your children get older, has the focus on the aforementioned formula for God's success for your children's life changed to just a pursuit of knowledge? Instead of God's Word being the center of your children's academic success, it may have been reduced to just another subject to cover in their education?

I applaud you if you have kept your focus through the years, in keeping God's Word at the center, of not only your life, but the plan for your children's academic success. But, for the rest of us that need help to stay on point, I would encourage you to take frequent evaluations of your personal relationship with God, and also the priority to have God and His Word at the absolute center of your children's lives and academic success plan. Based on ENOCH's Survey results, from this last ENOCH Conference in May of 2014, it seemed that a good percentage of attendees held the curriculum at more important than getting encouragement from workshops. Unfortunately, if we have been on the journey for a while, we think we go on it alone. Very dangerous!! Make purposeful plans to attend yearly events like the ENOCH Conference, that will not only help you to remember why you are doing what you do, but to instill vision on new and improved ways to assist you and your family in your pursuit of Godly Success in every part of your lives.

May God bless you and your family richly as you pursue His success!!

David West
Vice President for ENOCH

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Encouraging Words For Homeschoolers Across The Nation

Common Core, Testing, and Your Rights

Kimberly Kulp, Bridgeway Academy
Friday, July 18, 2014

No doubt you have heard the uproar surrounding the Common Core State Standards, or CCSS. You may not be aware of the realities of the “newest thing” in education and its negative impact upon our school systems and nation. Though a majority of states have not fully integrated the standards into classrooms and standardized testing, the preliminary results are in, and they are dismal.

To give you an idea of just how bad it is, New York, currently ranked 3rd in the nation for education, saw a decrease of 31% in both math and language arts proficiency. Furthermore the CCSS, whose goal was to equalize education and opportunity, has actually widened the gap in NY between white and minority students by over 10%. Simply put, the CCSS is a new educational lab experiment with no evidence of success and our nation’s children are the guinea pigs.

How Will the CCSS Impact Me?

It’s only natural to be concerned about homeschooling rights in the face of a major education change that leaves much of the power for education in the hands of the government with little parental involvement. This is why it is so key for homeschooling parents to know their rights and fight to maintain the freedom to home educate your children. Find out your specific state laws and freedoms here.

As it stands, the CCSS is not mandated for homeschooling families. However, many publishers of secular curricula have aligned their textbooks to the CCSS. When making curriculum decisions, ask the hard questions about CCSS. Most publishers are advertising alignment to the new standards, making it easier for homeschool families to distinguish.

Perhaps what is most alarming for homeschoolers is the fact that state standardized tests and college entrance exams, like the ACT and SAT, will soon be aligned to the CCSS. Though we do not have a confirmed date for the alignment and each state is creating standardized tests independently, it is a reality that homeschooling families must be prepared to face. This means, even though your child may not have been exposed to Common Core curriculum while homeschooling, they will need to understand and be proficient in the areas the standards address in order to do well on required tests and college entrance exams.

What can you do?

So, what can you do, as a homeschool parent, to encourage CCSS readiness if you choose to not use curriculum aligned to the new standards?

First, understanding the Language Arts and Math standards for high school grades is important. This will ensure that your students are proficient in those areas. Knowing the LA and Math standards by grade level can help you to identify which skills your child has mastered and those you need to focus on to prepare for any testing. Each state has different requirements regarding standardized tests. It is critical that homeschooling families be aware of these requirements and the standards in order to be fully prepared.

Second, the CCSS is highly focused on critical thinking and analytical skills. Your child should be able to use deductive reasoning, compare and contrast, analyze and synthesize information, and evaluate outcomes across each discipline. A great way to ensure your child has the critical thinking skills necessary to do well would be to choose curriculum that integrates higher order thinking skills in each lesson or to supplement with daily critical thinking exercises.

Third, know your rights and exercise them! Despite how pervasive the CCSS may seem, we still have the right to petition and participate in the legislative process. Congress is gearing up to discuss and debate the CCSS so now is the time to be vocal and make our concerns known. If you are unhappy with the new CCSS, exercise your right to freedom of speech and due process! You can locate and contact your Congressmen on this website.

Kimberly Kulp is the Director of Product Development and Marketing for Bridgeway Academy and has been teaching for over 10 years in every imaginable setting, including public, private, and homeschooling communities as well as online higher education. She is passionate about interdisciplinary education and the integration of technology to enhance mastery, creativity, and connection. Kimberly also has extensive experience working with at risk students who learn differently and require more hands-on and technological curriculum options. She directs and teaches for Bridgeway’s Student Learning Labs, live online co-op classes for students around the world. She loves education, technology, and seeing God’s world come alive in the eyes of a student who is learning at their own pace. Her greatest accomplishment and joy is the adoption of her 3 children, ages 7, 4, and 1.

Publication date: July 18, 2014


Homeschool Bands of Southern New Jersey

Based on the commitment to develop musical abilities in homeschool students, HSBSNJ is the only band performance group of its kind in South Jersey. Founded in 1998, our traditional band program is made up of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Rehearsals are held on Monday afternoons for two semesters during the school year.

No experience necessary! Whether your student has a desire to learn clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, percussion, flute, or just about any instrument (except string instruments), Homeschool Band is the place to learn. Group lessons for beginners teach students how to play their chosen instrument.

Have an elementary age student? Fourth grade is the ideal time to learn Recorder, the basis of our program for younger students. They’ll enjoy learning music fundamentals on an easy-to-use instrument.

Interested? You’re invited to our Prospective Parents Night on Sept 8th at 7:00 pm. Details on our website.



Classical Conversations Homeschool Program

Classical Conversations Homeschool Program of Old Bridge, NJ is now accepting registration for the 2014-2015 school year. We will be hosting Foundations and Essentials (grades K4-6th) for the upcoming school year. Classical Conversations is a Godly Homeschool Program, which encourages a biblical worldview through a classical approach to education. For more information, please email Valerie Woods at CCOldBridge@gmail.com or call 732-387-0296.



Shakespearean Drama Classes

Yes!  Shakespeare can be fun! His plays were meant to be performed, not just studied in the classroom.  Come join master teacher May Fung’s class and you will be able to fulfill a high school requirement while making friends with a group of passionately creative homeschoolers.

Mrs. Fung has taught this class for nearly ten years and has tackled many of Shakespeare’s prominent works.  Some examples - students have perfected their comedic chops in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, brought tears to audience members’ eyes in Richard III, and won awards for stage combat scenes in As You Like It.  Throughout the year, Mrs. Fung will cover a gamut of theatre skills, including acting technique, choral recitation, and play analysis with an emphasis on Shakespeare’s texts.  The class will culminate in an intense rehearsal process and performance of one Shakespeare play.  All class members will have the chance to participate in one of the Shakespeare festivals held in the state of New Jersey based on the Folger Shakespeare Library model.

Several classes will be forming in Somerset, Princeton and Lawrenceville.  They are suitable for students in grades 9-12 and mature students in grades7 and 8.  Around 30-32 two-hour classes will be held once per week from September 2014 to mid-May 2015. Student commitment is expected for the whole year.  Interested students should email Mrs. Fung at may@cfung.net for class dates/times and tuition details.

May Fung is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (www.hkapa.edu), Drama Director at Rutgers Community Christian Church and a veteran homeschooling mom.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/mayfungdrama for photos and news.


Fall Homeschool 2014- The Berkeley Swim School

Thursday, September 4- Thursday, December 11
Registration begins, Friday, July 18. Please visit: Berkley Swim School website for registration form and more information.

Mommy &  Me :30 Age 3,4 This is an active class for both student and adult. Led by a certified adult, students will begin
the process of learning body position, balance, arm strokes and breathing patterns. Shallow water only. Mommy & Me :30 min Wed 10:00; Thurs 10:30 $112

Get Wet :30 Age 4,5,6 (K) Students have not fully submerged while blowing bubbles and are not yet crossing the pool on
their backs while using a propulsive kick. This class is taught in shallow water. Get Wet :30 min Wed 9:30, 10:30, 11:30; Thurs 9:30, 10:30, 1:00 $182

Beginner 1 :30 Age 4,5,6 (K) Students are comfortable in the water, will fully submerge and can cross the pool on their
backs while kicking and sculling. Instructors will emphasize a strong kick, rotary breathing, sculling and a balanced body
position. This level is taught in shallow water. Beginner 1 :30 min Wed 9:30, 10:30, 11:30; Thurs 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 1:30 $182

Advanced Beginner 1 :30 Age 4,5,6 (K) While not performing perfect rotary breathing, these students have a propulsive
kick, can listen and follow simple directions and can perform at a higher level than those in Beginner 1. Advanced Beginner 1 :30 min Wed 11:00; Thurs 10:00 $182

Beginner 2 :30 1st grade to age 9 Students have not yet learned rotary breathing in coordination with their arm strokes.
Instructors will emphasize propulsive kicks, body position and arm strokes in freestyle and back. Beginner 2 :30 min Wed 10:00; Thurs 11:00 $182

Advanced Beginner 2 :30 1st grade to age 10 Students have passed all Beginner level skills and can swim unaided with
rotary breathing. Instructors will teach breaststroke and butterfly kick, somersaults and bilateral breathing.
Advanced Beginner 2 :30 min Wed 11:00; Thurs 10:00 $182

Intermediates and Young Adult A :45 Ages 7-15 Students have passed all Advanced Beginner level skills and are strong
swimmers. Coordination of breaststroke and butterfly strokes, flip turns, Lifeguarding and competitive skills will be
emphasized. This level is taught in deep water. Intermediate/Young A :45 min Wed 11:00; Thurs 10:00 $273


Macculloch Hall Historical Museum

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum  45 Macculloch Ave. Morristown, NJ
Contact Person:  Cynthia Winslow, Museum Educator   (973) 538-2404 ext. 16 or email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org

August and September 2014 Events:

Summer in the Secret Garden
August 11 – August 15, 9 am to 12 noon
Similar to the classic story “The Secret Garden”, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the garden at Macculloch Hall was once a “secret” garden that became overgrown until it was brought back to life in the 1950s.  Children, ages 9 to 12 years old, will spend time exploring the garden just as the characters did in the story.  Activities include creating a mini garden by repotting herbs and flowering plants to take home, making seed paper, calligraphy, participating in drama activities,    and creating character collages of favorite characters from the story.
Preregistration is required.  (973) 538-2404 ext. 16 or email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org.
Week long program is $175/child for Museum members and $200/child for non-members

Roads, Trails, Canals and Rails: New Jersey on the Move
Fall 2014 Homeschool Series at Macculloch Hall Historical Museum
Mark the 350th anniversary of New Jersey with a study of the roads, trails, canals, and rails that has kept New Jersey on the move from the 1600s till today.  In the 19th century New Jersey experienced a transformation through transportation moving people and products cheaper, faster, and further than ever before.  Hands-on activities will have students exploring transportation technology and maps of New Jersey to discover what was being moved, how it was being moved, and who was behind the investment and construction that was changing the world.  Morning session from 10 am to 12 noon and afternoon session from 1 to 3 pm. Three sessions in the series:
Tuesday, September 23    Roads: Turning Trails into Turnpikes
Tuesday, October 28       Canals: Connecting Commerce and Communities
Tuesday, November 25   Railroads:  Ingenuity Behind Engines and Railways
Preregistration is required.  (973) 538-2404 ext. 16 or email cwinslow@maccullochhall.org     Recommended for ages 7 to 13 years old.  Full series registration/payment of $24 per child due by September 12th.  Cost is $8 per session per child.  No fee for accompanying adult.

Teacher ID Card

In celebration of our summer discount, here is a new homeschool resource available to New Jersey homeschool families.  From the trusted developer at Fast Transcripts (www.fasttranscripts.com), comes a professional Teacher ID card for home educators which is unmatched in quality by any other resource.  With the use of this credible Teacher ID card stating that you are a registered Home Educator in accordance with New Jersey Statutes Annotated §18A:38-25, educational discounts are readily accessible at 100+ vendors.  To learn more, visit us at Homeschool Compliance (www.homeschoolcompliance.com/NJ).  

As an 18 year veteran homeschool mom, I'm excited to play a key role in offering this excellent resource to other homeschoolers like myself.  I understand the value of saving money and utilizing resources carefully.  With the current special of $3.00, your card easily pays for itself with only one use.  I hope you'll find this resource as valuable as I have, and that you'll take time to share this resource with others in your homeschool community!  

Please feel free to contact Shelly Frank, www.homeschoolcompliance.com/NJ
with any questions.



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