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JUNE 2011

From the President’s Desk


Dear Friends,

With the convention just around the corner, we have been very busy getting ready for a great conference.  If you have not registered you still have time, remember that pre-registration ends on Monday, June 6th.

Our lineup of speakers are Kevin Swanson from “Generations with Vision”, and Andrew Pudewa from “Institute for Excellence in Writing”.   For an extra $10.00, there is a Teen Track with Jeff Baldwin from WorldView Academy.  Let your children, (ages 6-12) enjoy a story told by Jim Weiss from Greathall Productions at the Children’s Program, or act out as a soldier with Historical Happenings.

Plan ahead! See which workshops you want to attend this year at http://www.enochnj.org/index.php/2011convention/2011workshops

We have close to 100 exhibitors for you to browse and buy from.  Take a look at that new curriculum that everyone is talking about; flip through the pages of that art book your daughter keeps asking you to buy.  Check out the updated, Exhibitor List on ENOCH’s website.

We have a video about ENOCH’s Convention at YouTube.   We would like to thank “Great American Homeschool Conferences” as well as Don and Darlene for the help with this video.  There are some great ideas to prepare for the convention.

Please continue to pray for the ENOCH Board and all those who volunteer year round who have put many hours into preparing for this year’s convention.  Can you believe we have already started working on next year’s convention?  Speaking of prayer, why not stop by the prayer booth and volunteer to spend a half an hour or an hour praying with others at the convention. 

Speaking of volunteering there is still time to sign up to volunteer.  If you have already registered and have not said you would like to volunteer contact Volunteer Coordinator at Volunteers@enochnj.org.

I hope to see you at the convention.

Rich Millward

Encouraging Words From Homeschoolers Across the Nation

All The Wrong Questions by Raquelle Sheen

It is unfortunate that cartographers never detected a certain small sea that is connected to the Balkan Sea by a modest tributary. It is known as the Balky Sea and is a remarkable body of water, bursting with an unusual rainbow of fish in all shapes and sizes. Our story begins on a deliciously murky day in the heart of the Balky Sea, where Mrs. Sea Cow was feeling grumpy.

Have you ever seen a grumpy sea cow? I haven’t either. (I confess that I would like to.) It’s easy to imagine—the bristly upper lip turned down dolefully, the appealingly ugly snout drooping dejectedly, the flippers folded sadly around the tubby brownish-gray body. Aye, it is enough to melt the hardest of hearts. And it certainly melted Miss Catfish, who was swimming by with her whiskers daintily arranged in little pink bows.

“What is the matter?” she inquired anxiously.

“Ohhhh,” groaned Mrs. Sea Cow, “I’m so discouraged. Look at all those schools of fish out there!”

Miss Catfish looked. “Yes?”

“I saw an entire high school of sardines swim by,” Mrs. Sea Cow said disconsolately. “They looked so accomplished! It put me in a quandary over what to do with my young calf next year. I homeschool, you know.”

“I didn’t know,” said Miss Catfish politely. She quirked a pink-bowed whisker disapprovingly. “The schools do fine work, you know. You don’t have to homeschool.”

Mrs. Sea Cow eyed her thoughtfully. Then she sighed. “Go your merry way and rejoice in your carefree youth, honey.” She tepidly nibbled some sea grass and Miss Catfish swam daintily away.

“Yes, yes,” Mrs. Sea Cow said to herself, “There’s something fishy about all this. Homeschooling is just not what it’s cracked up to be. It’s a lot of work. It’s no fun. All those fish out there whose little fishies are in schools have it easy. Their fishies turn out all right, don’t they? It’s not fair!”

“What’s not fair, dude?” asked Billy Blowfish, breezing by.

“All those other fish out there whose little fishies go to schools,” Mrs. Sea Cow lamented bitterly.

“Oh, you’re right, man, that’s like, not fair,” agreed Billy Blowfish. “It stinks, man. Wow, I feel for ya!” He blew a few sympathetic bubbles and sped off.

What a blowhard, Mrs. Sea Cow thought. He’s doesn’t have the faintest idea what I’m talking about. A huge shadow glided over her and she looked up to see another notorious blowhard swimming by, a talented Killer Whale named Shampoo.

“Hey Mizzuz Sea Cow, how ya doin’?” boomed Shampoo. He popped up to the surface and spouted water out of his blowhole. Then he came back down. “I hear you’re homeschooling. How’s it going?”

“Well,” faltered Mrs. Sea Cow, “I’m kind of discouraged. Homeschooling is a lot of work. Are my efforts really worthwhile? Doesn’t everyone else have it easier? The fishies in the schools are probably an equal or better education, don’t you think?”

“Could be, could be,” Shampoo wagged his head agreeably. “Me and my wife, Suds—we wouldn’t try homeschooling for anything.”

“Why’s that?”

“Too much trouble, too much trouble!” he spouted off, with a burbling roar of laughter. “We don’t need the extra work! Too busy auditioning for Sea World!” He executed a neat back flip just for show and then zoomed away, stirring up a dizzying wake of sand and bubbles.

That settled it. Mrs. Sea Cow was on the verge of deciding to put her calf in a school next year, when suddenly a large, grizzled fish swam slowly towards her across the sea grass. “Now then, Mistress Sea Cow,” he said crustily, “I have something to say ye. My name is Nautilus. I’ve been around. I’ve seen a thing or two. I’ve even been 20,000 leagues under the sea and I have some deep remarks for ye.”

Mrs. Sea Cow waited expectantly.

“Ye’re askin’ all the wrong questions,” he said bluntly. “I’ve ambled about these grasses the last hour and heard ye. I heard ye ask whether everyone else has it easier. I’ve heard ye ask whether yeer efforts were worthwhile. I’ve heard ye ask if the fishies in the schools are gettin’ a better education. Haven’t I?”

“Well….yes,” said Mrs. Sea Cow reluctantly, feeling inexplicably guilty.

“Well, them’s the wrong questions!” Nautilus announced firmly. “Ye just think about it! When ye started homeschoolin’, didn’t ye know it would be worthwhile? Didn’t ye pray about it and feel peaceable-like about it? Didn’t ye see disadvantages to all the various fishy schools and say to yeerself that homeschoolin’ was a better option? Didn’t ye decide it didn’t matter if everyone else had it easier? So why are ye askin’ these same questions all over again?”


“Ye need to quit homeschoolin’ with one eye on the other options,” he insisted sternly. “It just leads to questions that’ll put ye in the dumps. Quit thinkin’ about it. If ye’re goin’ to homeschool, set yeer snout like flint and say to yeerself, ‘I’m goin’ to make this work!’ And then ask the real question ye ought to be askin’—‘what do I need to do to make this work?’”

Mrs. Sea Cow thought about this. “But it’s still a lot of work,” she said lamely.

“Aye, and it’ll be harder and heavier the more ye question it,” Nautilus advised. “Ye know it’s the right thing to do, don’t ye? Then do it and don’t ask the wrong questions!”

“No, don’t do that, man, like, wow dude,” agreed Billy Blowfish, zooming by again.

Mrs. Sea Cow ignored him and looked at Nautilus. “You’re right,” she said softly. “I’ll ask the right question from now on—I’ll ask what I need to do to make homeschooling work.”

“Good girl,” said Nautilus approvingly and effortlessly slid away in the murky depths. And they all lived happily ever after!

Raquelle Sheen was homeschooled all her life and is currently pursuing her college degree at home also.  She and her family have been active in the homeschooling community for many years, having served with state homeschool organizations in several states—but not in the Balky Sea. 


JUNE 17th – 18th, 2011


The Largest Homeschool Convention in New Jersey!

ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 21st Annual Homeschool Convention…Renewing the Vision 2011!
Friday and Saturday, June 17-18, 2011 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center,  Raritan Center, Edison, NJ.  Friday hours:  2pm-9pm, Saturday hours:  9am-6pm.
Free admission for parents of preschools (online registration is required).
Online registration is open until June 6th.    Register today to get your tickets for an event you won’t want to miss.  Come and join us as we Renew our Vision for homeschooling in New Jersey!

Keynote speakers for 2011 include:  Kevin Swanson & Family, Andrew Pudewa, and Jeff Baldwin.  These are just a few of the speakers that will be there….go to ENOCH website to see a full list of topics and speakers that will be available for you at the Convention!

Teen Track for 13-17 year olds on Saturday from 10:15am-5pm.  Teen Track will be presented by Jeff Baldwin of Worldview Academy, topics will include:  “What Kind of Monster Are You?” and “New Age Man”. 

Childrens’ Program available for 6-12 year olds on Friday and Saturday.  Programs will include; “Real Life Heroes”, “King Arthur and Other Classical Leaders”, “Crusader Knight”, “Mystery and Intrigue with Sherlock Holmes and Other Sleuths”, “Greek Mythology” and “Civil War Soldier Life”. 

Make sure to register for the Teen Track and Childrens’ Programs at ENOCH website

Don't miss out on the used curriculum sale and all the vendors that will be there to help guide you as you make choices to Renew Your Vision!

This is an event you don’t want to miss out…so what are you waiting for?  Go to ENOCH website and register today!  See you there!

Special ENOCH Convention Announcement

The convention needs you!  We still have places for you to volunteer and bless the home school community of New Jersey.  Enjoy the benefits of blessing others!  Here is a list of what we still need.  Go to www.enochnj.org to sign up today!


Please consider helping your statewide homeschool community by volunteering at the convention.  To volunteer, please first register for the convention and then follow this link to volunteer .

Questions? Email Michele Gross at volunteers@enochnj.org

ENOCH is on Facebook and Twitter, Too!

We are on Twitter and Facebook!  Become a fan of  ENOCH of New Jersey on facebook and Twitter! Find out all the  homeschool happenings in NJ as welll as links, announcements, stories, etc. that are posted to help you. Tell every homeschooler you know!  BECOME A FAN TODAY  and join us on facebook and Twitter!


Great American Homeschool Conferences made a video for the ENOCH Convention and you can view it on our Facebook page, YouTube or by clicking on this link:   https://www.facebook.com/video



Camp Rock at The Life Center, Burlington, NJ

Camp Rock...built on a strong foundation. What a great name! When the world associates everything labeled “rock” with music or dance, we are about to shake things up a little!  Camp Rock is about introducing kids to the real “ROCK” they can experience in Jesus.

Camp Rock begins on June 20 and will continue until August 12 with eight weeks of fun-filled, dynamic programs.  Each week campers will participate in sports, water play, swimming, bowling, creative arts, field trips, adventures with food and much more! One of the highlights of each week will be “Dynamite Devotions” where kids will learn to cope with life’s toughest situations through the “Deal with It!” series from High Voltage Kids. During these devotional times, we will be tackling topics such as loneliness, peer pressure and fear.

Because we believe in kids spending time outdoors in good “old fashioned play”, Camp Rock is a “no electronics” zone. Kids will learn how to do without them and learn to experience camp life at its best!

Would you please consider Camp Rock for your child or children this year? It is our goal to provide a safe, nurturing and Christ centered environment where kids can be kids! 
Please visit our website for more information. www.camprocknj.org
music notes


Founded in 1962 by Hungarian virtuoso Wilmos Csehy.
Csehy Summer School of Music will be held at Houghton College, New York State
Look up www.csehy.com.  Carpooling with other homeschoolers is encouraged.
Participants are junior high and senior high students who play the piano, band
or string instruments at the intermediate+ level.
About 1/4 students are homeschooled. 

 Choose 1 week or up to 5 weeks - June 26 through July 30, 2011
Christian commitment!   Chapel, Devotions, Ministry teams, Lifelong friends 
Musical excellence!   Orchestra, Band, Piano, Handbells, Choir, Lessons, Theory 

If you are interested in attending, please email: kathyhanse@aol.com 


My name is MaryEmily McLoughlin and I am a music graduate from Liberty University who was homeshooled myself. Although I am not certified, I have taken all of the music education courses and practicum required for the state of South Carolina. I was principal chair of the Liberty University Symphony Orchestra, section leader of the Bob Jones University Concert Band, and created and conductor of the Liberty University Flute Choir. I also played the flute one year and the tuba another year in the Liberty University Marching Band.  Music is a very important part of education, and I would like to begin making it more accessible to us. It has been my goal since Freshman year to start a music program in the area for homeschoolers. While I am offering only private lessons right now, I would like to eventually build ensembles that are just as good as those at any other school.

I am looking to start a flute studio in the area. Any student level is welcome, from beginner through high school. For homeschoolers, I can give lessons at our home for $25 per half hour, or I can come to your home for lessons, which are $30 per half hour (for gas).

Flute Choir would be lots of fun and a great experience for players who have already begun to master the flute. Prices and practices will depend on students interested.

I would also like to offer beginner piano lessons if there is already a tuned or electric piano in the home, for $30 for a half hour (homeschool) or at our home for $25. I can also offer beginner and intermediate lessons on clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trombone, trumpet, tuba, and horn (same prices).
If there are any questions at all, feel free to contact me on my cell 732-546-7830 or e-mail me at mmcloughlin@liberty.edu or bjuorbust@gmail.com.

freedom farms


HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS - LARGE INDOOR ARENA (856) 252-7075 - Contact Regina Ennis
Something new for your Phys Ed classes?  We are a Christian family who owns a horse farm in Central NJ, (at 850 Monmouth Road - on Route 537 - just down the road from Six Flags Great Adventure, right off Rt 195) and we would love to welcome homeschooling families.  In past years, we homeschooled our own children who are now in college, and are aware of the challenges facing homeschooling parents to find good choices for activities.  Our facility has a large indoor arena (80X200), with full jump course, to facilitate all-weather riding with minimal cancellations due to weather.   We have a nice variety of horses and ponies for lessons and pony rides.  In addition to riding lessons, our program offers a full equestrian science education program offered through 4H, that includes classroom lessons on the ground (unmounted) as well as full instruction in the saddle (mounted).  Our instructor is also experienced in teaching special needs riders (Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, ADHD).  Horseback riding lessons available to all homeschooling families at discounted rates-flexible schedules to accommodate your needs.  Groups (such as Brownies, Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts, and Boys Scouts) welcome!
Lesson Program
Both Western and English disciplines taught with an emphasis on safety and balanced seat riding.  Beginners to advanced riders welcome!

    * 1 Hr. Private Lesson:  $45.00 per hour
    * ***SPECIAL PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 Private 1-Hour Lessons for $395.  Must be prepaid and used within 3 months.  You may take multiple lessons per week.***
    *   1 Hr. Semi-Private/Group/Sibling: $30.00 per student (limit 4 per lesson)  Private lessons required until student safely handles horse/pony on own.  (Sometimes riders will share same mount until    
         they are safely able to independently handle their own horse/pony.
    * **SPECIAL GROUP/SEMI-PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 1-Hour Lessons for group/semi-private lessons for $270.00.

June 27-July 1/July 11-15/ August 1-5/August 15-19  Regular price after June 1 is $330 for the week. (10% Multiple Session/Sibling Discounts Offered) Please call for details/questions.  Camp Hours 8:30am-4:00pm.  Limited to 12 campers per session-Riding Skill Levels:  Beginners to advanced riders are welcome.  Avg. of 4 Hours of riding per day!
4H Club Membership -Freedom Riders 4H Club
Free-meets twice per month-2nd and 4th Saturdays!
Fun and Games Shows held on our farm!  Ribbons and trophies given to division champions, but it's all about having fun on horseback! See our Facebook Page for details and Pics of our equine friends and families!  Next show is in May! Hope to see you there! $60 for day or $8 per class!  Call for details.
Special Group Rates
Clubs such as Boys' Scouts, Girls' Scouts, other 4H groups, etc. ($25 per scout/club member)  Minimum of 6 members for group lesson discount. Actual lesson not just a pony ride!
Please mention your membership in ENOCH and this ad when calling to receive the discounted rates.
Call Regina for available times and appointments, (856) 252-7075.   See our Facebook page for Freedom Farm USA and my page, Regina Ennis.
Visit our website at www.Freedomfarmusa.com

***Special Extended Horsemanship Program***
When you are a part of our WEEKLY lesson program, you may come out and help exercise our horses/ponies on Saturdays at our farm.  That allows you to get extra riding and some instruction at no extra cost-call for details. Affordable Horseshowing opportunities as well for those interested! Our riders regularly participate in local shows.

~~~Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.~~~



Fast Break is looking forward to its 11th summer hosting basketball camps in North Jersey.   There will be different sessions for boys and girls, with age groups ranging from entering 2nd grade to seniors in high school.  The focus is on building basketball skills through proper instruction and skill repetition. This camp is great for students who would like to improve their skills before joining a school basketball team. 

Sessions begin on Monday, June 20 and run until July 21 at the following locations:  Hawthorne Christian Academy (Hawthorne) and Green Pond Bible Chapel (Rockaway Township).   The day camps are held from 9AM to 3:30 PM;   the evening ones from 6-9PM.  If anyone has any questions, or would like a brochure, please contact the Fast Break Director, Kevin Stanford at 973-851-0918 or kstandford@hca.org or kevin@fastbreakbasketballcamp.org


During the week of June 20, Kevin has access to both gyms at Hawthorne Gospel Christian Academy.  Since the girls camp will meet in the upper gym, he can run a session for homeschool boys, entering grades 6-12,  in the 2nd gym from 6-9PM during June 20-24.    Skills, teamwork, devotionals!!

 10 campers would make this possible.  The cost is $139 per camper.  It's $129 before May 15.  Contact Kevin if there are any financial difficulties.   Please write Kevin today and include "Boys homeschool basketball June 20-24" in the subject line of your email.  He will email you with any additional registration requirements.  If anyone has any questions, or would like a brochure, please contact the Fast Break Director, Kevin Stanford at 973-851-0918 or kstandford@hca.org or kevin@fastbreakbasketballcamp.org

Homeschool Swimming at the Berkeley Swim School

Registration Dates:  Summer Sessions - Sunday, May 22, 8:00-Noon;  Fall Sessions - Friday July 22, 9A-7P
Homeschool Swimming at the Berkeley Swim School.                                                               
Fees have been reduced for Homeschool students
Other classes are available at regular Berkeley Swim School rates.
For more information visit: www.berkeleyaquatic.org (click on Swim School)  for a complete listing of available classes.
OR contact Towney Brewster, The Berkeley Swim School Director:   908-464-1995
 or PO Box 215, 649 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 07922.


SCHOOL AT SEA 2011-2012

We hope you will join us September 10th-17th as we kick-off the new school year onboard the Carnival Triumph.  We will learn about some great explorers and old-world mapping techniques – as we sail from New Orleans to the Southern Caribbean ports of Belize, Isla Roatan and Cozumel.  The fun and learning begins at home with our pre-cruise activities packets and continues onboard with interactive learning opportunities including Science Labs and Art Classes plus family-fun activities including Scavenger Hunts and Scrapbooking.  All meals/snacks/drinks (even 24hr room service), plus kids clubs and our exclusive onboard classes and activities are all included in the surprisingly affordable special group rate pricing.   Take advantage of our "Friends don't let friends cruise alone" special offer, and earn $100 onboard credit!
Full program details and our complete School at Sea 2011-2012 schedule is now available:
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
For families who love to learn
August 2011  –  “Cool Summer”  –  Alaska Cruise Event (Seattle, WA)
 Hurry - Just a few cabins remaining!
September 2011  –  “The Explorers”  –  “Not” Back2School Cruise Event (New Orleans, LA) 
 Special offer: “Friends don’t let friends cruise alone”
January 2012  –  “The Explorers”  –  Disney Cruise Event (Los Angeles, CA)
Special offer: “Onboard credit and Disney Fun Pack”
April 2012  –  “Hawaiian Paradise"  –  15day Hawaii Cruise Event (San Diego, CA)
Early Bird Pricing currently available
May 2012  –  our very special  “Mother’s Day” Cruise Event (Los Angeles, CA)
Early Bird Pricing currently available
July 2012  – “The Magic of …”  –  Special Disney Cruise Event (Port Canaveral, FL)
Special offer: “Onboard credit and Disney Fun Pack”
July 2012  –  “The Magic of…”  –  Summer Cruise Event (Galveston, TX)
Early Bird Pricing currently available
October 2012  –  “The Magic of…” Cruise Event (Los Angeles, CA)
 Early Bird Pricing currently available
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
The School at Sea program is designed to enhance all learning styles and all families.

Our Pre-cruise Activities Packets are filled with daily doses of Critical Thinking, Geography, Science, Literature - plus Puzzles, Recipes, Crafts and more, designed to help you learn about the region you will soon be visiting.  Onboard surprises include in-room gifts and daily surprises for children 2-17.  Special venues have been reserved for families to participate in exclusive activities.  Students are encouraged to personalize their onboard experience - whether they choose to follow each project step-by-step or to use our materials as a starting-point for their own creativity.  Our escorted group cruise events include teacher-led activities such as Science Lab, Art Class, Writing Workshop and/or Scrapbooking Class.

For more details, please visit: www.school-at-sea.com


NEW SUPPORT/CO-OP GROUP-Hackettstown/Long Valley area

A new support/co-op group has started in the Hackettstown/Long Valley area .  It is called The Learning Connection and can be found at www.homeschool-life.com/nj/tlccoops
The goal that I have for this group is to be an encouragement and support to other homeschool families in many areas of their homeschooling journey.  Another goal I have is to start a co-op in the Hackettstown/Long Valley area for the 2012-2013 school year.  
Membership into this group for the 2011-2012 school year is free.
Come and join us and use this coming summer and school year to get to know other families through field trips, get together's and the email forum on the website.
If you would like to be a part of this group please visit www.homeschool-life.com/nj/tlccoops and request membership.
If you  have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michele Gross through email at gross991@verizon.net.


Fernbrook Farms Toddler Program

3-5 years old
Farm Fun with Fruits and Veggies
Fernbrook Farms Education Center
DATE: Saturday, June 11th
TIME: 9:30-10:30am
LOCATION: Education Center - park in grass parking lot and meet under tent near the painted map
MORE: Nutrition is fun when you can pick your food and enjoy all the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the expansive Children's Garden and greenhouse. Learn about what is in season in the Garden and delicious taste of fresh-picked fruit. Sign up for a fun, educational farm experience with your young ones!
Toddler Class Registration Form


Westerly Learning Center (WLC)

Westerly Learning Center (WLC) is pleased to announce an exciting array of high-quality academic courses for homeschooled students (grades K-12) for Fall, 2011. Most classes cost less than $20/week! This fall’s offerings include: Art, Science (including High School Physics), French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, U.S. History, European History, Asian History, Writing, Literature and Debate. Classes are held weekly for 32 weeks from September through May, on Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 12:30 – 3:00 pm. Students may choose to take one or more classes. For more information, visit our website at: www.westerlylearningcenter.org or email us at learningcenter@westerlyroad.org



Innovative NO-COST Education solutions for...Christian Homeschoolers in NJ (ENOCH)

THE HEAD OF THE CLASS Website:  ------>    http://www.theHeadoftheClass.com


THE HEAD OF THE CLASS (THOC), created by Kris Jamsa, Ph.D, MBA, his educational team, and sponsors, who believe primary education, should be without charge for those desiring to learn.

Dr. Jamsa’s goal is that quality curriculum-based education be readily available on the internet…
FREE CONTENT worksheets, activities, exercises....interactive and printouts.
No registration required and NO GIMMICKS!

Should you choose to become a Registered User, at “NO CHARGE”, here are some benefits:

User registration is “FREE” and only necessary to allow THE HEAD OF THE CLASS software to manage your learner’s progress and to offer integrated learner assessments that create a learner’s individual curriculum.   Your email address and user/learner information is kept strictly confidential… 


2.      CUSTOMIZE your child’s CURRICULA for INDIVIDUAL needs by TOPIC and GRADE selection;

3.      ONLINE COACHING and MOTIVATION with the animation characters of HAPPY, MAX & TRIXIE;


5.      DOWNLOAD the eBOOK INSTRUCTIONAL CONTENT MANUAL, how to teach learner’s skills;

6.      “SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS” with THE HEAD OF THE CLASS program developers and writers;

7.      COMMUNICATE with other USERS for HELP and ADVISE through the “LEARNING NETWORK”;

8.      RECORDS all ACTIVITIES by date for EACH LEARNER, simplifying your STATE RECORD KEEPING. 

share this valuable information with your organization’s members…

          On Facebook at……    http://www.facebook.com/theheadoftheclass

          On Twitter at…………   http://www.twitter.com/theHeadofthecla


Bright Lights Conferences coming to Pennsylvania this summer

We are excited to announce some Bright Lights Conferences coming to Pennsylvania this summer. Taught by Sarah Mally and the Bright Lights staff, these conferences are designed to encourage young ladies to be strong for the Lord in their youth and shine radiantly as bright lights for Him!

Strong in the Lord Conference

Age: 8-14
Includes insightful testimonies by godly young ladies, humorous skits, a chalk talk, harp music, singing, small group times with sharing and interaction, hands-on activities, and practical teaching that will challenge and prepare young ladies to remain strong for the Lord through their teen years.

Parents are encouraged to attend the conference in order to hear what their daughters are learning and reinforce it at home. While the girls are meeting in small groups, sessions will be offered for fathers and mothers. Sessions will cover topics such as the importance of protecting your children, how fathers can set a godly pace for their family, how to win the hearts of your daughters, and building strong mother/daughter relationships.

$15 per girl / $10 per parent.
Late Registration: $18 per girl / $12 per parent
Schedule: Tuesday evening from 6:00 - 9:00 PM; Wednesday from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Dates: August 9-10, 2011
Location: Valley Forge Baptist Temple, 616 South Trappe Road, Collegeville, PA 19426

Radiant Purity Conference

Age: 12-22+
A young lady who is pure shines with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can a young lady stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage? How can parents protect and guide? Creatively presented through stories and testimonies, practical instruction, skits, and real-life examples, this conference gives Biblical answers to everyday questions and deep life struggles. The material is discreet and appropriate for twelve year olds, yet relevant to all ages. It includes testimonies from young ladies who serve as Bright Lights staff, chalk drawings, and harp music.                         
Click here to see a 2 minute video clip of Sarah Mally teaching at a Radiant Purity Conference in 2009.   
Fathers & Mothers are encouraged to attend. Parents' sessions will include: Every Mother's Example, 40 Ways to Protect the Hearts of Your Daughters, and Talking to Young Men who Express Interest in Your Daughters.

$15 per girl / $10 per parent.
Late Registration: $18 per girl / $12 per parent 
Schedule: Friday evening from 6:00 - 9:00 PM; Saturday from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Dates: August 12-13, 2011
Location: Valley Forge Baptist Temple, 616 South Trappe Road, Collegeville, PA 19426

To Register:
To register online, click here .
To download a conference flyer, click here.
Visit the Bright Lights Website to learn more about the conferences.
For questions, feel free to e-mail the Bright Lights staff at conference@brightlights.info.
About Bright Lights
In 1996, Sarah Mally started a discipleship ministry in her living room with the goal of challenging other young ladies to be strong for the Lord in their youth. We have been excited to see how the Lord has allowed Bright Lights to grow, and now there are over 400 Bright Lights groups that have started around the country and internationally. Bright Lights continues to train leaders, host mother / daughter conferences, and provide discipleship materials for young ladies. Sarah Mally is also the author of “Before You Meet Prince Charming,” published in 2006, and co-author of the book “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” which she and her brother and sister published in 2002.


Personal Finance Workshops for Educators

NJ now has educational requirements for all students to mater personal finance skills and information.  Update your skills and resources to teach your students in creative ways, find free materials and interactive activities, and update your personal knowledge.   The NJ Coalition for Financial Education is offering several educational programs this summer to educators. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011 – 9AM to 1 PM
Understanding the “New Normal”:  NEW Information, Materials, & Evaluation Tools for Teaching Personal Finance  -- in Marlton, NJ 
There is no fee to attend but pre-registration is required.
Space is limited.  Get details and register online at http://education.state.nj.us/events/

AUGUST -- BOOT CAMP II:  Advanced Personal Finance Content, Strategies and Tools for NJ Educators
-- 2 options –
$85 registration fee for the 2-day program
For details and to register and pay, go to www.njcfe.org
(partial scholarships are available by calling 973-377-7577)

Wednesday and Thursday – August 17 and August 18, 2011
8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Basking Ridge, NJ 

Wednesday and Thursday – August 24 and August 25, 2011
8:30 am to 3:30 pm 
Mays Landing, NJ

If you have questions about these programs, contact Carole Glade, project coordinator at 973-377-7577. 

  ed day njfaire         

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Enjoy a Day of Renaissance Edu-tainment! 

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire
“2011 School Day at the Faire”
Friday, June 10, 9am-2pm

Come visit the teaching artists of the prestigious New Jersey Renaissance Faire in the Shire of their native domain, while allowing your students to participate in the Golden Age of English History!  Interactive historical characters and figures of myth and legend interact with your students to make them feel a part of history. Your students will bear witness to exciting shows that will both entertain and educate, while giving students a truly memorable experience!

A Magical Experience They Will Never Forget!

Edu-tainment such as:
  1. A Tournament of Arms:  Experience the pageantry and valor of a full scale historical joust.  Action and horsemanship in our full sized joust field!
  2. Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon:  Meet William Shakespeare and watch him perform scenes from his famous plays.  Learn about the theatre and English literature from the man himself, the Bard in person!
  3. Human Chess Match:  Watch professional actor/stuntmen put on a full show of staged combat in a thrilling full-length human chess match at our Lakeside Amphitheater.
  4. Falconry:  Learn the history of these noble birds of prey and their relationship with the people of England to this day.  See the noble flight of hawks and falcons before your very eyes.
  5. Hamlet:  Watch a live, abridged version of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark- in a non-electronic, real world, 3-D, wooden lakeside theater!
  6. Manners and Mannerisms:  Our very own Sherriff, Marshall Law will take the students through lessons in the customs and manners of the Renaissance.  Don’t forget to bow!
  7. Historical Glassblowing:  Witness our very own glassblower give demonstrations of the craft of glass blowing through the ages, from the ancient Greeks all the way to the present day.
  8. Visit our Smithy:  Our very own smith will show you around the workings of his forge as he bends the metal to the will of his hammer.
  9. The Legend of King Arthur:  This year our shire will be visited by King Arthur and his Knights of the Table Round.  Interact with this essential English myth as he does battle with his enemies Mordred and Lady Morgan.  Also meet with Merlin and Lancelot and encounter the beauty of Lady Guinevere. 

Admission:  Only $12 per Student
  1. Chaperone per every 10 Students is Free
  2. Includes discount passes for the Weekend Faire
  3. Assorted Food and Vendors on site.  All-Inclusive Lunch Packages available
  4. Discounts for groups of 100 or more
School Day at the Faire:  Friday, June 10
New Jersey Renaissance Faire, at Liberty Lake:  June 4/5 & 11/12
For more information visit:  www.NJRENFAIRE.com    or call (888) 864-8222

ellisisland stofliberty


Ellis Island, NY (April 2011) – Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty, a new play celebrating Lady Liberty’s 125th year, dramatizes how the writer’s poem “The New Colossus” transformed the beloved Statue into a symbol of welcome. The show opens at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum’s intimate Living Theater for a limited run beginning April 16 through Labor Day weekend. Written by playwright/director Ken Urban, the 30-minute play also features stories of immigration.

Produced and funded by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, the show will be presented April 16 through June 27 on Monday and Wednesday through Saturday. Beginning June 28, the show will run Thursday through Monday. Show times are 10:45; 11:30; 12:15; 1:00; 2:30; 3:15; and 4:00. Admission is $6.00.

A gift from France to the American people, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated October 28, 1886. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed Lee Iacocca to head up a private sector effort to restore the Statue of Liberty for her centennial. Fundraising began for the $87 million restoration under a public/private partnership between the National Park Service and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., and on July 5, 1986 the newly restored Statue re-opened to the public during Liberty Weekend. The famous sonnet written by poet and essayist Emma Lazarus in 1883 is engraved on a bronze plaque which has been affixed to the inner walls of the pedestal since the early 1900's.

Ellis Island Living Theater performances, which are both educational and entertaining, are especially popular with students, scout troops, day campers, religious groups, senior clubs, and families. Reservations for Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty are accepted for groups of 10 or more. Since the theater seats 56 people, some groups may have to schedule multiple shows. Please note that the National Park Service, which administers Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, requires one chaperone for every ten children. Individuals without reservations are encouraged to purchase their tickets upon entering the museum.

For more information or to make reservations, contact The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation at 212-561-4500, ext. 0 or theater@ellisisland.org. More on Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty can be found at http://www.statueofliberty.org.

For ferry tickets and schedules, call Statue Cruises at 1-877-LADY TIX or visit http://www.statuecruises.com.

The Actors employed in this production are members of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to raise funds for and oversee the historic restorations of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, working in partnership with the National Park Service/U.S. Department of the Interior. In addition to restoring the monuments, the Foundation created a museum in the Statue’s base and the world-class Ellis Island Immigration Museum, The American Immigrant Wall of Honor® and the American Family Immigration History Center®. Its endowment has funded over 200 projects at the islands.

CONTACT:   Peg Zitko (212) 561-4517,  pzitko@ellisisland.org,  OR  Elizabeth Oravetz (212) 561-4542, eoravetz@ellisisland.org  or visit:  http://www.ellisisland.org



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