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From the President’s Desk


JUNE 17th – 18th, 2011

Please note the date change

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that ENOCH’s 21st Annual Convention is a month and an half away.  Our list of exhibitors is still growing. You can check out the exhibitor list here.  Have you been visiting our Keynote Speakers websites?  At Generations with Vision you can hear Kevin Swanson’s daily broadcast at www.generationswithvision.com.  Check out some of Andrew Pudewa’s free Webinar held on Monday evenings at www.excellenceinwriting.com.  Do not forget we have something for the kids and teenagers also.  For the kids, sign up for one or all the sessions with Jim Weiss of Greathall Production or Historical Happenings.  Just click here for all the information and registration.  For the teenagers Jeff Baldwin from Worldview Academy is having some great sessions on Saturday challenging your teen to confront their worldview. You can register your teen within the online registration when you register. To read more about the Teen Track, click here. 

A reminder - Parents of Preschoolers is free this year, but you need to meet the criteria of: 1) your oldest child is 5 years old or younger and 2) you have never attended the convention in the past. This is ONLY available online. If you have friends who want to know about this and are part of a MOPS group then pass along the flyer to the parents about free admission. But, hurry because they only can sign up for free admission until June 6th!  We will not have this offer at the door.

Pre-registration closes June 6th for everyone; you can register either on-line or by going to the registration page and printing out a Registration Form. 

We’re excited to offer every family attending the convention a free CD worth over $250 of coupons, curriculum material and more. 

Don’t forget that this convention would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers, some working all year, so why not you volunteer for a three-hour shift and be a blessing to other homeschoolers.

Join us for the 2011 Homeschool Convention. We look forward to seeing you there and praying that everyone who attends will be refreshed, renewed and revived.

 See you at the convention!

Rich Millward

President, ENOCH of NJ

Encouraging Words From Homeschoolers Across the Nation


by Amelia Harper

  1. You can gain new ideas and find creative resources. Many vendors reveal new product offerings at conventions. You will at least find ideas that you have never seen before!

  2. You can examine curricula offerings first hand. There is no substitute for seeing a curriculum first-hand and judging your child’s reaction to it. A curriculum is much more successful if the child is motivated by it!

  3. You can meet with old friends and make new ones. Conventions are a great place to find kindred spirits! We all can use that kind of support.

  4. You will hear and meet interesting speakers and authors of curricula. This is your chance to rub elbows with some of the homeschooling leaders in our country and benefit from their wisdom and experience.

  5. You will be energized and motivated by the excitement of the event.  Homeschooling can be a draining experience. Conventions can renew your spirit and strengthen your commitment to home education. Besides, they are often quite enjoyable!

  6. You can gain knowledge that will help explain your position to skeptical friends and family members. As you tell others what you have seen and heard at the convention, they will likely begin to understand that homeschooling is more main-stream and successful than they first thought.

  7. You can learn more about homeschooling issues that relate to your state. State conventions often have sessions dealing with important developments and challenges that relate to homeschooling in your own state. It is important to stay aware of these issues in order to protect homeschool freedoms.

  8. You can encourage the homeschooling leaders in your state. Your state leaders work hard to help you all year long, often at little or no pay. Someone went to a great deal of trouble to provide this convention for your benefit. You can show your support by attending.

  9. You can save money by shopping more wisely and taking advantage of discounts. Some vendors offer special convention discounts. Even you if you do not take advantage of those, the ability to compare products and prices can save you money as you money down the road, because you can evaluate how well this product will meet the needs of your own family situation. The most cost-effective product is the one that works for you!

  10. You can learn how to teach your own children more effectively. Even teachers need lessons now and then! Chances are that have often wished you knew more about a particular educational issue. Conventions are the place to learn. You may even have the chance to get personal advice with your own situations.

 Encouraging Words From Our Speakers

kevin swanson

Mom, You're Not Qualified. . .to Perform Brain Surgery!  By Kevin Swanson

Several years ago, our family received a brochure from a local private school, authored by a gentleman whose doctoral credentials in the field of education were prominently displayed. The good doctor explained,

"There is a misjudgment among some circles that a teacher does not need to be university trained or carry the appropriate credentials. . . unqualified persons should not perform brain surgery."

Such statements imply that the education of a child is a highly technical affair that must not, under any circumstances, be placed under the purview of an uneducated parent. Ergo, whatever you do, don't try this at home!"

Never mind the data collected over the last 25 years by those who study the homeschooling movement where this sort of thing is done at home!

Back in the last 1990's the Rudner study found homeschoolers scoring head and shoulders above their counterparts from public and private school. It wasn't until last year that Dr. Brian Ray from NHERI, conducted another significant study on the academic performance of home educated students in this country. To tell you the truth, many leaders were a little nervous about what he would find, since the movement has changed dramatically over the last ten years. In this new study, Dr. Ray included a wider variety of testing services, and covered a sample size in excess of 12,000 students. Amazingly, Ray found that the homeschooling is performing substantially better than they did 10 years earlier! The results are contained in the chart below.
  Average Percentile (National Average - 50 percentile)
  2009 Ray Study 1999 Rudner Study  
Reading 89 85  
Language 84 73  
Math 84 77  

Sources: http://www.hslda.org/docs/news/200908100.asp and http://www.hslda.org/docs/study/rudner1999/FullText.asp

Compare this study also to a significant study just issued by Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes on Charter School performance. The study of collective reading and math progress in 2,403 charter schools in 15 states and cities, including the District of Columbia was released in June, 2009, showed that almost half of the charter schools produced results similar to those from comparable public schools. Charter schools producing worse results than the traditional schools outnumbered those with better numbers by more than 2 to 1.

Moreover, every study conducted to date shows that there is no statistically significant difference between the academic performance of students with teacher-certified parents vs. those without teacher-certified parents.

In my book Upgrade, I argue that homeschooling maximizes on the principles of the preeminence of character, one-on-one instruction, the parent-child relationship, and the fear of God as the foundation of all knowledge. Where conventional schooling is unable to engage much one-on-one instruction, especially when class sizes exceed 15 children, the average homeschooling parent is able to engage 10 times more one-on-one instruction! Where conventional schooling hardly considers relationships important as children are shuttled from classroom to classroom every year (and sometime every school hour), the student-teacher relationship in the homeschool sustains for years and years. A character-focus is inescapable when the parent-child relationship is brought close and sustained for many succeeding years (if parents and children can survive the oft-times painful relational growing pains)! Where the preeminence of character is ignored when a child cannot be either hugged or lovingly disciplined by biblically-prescribed methods in the classroom, the homeschool mother and father know that they would never survive a day of Algebra and Grammar without the essential hugs, kisses, prayers, encouragements, and firm disciplinary measures. Moreover, the life integration of knowledge is almost impossible in the context of the sterile classroom that is so separated from the real-life experiences of relationships, home, business, church, and government. Most home educators who have caught the true vision of our movement know that you have got to integrate knowledge into life, otherwise 95% of education becomes a waste of time.

If the best education depends on the preeminence of character, one-on-one instruction, the parent-child relationship, life-integration, and the fear of God, what precisely are we talking about here? Perhaps it would be better to call this thing "discipleship"! From a biblical perspective, education is discipleship. We are incorporating knowledge into life and calling it "wisdom." We are teaching God's Word in the womb of relationship, as we sit in our house and as we walk by the way, and we call it "discipleship." This is a far cry from the Greek-humanist form of education, reincorporated into the western world by Thomas Aquinas and others in the 13th century, when these university men separated natural knowledge from spiritual knowledge. The fateful words that ruined education in the western world began with these words, "Theology included in sacred doctrine differs in kind from that theology which is part of philosophy" (Summa, Part 1, Article 1).

We are not as interested in teaching chemistry or even teaching the fear of God, as we are in our students fearing God in the chemistry laboratory! This is true discipleship. For 800 years we have separated these things, but as Christians we must reject this dualism now and forever. For a true renewal of education, we must see 100 times more love between teachers and students, and 100 times more fear of God in the classrooms, and this will only happen when we begin to emulate Christ in His education program. It is interesting that the greatest Teacher of all never started a seminary. He never entered a classroom. He told His students that He loved them, and then He gave His life for them.

In my college days, I never had a single professor ask me about the sins of my youth, whether I was struggling with lust or pride. Not once did I see a chemistry professor fall on his knees in the chemistry laboratory, trembling before the Creator of this marvelous, orderly, complex creation! For it seemed as if worship was incompatible with chemistry. Yet even worse, I never had a professor at seminary address my tendency towards pride, easily detectible in my theological papers! A thousand censures on such an abominable system of education that we have incorporated into this western, materialist world! We have separated character, the fear of God, and life from the business of knowledge, and in the process, have destroyed education. May God forgive us.

At the end of the day, I agree with the well-educated doctor who wrote those words on the back of the brochure. "Unqualified persons should not perform brain surgery!" But we're not performing brain surgery. When we attempt the education of a child, we're performing heart surgery! And, nobody is qualified for that! Without the supernatural aid of the Spirit of God, there will be no love and no fear in our hearts or in our children’s, for that matter.

Generations with Vision has just released a Revised, Second Edition of Kevin Swanson's landmark book, Upgrade, the 10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child. A virtual "Copernican Revolution" in the area of education, this timely book is written in a pedestrian-style for parents who just want the best for their children. Available at

jim weiss

The Storyteller Within by Jim Weiss

"I'd like to introduce you to two friends of mine.  Their names are Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson."

That's how I feel when I begin to tell a story.  I consider these literary characters friends of mine and I take great pleasure in introducing them to my audience.  Parents can have the same experience.

As in any shared activity, storytelling is one wonderful way to share your true essence with your children.  You can start when your child is very young by using a picture book of some familiar tale.
Instead of reading it, tell it in your own words as you turn the pages.  This gives you a chance to keep eye contact with your child and also explore tangents with him/her, which is sometimes the most productive way to teach as it provides for the personal meaning that parent and child bring to the story itself.

I would never imply that storytelling should take the place of reading in general.  Reading to children validates the written word and secures the process of thought to paper in a powerful way. Storytelling reinforces reading and provides a rich communicative channel of affective language arts.  Children whose parents storytell and/or read to them from an early age turn out to be better readers and students later on.  In fact, scientists have found that either of these activities helps your child physically activate segments of his/her brain that are involved with visualization, imagination and creativity.

Long after the "read to me" stage of a child's development, another form of storytelling to share is your own family stories.  Sharing incidents from your own life, or those of your parents or grand-parents, serves two purposes.  First, it gives the message to your child that s/he is important enough to merit the sharing of the family history, and in so doing, it also imbues your child with a sense of her/his own roots.

Of course, as with any storytelling, you have to remember the operative rule: whether fiction or non-fiction, original story or traditional, it has to be fun.

What was the difference between the uncle who bored us silly with his reminiscences and the grandmother who held us spellbound?   The former talked for and to himself, while the latter really wanted us to understand, and took the time to shape the story as entertainment.  Oral history, and for that matter any subject, can be dry and didactic or it can be fascinating and passionate.  One has to remember his/her audience.

You don't need the skills of a Laurence Olivier or Meryl Streep to tell your version of a storybook or of your ancestors' arrival to America.  Start simply with what you know, and tell it in your own words.  Think about what you most want a listener to remember.  If you make a mistake, say so.  Kids love to hear this.  They find it endearing.  Just say, "I forgot to tell you that.." and go on.  Another way is to say, "Now what Aunt Joan didn't know was that Uncle Bill had already bought the tickets."  This presents the information you forgot as a dramatic element of the tale.

In addition to telling stories to your child, a wonderful activity is to tell with her or him and to create the story together.  Don't be surprised if it goes off in wild directions you didn't anticipate.  Enjoy the ride.  If you reach a dead-end, you can always say, "I don't know what happens next, do you?"  If your child doesn't, suggest going back in the story and making a different choice: "What if Cinderella hadn't lost the glass slipper?"  Then go on from there.

My father used to tell stories to my brother and me in front of a roaring winter fire, or on the porch in summer with the fireflies weaving circles of gold in the gathering darkness.  Because he loved literature, many of my father's stories were based on literary classics, mythology and poetry.  His stories made us want to learn to read so that we could personally acquaint ourselves with the characters of his tales, which he had simplified for our levels of understanding.  Later, he altered his tellings as we matured, always keeping his audience in mind.. 

When I became a professional storyteller, I followed this pattern.  I couldn't remember my father's style, or the exact content of his stories, but I wanted to bring this same kind of excitement and interest in the classics.

In addition, I felt that the classic stories and myths provided a central core or commonality in a society which too often lacks a common set of references.  Stories which last do so for a reason.  They reflect certain needs in our psychological and emotional make-up.  Stories from many different cultures and times provide insight into the multitude of ways we humans live.  What is most fascinating, however, is that behind the different customs and lifestyles are wonderfully similar drives and desires.  These desires for food, a real home, companionship, love and so on, are the common heritage of all humans.  By drawing out these common human traits as we tell stories of different countries or times, through the eyes of our own ancestors or fictional characters, we lay the groundwork for understanding and friendship.

Even my most serious stories have an element of fun, and it is the characters more than the action that fascinate me as a teller.

Each teller will give a new "spin" to telling, drawing out different facets of the characters.  Here a parent can employ the professional storyteller to expand the boundaries of storytelling, whether in person at stores or libraries, or on a recording.  Even indirectly, your own essence prevails both in the selection of material and in the shared listening and discussion between you and your child.

We all live at such a hectic pace.  "It takes all the running you can do," said Alice in Wonderland, "just to stay in one place."  Storytelling allows you to slow down for a little while, to focus and present what matters most to you in a way that neither threatens nor preaches.   In the end, it allows you to share the greatest gift one can give to one's child: one's self.

Jim Weiss has been a storyteller for over 30 years and is the recipient of 80+ national awards. 2009 marked the 20th anniversary of his “storytelling business,” Greathall Productions, Inc.   Greathall Productions has thus far produced 43+ storytelling recordings with enticing titles from classical literature and history: G.A. Henty titles; unabridged readings; Story of the World, I, II, III, and IV; and more. Jim travels extensively internationally and throughout the U.S. presenting at homeschool conferences, schools, stores, libraries, community events, and national organizations.


JUNE 17th – 18th, 2011


The Largest Homeschool Convention in New Jersey!

ENOCH of New Jersey presents the 21st Annual Homeschool Convention…Renewing the Vision 2011!
Friday and Saturday, June 17-18, 2011 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center,  Raritan Center, Edison, NJ.  Friday hours:  2pm-9pm, Saturday hours:  9am-6pm.
Free admission for parents of preschools (online registration is required).
Online registration is open until June 6th.    Register today to get your tickets for an event you won’t want to miss.  Come and join us as we Renew our Vision for homeschooling in New Jersey!

Keynote speakers for 2011 include:  Kevin Swanson & Family, Andrew Pudewa, and Jeff Baldwin.  These are just a few of the speakers that will be there….go to ENOCH website to see a full list of topics and speakers that will be available for you at the Convention!

Teen Track for 13-17 year olds on Saturday from 10:15am-5pm.  Teen Track will be presented by Jeff Baldwin of Worldview Academy, topics will include:  “What Kind of Monster Are You?” and “New Age Man”. 

Childrens’ Program available for 6-12 year olds on Friday and Saturday.  Programs will include; “Real Life Heroes”, “King Arthur and Other Classical Leaders”, “Crusader Knight”, “Mystery and Intrigue with Sherlock Holmes and Other Sleuths”, “Greek Mythology” and “Civil War Soldier Life”. 

Make sure to register for the Teen Track and Childrens’ Programs at ENOCH website

Don't miss out on the used curriculum sale and all the vendors that will be there to help guide you as you make choices to Renew Your Vision!

This is an event you don’t want to miss out…so what are you waiting for?  Go to ENOCH website and register today!  See you there!

2010 convention


The date of the annual ENOCH Convention is fast approaching (June 17-18)!  In order to have the convention run smoothly, over 180 volunteers are enlisted every year.  For those of you who have already volunteered, we are very grateful.  Your response has been overwhelming!  We currently have 42% of our volunteer positions filled.

There are many needs available for you to fill.  We have needs for the following positions for both Friday and Saturday.

Please consider helping your statewide homeschool community by volunteering at the convention.  To volunteer, please first register for the convention and then follow this link to volunteer .

Questions? Email Michele Gross at volunteers@enochnj.org


Michael Smith

Why Homeschool? By Michael Smith, President, HSLDA

As most parents and children are on their summer break it’s inevitable that parents begin thinking about the next school year. Many are eagerly anticipating the time when they can “send the kids back to school” but others are considering whether there might be a better way to educate their children.  With the rapid growth of homeschooling and hundreds of thousands of homeschool graduates there are now many homeschool parents who have graduated all their children.  One such parent is Diane Kummer who now works as a High School Coordinator for HSLDA giving advice to parents who are homeschooling teenagers. She gives an interesting perspective on why her family chose homeschooling and how it benefitted her children:

“I homeschooled both of my children from kindergarten all the way to their high school graduations, and I’m often asked why my husband and I chose to homeschool.  The reasons are many, but one reason in particular stands out to me.  Simply put, I homeschooled to spend time with my children.

“Time is a slippery commodity.  It cannot be held.  It slips and slides and then it’s gone.  I understand this concept much better now that my youngest has graduated from college. I’m grateful that my family made the most of our schooling years by choosing to teach our children at home.  Homeschooling allowed us time to learn and to make great discoveries together as we snuggled up with books during the morning reading hour and met some interesting characters.  Other times on our morning walks around the neighborhood we collected leaves and rocks and they became the visuals for the science unit I was teaching and were later used in the afternoon art project. One year during grade school, we enjoyed videotaping and journaling (combining science and English!) as we watched a mother bird build a nest outside of our living room window, and we laughed together when she later kicked the last of her offspring out of the abode.  In the high school years, homeschooling provided unhurried time to sort out current events in light of past history while analyzing the world through a biblical lens.  

“My children and I learned more than academics from our time in the crucible of homeschooling.  According to the Encarta Dictionary, a crucible is ‘a place or set of circumstances where people or things are subjected to forces that test them and often make them change.’  What a wonderful description of homeschooling!  My family learned that close living and schooling environments brought out the best and worst in each of us, and that conflict – rightly handled - often resulted in productive change. Homeschooling provided plenty of time for our individual sins to rise to the surface, and I’m convinced that strong relationships with my grown children today are built upon years of working out disagreements. Homeschooling provided the opportunity to almost daily renew our commitment to resolving clashes and wrangling in a respectful way.

“When we take on the role of both parent and teacher, suddenly the lines between schooling, training, and living are blurred and are no longer separated into neat categories.  I can’t explain it, but homeschooling somehow allowed my time to be multiplied not divided.  Time spent teaching about the Great Depression suddenly morphed into a discussion on the dangers of spiraling debt, and time spent discussing the theme in The Scarlet Letter led to a conversation about the consequences of our behavior and the choices we make.  Training a child to memorize the multiplication tables or teaching a teen to follow the order of operations in Algebra suddenly becomes a practical application of the wisdom in developing character traits such as diligence and following logical steps to a conclusion.

“Why did I homeschool?  I homeschooled so that I could spend lots of time with my precious children.  I wanted to multiply our time together rather than divide it between home and school.  If you are being impressed to homeschool your children, don’t be concerned about the demands on your time. Time invested with your child is always time well spent.”

Diane’s experience is common to homeschoolers.  It’s the mix of family time and one-on-one instruction that is so attractive to increasing numbers of parents.  Perhaps next school year you will consider switching to homeschooling.     

To find out more information on homeschooling and how you can get started on the right foot, visit www.youcanhomeschool.org.

Attorney Mike Smith is the President of HSLDA, an organization that he helped found in 1983. Established to protect the right of parents to teach their children at home, HSLDA now represents over 80,000 member families. Mike and his wife Elizabeth began homeschooling their children in 1981. He has been defending families for 28 years.

HSLDA logo


  For more information about HSLDA visit their website:  www.hslda.org

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music notes

The Princeton Area Homeschool Choir

You are cordially invited to
The Princeton Area Homeschool Choir’s
 “Sing Praise!”
Saturday, May 7, 2011
3:00 PM
Morrisville Presbyterian Church
711 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Morrisville, PA
Concert tickets will be sold at Choir
On Mondays in April
Or Email homeschoolchoir@aol.com
Tickets are $10.00 in advance, $12.00 at the door
Children, Seniors and Alumni tickets are $5.00
Children ages 5 and under are free


Founded in 1962 by Hungarian virtuoso Wilmos Csehy.
Csehy Summer School of Music will be held at Houghton College, New York State
Look up www.csehy.com.  Carpooling with other homeschoolers is encouraged.
Participants are junior high and senior high students who play the piano, band
or string instruments at the intermediate+ level.
About 1/4 students are homeschooled. 

 Choose 1 week or up to 5 weeks - June 26 through July 30, 2011
Christian commitment!   Chapel, Devotions, Ministry teams, Lifelong friends 
Musical excellence!   Orchestra, Band, Piano, Handbells, Choir, Lessons, Theory 

If you are interested in attending, please email: kathyhanse@aol.com 


My name is MaryEmily McLoughlin and I am a music graduate from Liberty University who was homeshooled myself. Although I am not certified, I have taken all of the music education courses and practicum required for the state of South Carolina. I was principal chair of the Liberty University Symphony Orchestra, section leader of the Bob Jones University Concert Band, and created and conductor of the Liberty University Flute Choir. I also played the flute one year and the tuba another year in the Liberty University Marching Band.  Music is a very important part of education, and I would like to begin making it more accessible to us. It has been my goal since Freshman year to start a music program in the area for homeschoolers. While I am offering only private lessons right now, I would like to eventually build ensembles that are just as good as those at any other school.

I am looking to start a flute studio in the area. Any student level is welcome, from beginner through high school. For homeschoolers, I can give lessons at our home for $25 per half hour, or I can come to your home for lessons, which are $30 per half hour (for gas).

Flute Choir would be lots of fun and a great experience for players who have already begun to master the flute. Prices and practices will depend on students interested.

I would also like to offer beginner piano lessons if there is already a tuned or electric piano in the home, for $30 for a half hour (homeschool) or at our home for $25. I can also offer beginner and intermediate lessons on clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trombone, trumpet, tuba, and horn (same prices).
If there are any questions at all, feel free to contact me on my cell 732-546-7830 or e-mail me at mmcloughlin@liberty.edu or bjuorbust@gmail.com.


Westerly Learning Center (WLC)

Westerly Learning Center (WLC) is pleased to announce an exciting array of high-quality academic courses for homeschooled students (grades K-12) for Fall, 2011. Most classes cost less than $20/week! This fall’s offerings include: Art, Science (including High School Physics), French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, U.S. History, European History, Asian History, Writing, Literature and Debate. Classes are held weekly for 32 weeks from September through May, on Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 12:30 – 3:00 pm. Students may choose to take one or more classes. For more information, visit our website at: www.westerlylearningcenter.org or email us at learningcenter@westerlyroad.org




See http://phil4.com for summer and fall schedules regarding all live online classes for homeschoolers.

I, Dr. Christian Seberino, know how to prepare you for the SAT, teach you math, teach you physics and teach you programming.  I do it all
live online from the convenience of your home!

Here are the upcoming SAT Math Prep classes:

CLASS                      DAYS                                   TIME

SAT Math Prep (May 02 - May 23)     Mon     10:30 - 12:30pm
SAT Math Prep (May 06 - May 27)     Fri        10:30 - 12:30pm
SAT Math Prep (May 07 - May 28)     Sat       10:30 - 12:30pm

Here are the accelerated summer classes:

CLASS                                        DAYS                                                  TIME

Summer Algebra 1                        MF                                         10:30 - 11:20am CST
Summer Geometry                        MF                                         11:30 - 12:20pm CST
Summer Computer Programming     MF                                       12:30 - 1:20pm CST
Summer Algebra 2                         MF                                         2:00  - 2:50pm CST
Summer Precalculus                       MF                                         3:00  - 3:50pm CST

Here is the fall line up:

CLASS                       DAYS                                    TIME

Fall Prealgebra             MF                                   10:30 - 11:20am CST
Fall Prealgebra             TTh                                     3:00  - 3:50pm CST
Fall Algebra 1              MF                                   11:30 - 12:20pm CST
Fall Algebra 1              TTh                                      2:00  - 2:50pm CST
Fall Geometry              MF                                     12:30 - 1:20pm CST
Fall Geometry             TTh                                    10:30 - 11:20am CST
Fall Algebra 2             TTh                                      12:30 - 1:20pm CST
Fall Precalculus            MF                                      3:00  - 3:50pm CST
Fall AP Calculus AB     MF                                     2:00  - 2:50pm CST
Fall AP Physics B        TTh                                   11:30 - 12:20pm CST
Sign ups are happening now at http://phil4.com.  For more information contact me at chris@phil4.com or visit http://phil4.com.

FREE Public Speaking Workshop for Kids 6-11

The Mt. Laurel Rostrum Chapter of the Institute for Cultural Communicators invites you and your 6-11 year-old students to a FREE Beginning Public Speaking Workshop on Friday, May 27 beginning promptly at 2pm until 4pm.  This brief workshop will introduce your student to the art of public speaking through fun exercises and games that aim to bring them out of their public speaking “comfort zones”, fine tune their word annunciation, and much more! 
The ICC mission statement is: “…to shape culture through authentic communication and equip students with both the competence and character they need to influence culture for Christ.”   Basically, our ICC Chapter goal is to prepare students to communicate with poise and ease so that they are comfortable sharing the Gospel with others and defending their faith according to 1Peter3:15. While your children are learning beginning public speaking skills, our student mentors will demonstrate some of the skills our older students (ages 12-18) learn through ICC, including oral interpretations and debate.  They will also provide parents information about the upcoming Communicators For Christ tour being held locally in August and how students can join the Mt. Laurel Rostrum next fall. 
This event will be held at Fellowship Bible Church, 590 Jackson Road in Sewell, NJ.  Please RSVP to Rochelle Gill at Rochelle.Gill@verizon.net with the names and ages of students planning to join us for this exciting event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

freedom farms


HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS - LARGE INDOOR ARENA (856) 252-7075 - Contact Regina Ennis
Something new for your Phys Ed classes?  We are a Christian family who owns a horse farm in Central NJ, (at 850 Monmouth Road - on Route 537 - just down the road from Six Flags Great Adventure, right off Rt 195) and we would love to welcome homeschooling families.  In past years, we homeschooled our own children who are now in college, and are aware of the challenges facing homeschooling parents to find good choices for activities.  Our facility has a large indoor arena (80X200), with full jump course, to facilitate all-weather riding with minimal cancellations due to weather.   We have a nice variety of horses and ponies for lessons and pony rides.  In addition to riding lessons, our program offers a full equestrian science education program offered through 4H, that includes classroom lessons on the ground (unmounted) as well as full instruction in the saddle (mounted).  Our instructor is also experienced in teaching special needs riders (Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, ADHD).  Horseback riding lessons available to all homeschooling families at discounted rates-flexible schedules to accommodate your needs.  Groups (such as Brownies, Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts, and Boys Scouts) welcome!
Lesson Program
Both Western and English disciplines taught with an emphasis on safety and balanced seat riding.  Beginners to advanced riders welcome!

    * 1 Hr. Private Lesson:  $45.00 per hour
    * ***SPECIAL PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 Private 1-Hour Lessons for $395.  Must be prepaid and used within 3 months.  You may take multiple lessons per week.***
    *   1 Hr. Semi-Private/Group/Sibling: $30.00 per student (limit 4 per lesson)  Private lessons required until student safely handles horse/pony on own.  (Sometimes riders will share same mount until they are safely able to independently handle their own horse/pony.
    * **SPECIAL GROUP/SEMI-PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 1-Hour Lessons for group/semi-private lessons for $270.00.

June 27-July 1/July 11-15/ August 1-5/August 15-19  Regular price after June 1 is $330 for the week. (10% Multiple Session/Sibling Discounts Offered) Please call for details/questions.  Camp Hours 8:30am-4:00pm.  Limited to 12 campers per session-Riding Skill Levels:  Beginners to advanced riders are welcome.  Avg. of 4 Hours of riding per day!
4H Club Membership -Freedom Riders 4H Club
Free-meets twice per month-2nd and 4th Saturdays!
Fun and Games Shows held on our farm!  Ribbons and trophies given to division champions, but it's all about having fun on horseback! See our Facebook Page for details and Pics of our equine friends and families!  Next show is in May! Hope to see you there! $60 for day or $8 per class!  Call for details.
Special Group Rates
Clubs such as Boys' Scouts, Girls' Scouts, other 4H groups, etc. ($25 per scout/club member)  Minimum of 6 members for group lesson discount. Actual lesson not just a pony ride!
Please mention your membership in ENOCH and this ad when calling to receive the discounted rates.
Call Regina for available times and appointments, (856) 252-7075.   See our Facebook page for Freedom Farm USA and my page, Regina Ennis.
Visit our website at www.Freedomfarmusa.com

***Special Extended Horsemanship Program***
When you are a part of our WEEKLY lesson program, you may come out and help exercise our horses/ponies on Saturdays at our farm.  That allows you to get extra riding and some instruction at no extra cost-call for details. Affordable Horseshowing opportunities as well for those interested! Our riders regularly participate in local shows.

~~~Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.~~~


Homeschool Swimming at the Berkeley Swim School

Homeschool Swimming at the Berkeley Swim School
Late Spring  2011  May 15-June 26  (6 weeks)
Registration begins Wednesday, April 27, 10:00AM
Mommy & Me :30   Age 3,4,5 & K  Students need the extra support of a parent
Get Wet  :30  Age 4,5, & K    Students are new to the water and or are timid about putting their faces in water.  This class is taught in shallow water in preparation for Beginner 1
Beginner 1  :30 Age 4,5,6 (K)  Students are comfortable in water, will fully submerge, and can cross the pool on their backs while kicking and sculling.  Instructors will teach a strong kick, rotary breathing, sculling and a balanced body position. This level is taught in shallow water                                                                   
Beginner 2  :30      1st grade to age 9   Students have not yet learned the rotary breathing in coordination with arm strokes.  See Beginner 1
Advanced Beginner 1  :30  Age 4,5, & K   While not yet performing perfect side breathing, these students have a propulsive kick, can listen and follow directions and can perform at a higher level than Beginner 1
Advanced Beginner 2  :30  1st grade-age 10   Students have passed all Beginner level skills and can swim unaided with rotary breathing.  Instructors will emphasize bilateral breathing, breaststroke and butterfly kicks, and somersaults
Intermediate /Young Adult A I :45    Age 7-15   Students have passed all Advanced Beginner skills.  Instructors will emphasize coordination of breaststroke and butterfly, flip turns, and endurance.  Lifeguarding and the 4 competitive strokes and turns will be taught
Recreation/Lap Swimming  Wednesday 9:30a-12:15p; No charge for Homeschool parents                                                                                                                         
Makeup Classes  Call for availability on Sat. at noon. No make ups on the first or last day of any session or when classes are full
Observation Day  The final day (ONLY) of each session is an observation opportunity.
Refunds  A 25% fee will be charged for any cancellation. There are no refunds after the first scheduled swimming session.

Level                                 Days  &  Times                                         Fee*
Mommy&Me                        Friday 11:00                                             $50
Get Wet                    Wednesday 10:00;  Friday 10:00                          $60           
Beginner 1                Wednesday 10:00; 11:30;  Friday 9:30                  $60
Advanced Beginner 1        Wednesday 10:30;  Friday 6:30                    $60
Beginner 2                        Wednesday 11:00;  Friday 6:00                    $60
Advanced Beginner 2            Wednesday 11:30                                    $60
Intermediates/Young Adult A    Wednesday 11:00                                $90
Fees have been reduced for Homeschool students
Other classes are available at regular Berkeley Swim School rates.
For more information visit: www.berkeleyaquatic.org (click on Swim School) 
OR contact Towney Brewster, The Berkeley Swim School Director:   908-464-1995
 or PO Box 215, 649 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 07922.



Fast Break is looking forward to its 11th summer hosting basketball camps in North Jersey.   There will be different sessions for boys and girls, with age groups ranging from entering 2nd grade to seniors in high school.  The focus is on building basketball skills through proper instruction and skill repetition. This camp is great for students who would like to improve their skills before joining a school basketball team. 

Sessions begin on Monday, June 20 and run until July 21 at the following locations:  Hawthorne Christian Academy (Hawthorne) and Green Pond Bible Chapel (Rockaway Township).   The day camps are held from 9AM to 3:30 PM;   the evening ones from 6-9PM.  If anyone has any questions, or would like a brochure, please contact the Fast Break Director, Kevin Stanford at 973-851-0918 or kstandford@hca.org or kevin@fastbreakbasketballcamp.org


During the week of June 20, Kevin has access to both gyms at Hawthorne Gospel Christian Academy.  Since the girls camp will meet in the upper gym, he can run a session for homeschool boys, entering grades 6-12,  in the 2nd gym from 6-9PM during June 20-24.    Skills, teamwork, devotionals!!

 10 campers would make this possible.  The cost is $139 per camper.  It's $129 before May 15.  Contact Kevin if there are any financial difficulties.   Please write Kevin today and include "Boys homeschool basketball June 20-24" in the subject line of your email.  He will email you with any additional registration requirements.  If anyone has any questions, or would like a brochure, please contact the Fast Break Director, Kevin Stanford at 973-851-0918 or kstandford@hca.org or kevin@fastbreakbasketballcamp.org

New York Liberty (WNBA) School Day Game

I wanted to reach out to you and NJ Home schools about the New York Liberty (WNBA) School Day Game.



WED, MAY 25TH at 10:30am


Special price: $15.00 

To purchase tickets click here: http://tinyurl.com/libertyschoolday

Enter special promo code: njschool

  ed day njfaire         

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Enjoy a Day of Renaissance Edu-tainment! 

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire
“2011 School Day at the Faire”
Friday, June 10, 9am-2pm

Come visit the teaching artists of the prestigious New Jersey Renaissance Faire in the Shire of their native domain, while allowing your students to participate in the Golden Age of English History!  Interactive historical characters and figures of myth and legend interact with your students to make them feel a part of history. Your students will bear witness to exciting shows that will both entertain and educate, while giving students a truly memorable experience!

A Magical Experience They Will Never Forget!

Edu-tainment such as:
  1. A Tournament of Arms:  Experience the pageantry and valor of a full scale historical joust.  Action and horsemanship in our full sized joust field!
  2. Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon:  Meet William Shakespeare and watch him perform scenes from his famous plays.  Learn about the theatre and English literature from the man himself, the Bard in person!
  3. Human Chess Match:  Watch professional actor/stuntmen put on a full show of staged combat in a thrilling full-length human chess match at our Lakeside Amphitheater.
  4. Falconry:  Learn the history of these noble birds of prey and their relationship with the people of England to this day.  See the noble flight of hawks and falcons before your very eyes.
  5. Hamlet:  Watch a live, abridged version of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark- in a non-electronic, real world, 3-D, wooden lakeside theater!
  6. Manners and Mannerisms:  Our very own Sherriff, Marshall Law will take the students through lessons in the customs and manners of the Renaissance.  Don’t forget to bow!
  7. Historical Glassblowing:  Witness our very own glassblower give demonstrations of the craft of glass blowing through the ages, from the ancient Greeks all the way to the present day.
  8. Visit our Smithy:  Our very own smith will show you around the workings of his forge as he bends the metal to the will of his hammer.
  9. The Legend of King Arthur:  This year our shire will be visited by King Arthur and his Knights of the Table Round.  Interact with this essential English myth as he does battle with his enemies Mordred and Lady Morgan.  Also meet with Merlin and Lancelot and encounter the beauty of Lady Guinevere. 

Admission:  Only $12 per Student
  1. Chaperone per every 10 Students is Free
  2. Includes discount passes for the Weekend Faire
  3. Assorted Food and Vendors on site.  All-Inclusive Lunch Packages available
  4. Discounts for groups of 100 or more
School Day at the Faire:  Friday, June 10
New Jersey Renaissance Faire, at Liberty Lake:  June 4/5 & 11/12
For more information visit:  www.NJRENFAIRE.com    or call (888) 864-8222

ellisisland stofliberty


Ellis Island, NY (April 2011) – Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty, a new play celebrating Lady Liberty’s 125th year, dramatizes how the writer’s poem “The New Colossus” transformed the beloved Statue into a symbol of welcome. The show opens at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum’s intimate Living Theater for a limited run beginning April 16 through Labor Day weekend. Written by playwright/director Ken Urban, the 30-minute play also features stories of immigration.

Produced and funded by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, the show will be presented April 16 through June 27 on Monday and Wednesday through Saturday. Beginning June 28, the show will run Thursday through Monday. Show times are 10:45; 11:30; 12:15; 1:00; 2:30; 3:15; and 4:00. Admission is $6.00.

A gift from France to the American people, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated October 28, 1886. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed Lee Iacocca to head up a private sector effort to restore the Statue of Liberty for her centennial. Fundraising began for the $87 million restoration under a public/private partnership between the National Park Service and The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., and on July 5, 1986 the newly restored Statue re-opened to the public during Liberty Weekend. The famous sonnet written by poet and essayist Emma Lazarus in 1883 is engraved on a bronze plaque which has been affixed to the inner walls of the pedestal since the early 1900's.

Ellis Island Living Theater performances, which are both educational and entertaining, are especially popular with students, scout troops, day campers, religious groups, senior clubs, and families. Reservations for Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty are accepted for groups of 10 or more. Since the theater seats 56 people, some groups may have to schedule multiple shows. Please note that the National Park Service, which administers Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, requires one chaperone for every ten children. Individuals without reservations are encouraged to purchase their tickets upon entering the museum.

For more information or to make reservations, contact The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation at 212-561-4500, ext. 0 or theater@ellisisland.org. More on Sing a Song of Freedom: The Story of Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty can be found at http://www.statueofliberty.org.

For ferry tickets and schedules, call Statue Cruises at 1-877-LADY TIX or visit http://www.statuecruises.com.

The Actors employed in this production are members of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to raise funds for and oversee the historic restorations of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, working in partnership with the National Park Service/U.S. Department of the Interior. In addition to restoring the monuments, the Foundation created a museum in the Statue’s base and the world-class Ellis Island Immigration Museum, The American Immigrant Wall of Honor® and the American Family Immigration History Center®. Its endowment has funded over 200 projects at the islands.

CONTACT:   Peg Zitko (212) 561-4517,  pzitko@ellisisland.org,  OR  Elizabeth Oravetz (212) 561-4542, eoravetz@ellisisland.org  or visit:  http://www.ellisisland.org

six flags

Six Flags Great Adventure Homeschool day

2011 event information is HERE! Homeschool day will take place on May 5, 2011.

NEW for 2011 - Every person who attends the catered buffet on Thursday May 5th will receive one FREE "play again" admission ticket to return to the park before October! (You must also purchase a park admission ticket).

Learn about Radio Marketing from top professionals - Showcase Theater 11am
Compete in the Homeschooler division of the Business & Marketing Challenge
Speak to local organizations about what it takes to make it in their industry.

Drive through our 350-acre wild life preserve with more than 1,200 animals open only to Homeschoolers from 9am - 2pm.
Be a part of a Homeschooler only Dolphin Discovery Presentation - 3pm (time subject to change)
Eat lunch in a private pavillion reserved only for homeschooling familes - Old Country Picnic Grove 12-1pm

SAVE TIME - PUCHASE ONLINE! Print admission tickets right from home with no minimum quantity!

To download the Homeschool Day group order form or make a purchase online go to: www.sixflags.com/greatadventure use the promocode: HOMESCHOOL

As always visit sixflags.com for up to date information and downloads.

For more detailed information you can contact:
 Special Events
 Six Flags Great Adventure
 Hurricane Harbor NJ & Wild Safari
 P: 732-928-2000 x2850
 F: 732-833-0116

See you at the park!

hershey park


May is Home School Month! - May 2011

Hersheypark invites Home School families to enjoy a special admission discount during the month of May! Visit on one of our scheduled educational days and participate in the fun and learning with other school groups. Visit Hershey Park's website to download our Math, Science, Physics, or Discovery manuals and choose a day to learn on your own.

Learning is FUNdamental at Hersheypark! Sure, your students are going to have a great time on a class trip to Hersheypark, but they will also gain "hands on" experience in areas all across the curriculum, from Science to Math, to Language Arts!

We offer Education Days that cover a variety of subject matter,and are pleased to introduce Entertainment Day this year! Notable to visit on an Education Day? Hersheypark has just the solution! Visit Hershey Park's Website to download our Math, Science, Physics, or Discovery Guide and customize a visit for your students on the date of your choice!

For more information or to download order form, visit Hershey Park's Website.  


GREAT WOLF LODGE Pocono Mountains Resorts Summer Homeschool Splash

Summer Homeschool Splash - June 5-9, 2011.
$179.00 for a family suite up to 6 per room.

Get away with the entire family at our colossal indoor waterpark resort featuring 401 spacious accommodations.  Located right in the heart of the beautiful Pocono Mountains, you will refresh your mind and body.  Best of all, you’ll put a smile on everyone’s face!

So clear your calendar, pack the swimsuits, and head to Great Wolf Lodge, where weatherproof vacations and endless fun are our specialty.  Experience a 90,000-sq. ft. indoor entertainment area featuring a spectacular indoor waterpark, exciting arcade, luxurious spa, and fantastic restaurants-all under one roof.  Visit GreatWolf.com for complete details.

OFFER VALID:  June 5-9, 2011
GROUP NAME:  Summer Homeschool Splash

To make reservations visit GreatWolf.com or call 800-768-9653 for complete details.  When prompted use group code:  1106SUMM



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