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Dear Friends,

As we begin a new school year, I thought a review on the history of homeschooling in New Jersey would be appropriate.  Veteran homeschoolers out there already know this, but for new homeschooling families, it has not always been as easy as it is now to educate your children at home.

The State’s first compulsory attendance statute was enacted in 1875, before that education was generally at home or church-based.  In the 1920’s, the current education statutes was enacted, NJSA18:14-14, now called NJSA 18A:38-25, which has always permitted parents the option to educate your children to “receive equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school”. 

In 1963, a woman named Barbara Massa decided to homeschool her nine-year-old daughter.  The Massa family homeschooled without incident for two years, and then re-enrolled their daughter in the local public school in 1965.   Her parents took her out of school in April 1966 and kept her out through the middle of November 1966.  At that time, Mr. & Mrs. Massa were charged with failing to cause their daughter to attend their local school or to provide her with an equivalent education.  They were tried and convicted in municipal court, but appealed and in the spring of 1967 their case reached the Morris County Court.  Mrs. Massa acting as her own lawyer easily convinced the judge that she had indeed fulfilled her obligations.

The judge ruled that the word “equivalent” in the compulsory attendance statute requires only a showing of academic equivalency, not equivalence of methods, schedules or outcomes.  This ruling was the beginning of homeschooling in New Jersey as we enjoy it today. 

In 1982 the Education Commissioner Fred Burke stated the “the local Board of Education has no responsibility for determining progress of students being instructed at home, and there is likewise no authority to require testing.”

In 1994 a bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalke, which would have required testing of homeschooled children.  Dedicated parents rose to the call and educated her on the advantages of homeschooling and that testing was not needed. She was convinced and withdrew her bill from consideration.

In 1997, The Department of Education confused matters by introducing new booklet that superseded the Burke memo.  This booklet instructed local Boards of Education to collect and approve a curriculum annually for each homeschooling family in their district. 

In 2000, ENOCH took an initiative and began meeting with the Commissioner of Education and they convened a task force to craft a new and accurate explanation of the law.  Known as the “Klagholz Guidelines” it is now in a booklet called “Homeschooling Frequently Asked Questions”. 

On Jan 8, 2004, Assembly Bill A4033 was introduced into the State Legislature that would require homeschool children to submit to the same statewide testing required of public school children, force parents to submit proof of annual medical exam to the local school district along with a possibility of other requirements.  The legislative session ended on Jan 12th and the bill died, but was reintroduced in the next session on Jan 22nd as A1918.  The NJ Homeschool Task force was formed with leaders from various homeschooling groups throughout the state, (Tricounty Home Educators Association, New Jersey Homeschool Association, ENOCH of NJ, Unschoolers Network, Catholic Homeschoolers of NJ, HSLDA and Eagle Forum).  Homeschoolers held a rally at the state capital on May 26th and the bill died in committee. 

On September 22, 2008 a bill was introduced in to the New Jersey Assembly that was an even worse bill than A1918.  The task force was reconvened and after calls from homeschoolers throughout the state the bill died quietly in committee. 

You can see that there have been battles to keep the freedoms that homeschoolers in New Jersey enjoy. ENOCH, HSLDA along with other homeschooling organization throughout New Jersey are always keeping an eye out for anything that could have a detrimental effect on our freedom to homeschool. 

A valuable source on the struggles of pioneer homeschoolers throughout the United States is a book written by Chris Klicka, who up until his death in 2009 was an attorney for HSLDA;  “Home School Heroes: The Struggle & Triumph of Home Schooling in America”. I know some of those pioneers personally and they have been a great encouragement to my family.  Some are still helping homeschoolers throughout the country even though their children are grow and some are homeschooling their own children. 

A word of encouragement to veteran homeschoolers - stay connected.  You could help a struggling newcomer or even help someone who is thinking about homeschooling make that decision. 

As you begin this new school year take a moment to think about those who paved the way for our freedoms. 

Until next time,

Rich Millward


Encouraging Words For Homeschoolers Across the Nation

Michael Smith

“What About Socialization?” From Our 2012 Keynote Speaker, J. Michael Smith, HSLDA

Every home-school family has confronted the question, “Oh, you home-school. What about your child’s socialization?”

It’s a question which reaches right to the heart of home schooling, because if a child isn’t properly socialized how can that child succeed?

Since the re-emergence of the home-school movement in the late 1970’s, critics of home-schooling have perpetuated two myths. The first concerns the ability of parents to adequately teach their own children at home; the second is whether home-school children will be well-adjusted socially.

Twenty-five years later, home-schoolers have demonstrated significant academic achievement, and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is unaware of any serious critics who still argue that home-schoolers struggle academically. To the contrary, home-schoolers consistently score 20 to 30 percentile points more than their public-school peers on standardized tests.

Proving academic success is relatively straightforward, because tests can be administered and immediate results determined. The second myth, however, is more difficult to address because children who were home-schooled in appreciable numbers in the late 1980’s are only now coming of age and in a position to demonstrate they can succeed as adults.

Home-school families across the nation knew that criticisms about adequate socialization were ill founded - they had the evidence right in their own homes. Until recently, there had been no adequate research of home-schooled adults.

A new study, titled “Home-schooling Grows Up” was commissioned by HSLDA and conducted by Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). It provides academically based research to support the numerous anecdotal examples of home-school success. More than 7,300 home-school graduates participated in the study. Of these respondents, more than 5,000 had been home-schooled for more than seven years and their responses were used to compile the study.

Many critics believe the main motivation for many home-schooling families is to retreat from society due to the negative influences present in the wider world. It’s certainly true that home-schoolers are reacting against the problems in the public-school system but it is not true that home-schoolers are retreating from society.

In particular, the study shows that home-schoolers are fully engaged in civic affairs. More than 71 percent of home-schoolers surveyed participate in a voluntary, church or neighborhood association compared with 37 percent of U.S. adults.

Furthermore, home-schoolers demonstrate great commitment to their communities by voting in large numbers. More than 76 percent of home-school graduates aged 18 to 24 voted in a national or state election in the past 5 years compared with just 29 percent of 18 to 24 year old public-school graduates.
Many organizations have raised the alarm about the declining numbers of young voters. It appears that the answer is home-schooling. Only 4.2 percent of home-schoolers thought that government and politics were too difficult to understand, compared with 35 percent of the general U.S. population.

The willingness to participate in the electoral process, and belong to civic groups proves that home-schoolers are focused on engaging with the wider society rather than remaining on the sidelines.
Home-schoolers not only are actively engaged in civic life, they also are succeeding in all walks of life. Many critics believed, and many parents feared, that home-schoolers would not be able to compete in the job market. But the study showed that home-schoolers are found in a wide variety of professions. Being home-schooled has not closed doors to career choices.

The results are a great encouragement to all home-schooling families and to parents thinking about home-schooling.

 Communities across America are also benefiting because home-school families are producing able citizens at a fraction of the cost of a traditional public education. The average public school spends $6,000 per student per year; the average home-school spends just $600 per student per year.

The myths surrounding home-schooling are being torn down. Home-schoolers, typically identified as being high academic achievers, are also making the grade in society.

“Home-schooling Grows Up” amply demonstrates that home-school graduates are active, involved, productive citizens. The belief that home-schoolers would struggle socially is exposed as a false assumption based on opinion rather than fact. As more and more people realize the benefits of home-schooling the greater the positive impact on society. Home-school families are the leading edge of excellence in American education, and this study clearly demonstrates that the home-school community is on the right path.

big news

CONGRATULATIONS to the Essay Contest Winners for 2011!

The Education Network of Christian Homeschoolers of New Jersey held our annual Essay Contest for 2011 and this year our winners were:
Emma Jacob (6-9 yrs. category)
Charity Ray (10-13 yrs. category)
Shannon Turner (14-17 yrs. category)

Each winner was notified and encouraged to attend the convention to pick up their award and certificate. Emma Jacob was the only one who could be there for the presentation but it was a memorable for sure.
As a surprise, Emma was presented with her award by Andrew Pudewa himself. She was so surprised and got to shake Mr. Pudewa’s hand. It was quite exciting.

Beginning this month, we will feature one essay from each of the winners. This month we present Emma’s essay.

Theme for this category was "Be kind to one another."

This is what the Bible says, but it's not always easy to do.  My sister, Genevieve, is the kindest kid I could ever want.  She helps me clean up my toys.  She cheers me on at soccer, choir, and piano.  She always says, "Good job, Emma."  She says, "I love you and you are the kindest sister."  She gives hugs and kisses.  Two days she walked right into my room and made my bed. I felt super-duper happy because she did my chore for me.  Since my sister is always so kind to me, and she's only 3, I like being kind to her.  I read extra books to her at naptime and tuck her into bed.  I teach her to do new things.  I do art with her and play dollhouse with her because it's her favorite.  I laugh with her and swing on our swingset.  Even though it's hard sometimes to be kind sisters, we know we should do it anyway.  So that's the story of 2 sisters.  They don't just do one big, kind, thing, they do small, kind, things all the time and they really love each other.
Written by:  Emma Jacob
Typed by:    Stacia Jacob

conf pict


Every year we attempt to reach out to the home school families who have attended our convention to get their ideas, suggestions and yes, even criticisms of what we can improve. This year we created an online survey and announced it in our newsletter, Facebook page and through email.  With over 3000 email addresses in our database, we had less than half attend our convention. Then only 200 survey results.

ENOCH would like to address some of the answers given:
Overall, we learned much from the results and we want to say a big: THANK YOU for your input. Now we ask that you pray for ENOCH to take what we have received and be able to put it to use.

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 HSLDA logo


Why Join HSLDA?

Protects your right to homeschool and defends your family. A lawyer is on call 24/7.

Provides fast help by phone or email: Get direct answers to your specific questions about home education. Veteran homeschooling parents are available to answer your questions and help you find resources for teaching your children:

Early years (PreK–8th grade)
High school (including preparing for college or career paths)
Struggling learners (special needs/gifted and talented)

Preserves homeschool freedom for all families by promoting homeschooling nationwide, as well as by working with state homeschooling groups to pass homeschool-friendly legislation and stop unfavorable bills at the state and federal levels.  If you haven't visited the website recently you should.....HSLDA  has enhanced their website and added new features!

Partners you with the cause: Although homeschooling is recognized in every state, HSLDA receives phone calls each day from families whose right to homeschool is being challenged or discriminated against by school officials, social workers, employers, colleges, armed services recruitment officers, and government bureaucrats. The customizable nature of homeschooling defies the educational elite’s ideal of mandatory, uniform indoctrination—making parental choice in education a target for elimination. By joining HSLDA, you are supporting families who are fighting for their right to homeschool today and standing together to preserve homeschooling freedom for tomorrow.  Membership discounts are available if you belong to a homeschooling group like ENOCH.  

For more information about HSLDA visit their website at:  www.hslda.org

If you haven't visited their website recently you should.....HSLDA  has enhanced their website and added new features!


homeschool image

The Learning Connection (TLC)  a Christian home school support group  in Long Valley, NJ

The Learning Connection Information Meeting and Ice Cream Social
Saturday, September 17, 2011
2-4 PM
Valley View Chapel, 115 E. Mill Rd, Long Valley, NJ

Are you looking for a Christian Home School Support Group?  Are you in need of fellowship and encouragement for both yourself and your children?  The Learning Connection (TLC) is a Christian home school support group located in Long Valley, NJ area.  Because of the location of this group, there are many counties we can serve.  We are currently a group of 36 families, but there is always room for more.  Our registration stays open year round.  And the great thing is, membership is free this year!  
We are holding a family informational meeting on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 2 PM.  It is for the entire family, kids included.  We will wrap up this meeting with an ice cream social (who doesn’t like ice cream?)  This meeting will be held at Valley View Chapel.  They are located at 115 E. Mill Road, Long Valley, NJ.
At this meeting, we will be talking about the plans for this year in regard to field trips, fairs, meetings, etc.  This is a great time to check us out and see if this group is a good fit for your family. 
So, come on out and check us out.  This will be a great opportunity to meet other home school families in the area, and you may just know a couple of them already!  

Please RSVP by going to www.homeschool-life.com/nj/tlccoops and clicking on the public calendar.  Click on the event on 9/17/11 and then click to sign up.  Any questions, please contact me, Michele Gross, at gross991@verizon.net.

Home-Based Educational Services: Montessori Elementary Homeschooling and Tutoring 

My name is Suzanne Marie Amato. Thoughout my years of  teaching in both public and private schools, I realized the need for better alternatives to institutional education.   After spending three summers in intensive Montessori Elementary training, and sitting through many educational psychology classes, I realized something was missing in the translation from teacher-training to actual implementation in the classroom.
A passionate educator, I soon realized I could not promote change from within, so I decided to create my own program.  Having spent many years with children of all ages, I realized what homeschoolers already know.  You must, first and foremost, know the child.  Their strengths, interests, and individual potential are the foundation for the intellectual, emotional and physical health of our children. The bond that parents have with their children is their greatest asset.
After establishing a solid relationship based on mutual respect with the student, the foundation for learning is set.  I can then share my love of learning and critical thinking.
I specialize in:
If you are seeking a curriculum and don’t know where to begin, I have a full Montessori elementary curriculum including lessons and materials for: K-8 Math, Geometry, History, Geography, Science, and K-12 Language Arts: including vocabulary, spelling, grammar, literary analysis and writing.
Through many years of research and training, I have also created my own Literature and Writing program based on higher-level, meta-cognitive comprehension strategies and the 6 Traits of Writing. Also available are Language SAT prep, preparation for state testing and high school entrance exams. Affordable private and group lessons are available in Bergen County thoughout the year. Email Lv2reed@aol.com or call 201-439-0601 for more information.

math symbols

Fall Math & Physics Classes!!

Classes are $40/month plus a one time $40 registration free.  SAT Math Prep
workshops are $195.  All classes are taught live by a Christian homeschooling
Ph.D.  I supply all books, videos and other materials for free.  And, I record
all class sessions if any student must miss a class.

Here is the fall schedule:

Fall Algebra 1             MF      11:30 - 12:20pm CST
Fall Algebra 1             TTh        2:00 - 2:50pm  CST
Fall Geometry             MF       12:30 - 1:20pm  CST
Fall Geometry             TTh       10:30 - 11:20am CST
Fall Algebra 2             TTh       12:30 - 1:20pm  CST
Fall Precalculus           MF          3:00 - 3:50pm  CST
Fall AP Calculus AB   MF          2:00 - 2:50pm  CST
Fall Physics                 MF        10:30 - 11:20am CST
Fall AP Physics B      TTh         11:30 - 12:20pm CST

SAT Math Prep: Sept 5 - Sept 26       M      4:00 - 6:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Sept 2 - Sept 23       F       4:00 - 6:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Sept 3 - Sept 24       Sat    3:00 - 5:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Oct 10 - Oct  31       M     4:00 - 6:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Oct  7 - Oct  28        F       4:00 - 6:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Oct  8 - Oct  29        Sat    3:00 - 5:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Nov  7 - Nov  28      M      4:00 - 6:00pm CST
SAT Math Prep: Nov  5 - Nov  26      Sat     3:00 - 5:00pm CST

Please email Chris Seberino at info@phil4.com for more information or visit http://phil4.com



You are cordially invited to attend the Westerly Learning Center Open House on Thursday, September 8th at 1:00. Meet other homeschooling families, hear about their experiences, meet our staff and learn about our programs. Westerly Learning Center, a ministry of Westerly Road Church, offers academic enrichment programs for homeschooled students, grades K-high school. We meet for 32 weeks per year, September through May. Classes meet on Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 12:30 – 3:00 pm. Students may choose to take one or more classes per week. For more information, please see our website at: www.westerlylearningcenter.org   

Have you been searching for an exciting and academically stimulating science class for your student? Then you need to check out the science courses being offered at Westerly Learning Center this fall. For more information, call 609-683-1430 or email: learningcenter@westerlyroad.org.

Classes include:
Physics (9th-12th grade): Weekly classes at WLC on Thursday, 12:30-3:00 and live video chat every Monday, 8:00 - 9:00pm
Students will engage in an in-depth study of the physical world through hands-on and virtual labs as well as observations and written problems. Our focus will be on developing the ability to synthesize information and apply it to new situations. Topics will include Newton's Laws, energy, projectile motion, momentum, rotation, electricity, magnetism, waves, sound, and light. The weekly video chat will focus on problem-solving and student questions on assignments. Apply what you have learned on a trip to Great Adventure in the spring! A knowledge of basic trigonometry and completion of Algebra I are pre-requisites.
Teacher: Lucy Jameson

Science Explorers IV (5th – 8th grade): Tuesday, 12:30-3:00
This course is a continuation of Science Explorers using the Holt Short-Course text book series. Students need not have taken the previous course to enroll. Topics will include the Human Body Systems with Health (course D) and Forces, Motion and Energy (course M). Test your knowledge of Newton’s laws in an end-of-the year excursion to Great Adventure! In-class demonstrations and some lab work required.
Teacher: Kim Torquato

Adventures in Science! (3rd-4th grade): Thursday 12:30-3:00
This class will seek to sharpen observation skills while developing basic techniques of scientific inquiry. Students will study “How Things Work” with simple machines and the human body. Students will learn through hands-on experience and several exciting field trips throughout the year to complement the information learned in classroom. Teacher: Carol Huntley-Jones
Let’s Explore Science! (K-2nd grade): Wednesday 12:30-3:00

Westerly Learning Center is pleased to offer the following Writing and Literature classes for the 2011-2012 academic year. For more information, email: learningcenter@westerlyroad.org or see our website: www.westerlylearningcenter.org

Upper Elementary Level (3rd-5th grade):
Beginning Writing with Excellence (Wednesday, 12:30-3:00): Students will learn the fundamental principles of writing in this literature-based course. The literary elements and style of different genres will be taught through the study of children’s literature. Students will then write their own creative pieces focusing on each genre, using Institute for Excellence in Writing techniques. Class will include grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Teacher: Mari-Anne Gordon

Middle School/High School  (6th-9th):
Literature: Shakespeare and Writing: Powerful Paragraphs (Wednesdays, 12:30-3:00 pm): Learn the appreciate “The (English and French) Bard.” We will read and absorb several Shakespeare plays and sonnets, one or two of Moliere’s plays.  In the winter we will perform one of our favorite Shakespeare plays. The writing component of this class will focus on paragraph development. The paragraph is the shortest piece of writing that can stand alone and is used in many college entrance exams. Students will learn many different ways to write paragraphs as well as learn to refine their writing style. Teacher: Vanessa Fiori

Have you been searching for an exciting art class to stimulate the creative talents of your student? Then you need to check out the art courses being offered at Westerly Learning Center this fall. Classes meet weekly, for 32 weeks. For more information, call 609-683-1430 or email: learningcenter@westerlyroad.org.

Classes include:
Art with the Masters I (K-2nd grade): Tuesdays, 9:30 - 12:00
Many students can name some famous artists and recognize their best known artwork but can they take what they have learned from the artist’s skill and incorporate it into their own artwork? We will explore famous artists from different time periods and their style and learn how past art periods influenced their work. The main purpose of this class is “to learn by doing;” students will acquire skills, concepts, principles, and techniques used by famous artists to enhance the student’s artistic ability. Teacher: Patricia Melton

Art with the Masters II (3rd – 5th grade): Thursdays, 12:30 - 3:00
This class builds upon what students have learned in Art with the Master’s I, however, Art with the Master’s I is NOT a prerequisite for this class. New students are welcome. Students will continue in their study of famous artists, incorporating what they have learned from the artist’s skill and incorporating it into their own artwork. Students will acquire skills, concepts, principles, and techniques used by famous artists to enhance the student’s artistic ability. Teacher: Patricia Melton

Studio Art (6th – 9th grade): Thursdays, 12:30 - 3:00
This class is designed for both beginning and more advanced art students. At this age, many students who have never taken an art class before may feel they lack the skills and techniques to create art. However, this class will encourage students at all levels of artistic ability to become more confident in their creative talents. We will begin each week with an emphasis on learning to draw and developing those skills and techniques which will enable students to become confident and independent in creating their own artwork. We will examine different artists and see how they use the same subject but explore it in different forms and mediums.
Teacher: Patricia Melton

Westerly Learning Center's Economics 101
This class will NOT prepare the student for concepts such as the Laffer Curve, elasticity of supply and demand, economic order quantities, or other highly mathematical economic concepts covered in most college introductory economic classes. Critics have found that Advanced Placement Economics classes and college introductory economic classes put far too much emphasis on diagrams and mathematics, leaving the student wondering what economics is truly all about. What is needed is an introduction to an "economic way of thinking" or the development of an "economic intuition." If you want your student to truly understand the workings of today's economics, then Economics in a Box is an excellent way to start. The course is geared for sixteen weeks, but can also accommodate twenty weeks with more digestion. Westerly will offer twenty weeks of Economics in a Box. The remaining twelve weeks of the Westerly School Year will include a Personal Finance Course. We will use Dave Ramsey's popular Foundations in Personal Finance for high school students. Many states are now requiring students to understand and apply sound personal finance and even though neither Pennsylvania, nor New Jersey require this yet, Westerly will be ahead of the curve in making a Personal Finance class offering. This class will teach about cash flow management, i.e., learning to budget, buyer beware, i.e., the power of marketing over our spending habits, staying out of debt, understanding investments, etc..
Students can take the full course of Westerly's Economics 101 for $580 which includes Economics in a Box and Personal Finance,
OR Economics in a Box only for $420 until (Date ?), OR Personal Finance only for $260.
Both sections require the purchase of workbooks for less than $15 each. Economics in a Box requires the additional purchase of reading material.

phl museum

Homeschool Museum Classes 2011-2012  Philadelphia Museum of Art

This homeschool program consists of 2 hour classes held monthly on every first Wednesday from October to June.  The theme of each class changes from month to month.  Participants are divided into small groups by age, and each group works with the same Museum Educator throughout the year.  Each class takes place in the Museum’s permanent galleries, and is designed to be an interactive lesson that encourages students to examine objects and ideas through a variety of activities including discussion, drawing, writing, role playing, and games.  Preschool age group class will have a book read to them in the galleries, look at original works of art that relate to the book, and make an art project to take home. The Preschool classes are from 10 am-11:45 am. 

Upcoming classes: (for a full list of classes and for registration information please contact, Janette Wheeler at 215 684 7582)

October 5, 2011
10 am – 12 pm

Grade K-2 (Age 5-7)
Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Space, Texture *

Grade 3-6 (Age 8-11)
“Location, Location, Location”–How Geography Influenced Art

Grade 7-12 (Age 12-17)
“Location, Location, Location”–How Geography Influenced Art

November 2, 2011
10 am – 12 pm

Preschool (Age 3-4)
10 -11:45 am
Fashion in Art

Grade K-2 (Age 5-7)
Heroes, Legends and Myths

Grade 3-6 (Age 8-11)
Looking to Write
Writing to Look

Grade 7-12 (Age 12-17)
Survey of American Art

*Some classes will have a brief studio time during their lessons. 

Student Fees:  $8 per class (Museum Members) /$10 per class (Non-Member)
Chaperones Fees:  $4 per class (Museum Members) /$5 per class (Non-Members)
$1 off each class when singing up for 4 or more classes.
Parents who wish to accompany their child must sign up in advance.
This program has limited space, so reservations are mandatory.  To register email hsp@philamuseum.org
Registration period ends at 4 pm on the Wednesday of the week preceding the lesson.
Please direct questions to Ah Young Kim at akim@philamuseum.org or contact Janette Wheeler at 215 684 7582                                         



Yes!  Shakespeare can be fun!  It’s meant to be performed, not just studied behind the desk.  Come join Mrs. Fung’s class and you will be able to fulfill this high school requirement and make friends with a great group of passionate high schoolers at the same time.

A seasoned theatre professional, Mrs. Fung will cover different aspects of acting skills, choral recitation, and play analysis with an emphasis on Shakespeare’s texts.  A Shakespeare play will be chosen and performed for friends and family at the end of the school year.  All class members will also have the chance to participate in Shakesperience:NJ, a Shakespeare festival sponsored by the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ (www.shakespearenj.org) and the Folger Shakespeare Library (www.folger.edu).

This class is for students grades 9-12 and mature students in 7th and 8th grade.  It will run from September 19, 2011 to May 21, 2012 on Mondays from 3:30-5:45 p.m. Tuition is $150 which covers church rental, guest instructor fees, instructional materials, props and costumes, etc.  Classes will be held at Rutgers Community Christian Church (www.rccc.org).  New students must audition on September 12, Monday, for acceptance into the class.  To make an appointment for audition and for additional information, email May Fung at may@cfung.net.   The class will be closed once it reaches the maximum number of students, so act fast - there are only a few spots left!

May Fung is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (www.hkapa.edu) and is Drama Director at Rutgers Community Christian Church.

keystone boys choir

Keystone States Boychoir hosts “Boychoir of 1000!” 

History will be made on October 30, when the Keystone State Boychoir (KSB) hosts a groundbreaking choral event at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. “B1K!” or “Boychoir of 1000!” brings together the region’s five community-based boychoirs for a performance in the spectacular Verizon Hall. The event will culminate with a finale of 1,000 singing boys. The Maryland State Boychoir, the Newark Boys’ Chorus, the New York Boychoir and the world-renowned Philadelphia Boy’s Choir and Men’s Chorale will join KSB at the Kimmel Center for the 3pm concert.

The history-making finale is slated to include 1,000 singers—a tribute to the thousand year-old tradition of boychoirs. To make that happen, KSB is inviting any boy who loves to sing to join the five boychoirs on stage at the end of the concert. The finale includes the world premiere of a piece commissioned for B1K! and written by internationally-known composer, arranger and music educator Rollo Dillworth. 

“Bringing together this many boy singers on one stage has never been done before,” says event organizer and KSB Associate Music Director Steven Fisher. “KSB is issuing an open invitation to all boys who love to sing and want to make history with us,” says Fisher. “Participating in B1K! offers young male singers a front row seat to watch five fantastic boychoirs perform. They’ll also have the thrill of singing with1,000 boys on stage in one of the world’s great performance halls.”

Citing KSB’s 10-year commitment to providing world-class music education for boys, Fisher says “the only thing more moving than listening to a boychoir is singing in one.” He continues,  “it’s important we affirm boy singers by offering them extraordinary performance opportunities. A boychoir, like a sports team, teaches commitment, discipline and the rewards of team work. It also teaches boys that they can be emotionally expressive. That is an invaluable gift for boys and society at large.”

Boys who wish to be a part of B1K! can register on-line at www.keystonestateboychoir.org/B1K

Known as “Pennsylvania’s Boychoir,” KSB has collaborated with the region’s finest ensembles, including the Philadelphia Orchestra.  KSB is also the official boychoir of the Opera Company of  Philadelphia.  KSB made history in December of 2009 as the first choir ever to travel and sing in Antarctica. In doing so, it became the only choir to have perform on all seven continents. KSB is a member-choir of the Commonwealth Youthchoirs, along with its sister-choir Pennyslvania Girlchoir. More information at www.keystonestateboychoir.org

piano lessons


Focusing on the beginning and intermediate piano student.
Private lessons in your home.
 Over 25 Years Experience
 For further information, please call  Toni R. at 973-960-9797



[Shakopee, MN] Currclick.com Announces 3 FREE live online clubs just for homeschoolers: Chess Club, Lego Club and Languages and Cultures Club. New Sessions starting each week.

Whether your child is a budding Chessmaster, a master Lego builder or just curious about languages and cultures, there’s an online homeschool club for them at CurrClick.com. These totally free clubs offer homeschool kids an opportunity to interact live with a CurrClick teacher who they'll be able to see and hear live, via webcam. They'll also be able to interact with other homeschoolers from all over the world in a safe and 100% moderated online environment. Kids will learn new concepts, have fun, make friends and be able to share their ideas with others in a friendly and supportive setting.
Clubs are open to all ages. Sign up at any time. Great for older kids interested in enhancing their college transcripts. Sign up to attend one of our online clubs today! New sessions starting every week.

Click here to see all of live clubs at CurrClick.com!

CurrClick.com is also looking for club leaders with great ideas and online experience. Those interested should contact us at roni@currclick.com

freedom farms


HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS - LARGE INDOOR ARENA (856) 252-7075 - Contact Regina Ennis
Something new for your Phys Ed classes?  We are a Christian family who owns a horse farm in Central NJ, (at 850 Monmouth Road - on Route 537 - just down the road from Six Flags Great Adventure, right off Rt 195) and we would love to welcome homeschooling families.  In past years, we homeschooled our own children who are now in college, and are aware of the challenges facing homeschooling parents to find good choices for activities.  Our facility has a large indoor arena (80X200), with full jump course, to facilitate all-weather riding with minimal cancellations due to weather.   We have a nice variety of horses and ponies for lessons and pony rides.  In addition to riding lessons, our program offers a full equestrian science education program offered through 4H, that includes classroom lessons on the ground (unmounted) as well as full instruction in the saddle (mounted).  Our instructor is also experienced in teaching special needs riders (Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, ADHD).  Horseback riding lessons available to all homeschooling families at discounted rates-flexible schedules to accommodate your needs.  Groups (such as Brownies, Cub Scouts, Girls Scouts, and Boys Scouts) welcome!
Lesson Program
Both Western and English disciplines taught with an emphasis on safety and balanced seat riding.  Beginners to advanced riders welcome!

    * 1 Hr. Private Lesson:  $45.00 per hour
    * ***SPECIAL PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 Private 1-Hour Lessons for $395.  Must be prepaid and used within 3 months.  You may take multiple lessons per week.***
    *   1 Hr. Semi-Private/Group/Sibling: $30.00 per student (limit 4 per lesson)  Private lessons required until student safely handles horse/pony on own.  (Sometimes riders will share same mount until    
         they are safely able to independently handle their own horse/pony.
    * **SPECIAL GROUP/SEMI-PRIVATE PACKAGE:  10 1-Hour Lessons for group/semi-private lessons for $270.00.

4H Club Membership -Freedom Riders 4H Club
Free-meets twice per month-2nd and 4th Saturdays!
Fun and Games Shows held on our farm!  Ribbons and trophies given to division champions, but it's all about having fun on horseback! See our Facebook Page for details and Pics of our equine friends and families!  Next show is in May! Hope to see you there! $60 for day or $8 per class!  Call for details.
Special Group Rates
Clubs such as Boys' Scouts, Girls' Scouts, other 4H groups, etc. ($25 per scout/club member)  Minimum of 6 members for group lesson discount. Actual lesson not just a pony ride!
Please mention your membership in ENOCH and this ad when calling to receive the discounted rates.
Call Regina for available times and appointments, (856) 252-7075.   See our Facebook page for Freedom Farm USA and my page, Regina Ennis.
Visit our website at www.Freedomfarmusa.com

***Special Extended Horsemanship Program***
When you are a part of our WEEKLY lesson program, you may come out and help exercise our horses/ponies on Saturdays at our farm.  That allows you to get extra riding and some instruction at no extra cost-call for details. Affordable Horseshowing opportunities as well for those interested! Our riders regularly participate in local shows.

~~~Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.~~~

roller skates


Come join us for 2 hours of fun, physical activity.  Every third Friday there is roller skating for the home school community.  The rink is open only for us.   The games are turned off, the music is family friendly.  Mom's get to socialize while kids skate with their friends.  Come meet home schoolers from every area........open to all.
Where: Cherry Hill Skate Center 664 Deer Road Cherry Hill
What: Private party 2 hours of skating with family friendly music
Who: Any home schooler please invite all put down your home school lists
When: 3rd Fridays (NOT December) from September-April 1-3PM
Cost:  $3 per skater (non skaters do not pay) Max $12 per family (cash please!)
skate rental available for $3 from rink (last year's price) either quads or inline

You may bring your own skates

Please no outside refreshments as the snack bar is open.  Consume your food before coming in.

Dates for 2011-2012 School year
September 16
October  21
November  18
January  20
February  17
March  16
April  20


GREAT WOLF LODGE Pocono Mountains Resorts Homeschool Days

 Homeschool Days - September 18-22, 2011.
$159.00 for a family suite up to 6 per room.

Get away with the entire family at our colossal indoor waterpark resort featuring 401 spacious accommodations.  Located right in the heart of the beautiful Pocono Mountains, you will refresh your mind and body.  Best of all, you’ll put a smile on everyone’s face!

So clear your calendar, pack the swimsuits, and head to Great Wolf Lodge, where weatherproof vacations and endless fun are our specialty.  Experience a 90,000-sq. ft. indoor entertainment area featuring a spectacular indoor waterpark, exciting arcade, luxurious spa, and fantastic restaurants-all under one roof.  Visit GreatWolf.com for complete details.

OFFER VALID:  September 18-22, 2011
GROUP NAME:  Homeschool Days

To make reservations visit GreatWolf.com or call 800-768-9653 for complete details.  When prompted use group code:  1109HGWL



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