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September 2014 Newsletter

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September 2014

From the President’s Desk


Dear Friends,

     September is here again! As we begin a new school year, I was thinking what I should write about.  There is always "what happened over the summer" idea, which seemed to go extremely fast this year.  I finally finished Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, and I started a book that I read in high school. I don't remember that much about it. I do however remember the discussion in class, and it's funny the things you remember from over 35 years ago! I was going to write about the upcoming school year, but then something happened recently at work that had me thinking.
Someone I work with had a very close friend who died from complications from surgery and he left behind a wife and a one year old daughter.  We never know what may be coming our way.  Thinking about this situation I thought of the article David West wrote in last month's newsletter, "Success at What Price". As I reread it, one line stuck out to me - "Was the major focus on pursuing the knowledge of God's world, memorizing scriptures, and building a relationship with the God of this Book…"  I know that David was speaking about home educating our child, but this holds true for life's difficult places, whether it is a sickness, financial difficulties, or even the death of a loved one.  Helping our children build their relationship with God will not only give them a good foundation for education, but also for facing those difficult times in their lives. Right now everyone seems so focused on getting back into the routine of school, but let us not forget to keep God in the center of our home education!
As you wind down your summer and prepare for the school year, remember to place Christ in the center!

Now, for some ENOCH business:
We are looking for a few volunteers to fill some positions in the organization.
1.  A newsletter editor.  Toni DiGiovacchino, who has been our newsletter editor for many years, is stepping down.  Toni is willing to assist the person who will be filling this position.  We would like to thank Toni for all her years of service to ENOCH!
2.  Office Manager - forward emails that come into the office email to the proper board member, respond and forward voice mails and update ENOCH records. This job is year round.  A seasoned homeschooler would fit the bill. You need to be resourceful and informative.
3.  Social Media person - manages ENOCH's Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Google+.
4.  Silent Auction Coordinator for the convention.  This position starts in December and runs through the convention.

     If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact me a (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Susan Grabowski is the winner of an MP3 set from our upcoming 2015 Convention.  Her name was drawn from all those who answered the 2014 Convention Survey.  Congratulations Susan!  Thank you to all who took the time to answer the survey.

Rich Millward
(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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