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April 2014 Newsletter

ENOCH of New Jersey e-Newsletter

APRIL 2014

From the President’s Desk


Register now - May 16th and 17th 2014
for ENOCH's Annual Homeschool Convention!

Dear Friends,

ENOCH's 24th Annual Convention is only a month and a half away!  Check out our website for the workshop schedule and start planning whom you want to hear.  Come hear our Main Speakers Andrew Pudewa, Diane Kummer and Liz Moore.  Do not forget Diane Kummer will be giving five workshops on dealing with homeschooling through high school.  If you think you cannot homeschool through those high school years, come and find out that YOU CAN!

Early-Bird Pre-Registration has now ended, but you can still register, the prices are higher now, click here  to get to the registration page.  Parents of Pre-Schoolers and Newbies are $20 for Regular Registration.  Any person you know that is interested in homeschooling who has never been to our convention or shows an interest in homeschooling should be invited for the special pricing.  Why pre-register when the price is the same at the door?  Pre-Registering helps ENOCH to plan for a number of things, one of which is how many programs to print.  Do not forget to volunteer. We have over 100 volunteer slots to fill during the convention.  Volunteer for a three hour shift and choose either Early-Bird Shopping in Used Curriculum on Friday or ENOCH Bucks, which can be use like cash at most exhibitors and for workshop CDs at ENOCH Recordings.  Teens can volunteer for a whole day, come to the convention and have their registration refunded.  We especially need teens on Friday to help in Used Curriculum.  Get involved! Help make YOUR convention a success!  Yes, YOUR convention. ENOCH puts on the convention for you!

Remember to sign-up your children for the Children’s Program when you register.  Again, this year we will be having JandY Ministry giving the presentation. Their program for this year is “Digging for God’s Truth”. The ages for the Children’s Program are 5-12 years old! Your children will be discovering God’s truths by examining Biblical, Archaeological and Historical evidence.  Have them dig for Eden, Ninevah, Bethlehem and other places in the Bible.  You can see the complete list of places and people that your child will be searching for by clicking here.  These look like some great sessions for your children.  There are two sessions on Friday and four sessions on Saturday.  Look for pricing when you register. We have tried to keep pricing affordable, but prices do go up if you register at the door.  Be sure to register early enough, last year we had to turn children away because it filled up so quickly.

Do not forget to check out our Exhibitor List and see who is coming to the convention.  We want to urge our attendees to support the vendors that attend. If you do not see your favorite exhibitor, give them a call or e-mail them. 

We are offering a free iPad Mini Give-away at the convention!  When you attend the convention, each family will receive a card with vendors who have sponsored the give-away.  Visit each of the vendors and listen to their presentation and they will punch your card. When you have visited all the participating vendors you card will be entered into the drawing for an iPad Mini.

CALLING ALL HOMESCHOOL BUSINESSES, SMALL BUSINESSES, EVEN LARGE COMPANIES!!! Do you want to get you name out there to the homeschooling community?  Why not donate goods or services to the Silent Auction?  The proceeds from the Silent Auction help to defray some of the cost for the convention, and donations to ENOCH of NJ are tax deductible, click here for further information.  Be sure to check out the Silent Auction at the convention and bid on an item or two, maybe you will win!  The donation deadline is April 30th!

Please continue to pray for the ENOCH Board and all the convention staff as the work behind the scenes continues for the convention.

Serving Him,
Rich Millward
President, ENOCH of NJ
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