January 2016 eNewsletter

January 2016 eNewsletter


Dear Friends,

First I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. As we go into 2016, let us make sure that we are going into the new year with the Lord and not just another new year. May this be a year when you and your family walk closer with the Lord. We all have good intentions, whether it is to read the Bible through in a year, reading the Bible more, spending more time praying or spending more time with the family. Let this year be different. Ask the Lord to help and keep asking when you don’t follow through.

Many of you are wondering about our 2016 Homeschool Convention. We are doing something different than in the past. The Board, after much prayer and consideration, have decided to do a one-day conference at a much smaller location. There will be a limited number of exhibitors and a smaller number of workshops. ENOCH needed to do this as a cost saving measure. It is no longer financially feasible to hold a two day convention at the large convention center that we have held it at for the last 12 years.

The 2016 Homeschool Conference will be held on May 21st at Calvary Assembly of God in Springfield, NJ, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. More details will be posted shortly on our website. Attendee registration will start on March 1st and there will be no Early-Bird pricing. We will be making the registration pricing more affordable. There will be a Keynote Session, Children’s Program, (morning and afternoon sessions), but there will be no Used Curriculum at the conference. Even though this will be a smaller conference, we feel that this will be a great opportunity for the parents of homeschoolers of New Jersey.

Please keep check our website over the next few weeks for more details!

Rich Millward,



We still need your help! If you have a heart to serve and can help us, we would love to have you. Here are some areas we have open. Newsletter person- computer experience especially with HTML programming. We are in need a newsletter person ASAP. Please, if you have the experience and can volunteer your time, we would greatly appreciate it.

A special note to everyone - there will be open vacancies on the Board coming up this year. Some of our Board members will be retiring this year. If you are interested in serving homeschoolers, let us know!



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Send them to:
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Remember that every little bit helps support ENOCH!

Thank you again!


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Breathing L.I.F.E. into your Homeschool!

By Jennifer Chase, MSW

Have you ever wondered why you started home schooling in the first place? Are you weary? Do your children seem more like a “burden” than a “blessing” today? Well, you are not alone...not even maybe, or a little bit. You are among some of the greatest women and men who have chosen to spend the best hours of their kids’ days together… learning those times tables and science equations. Sometimes I feel crazy…..and then I remember - “Oh yeah, that is why we started.” I say it quietly, remembering that “long ago” calling to have my blessings home all day – with ME!

May I encourage you and speak a little bit into your heart? I am there with you…right in the middle of that pre-teen emotion, adolescent attitude, toddler tantrum, newborn night-time feeding while writing that quarterly report! YOU CAN DO THIS! BUT…and let me say this boldly: YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! We need a Savior to equip us to see our children through His eyes and heart. We need the Holy Spirit to guard our tongues. We need Abba Father to love our kids beyond anything we can fathom - through us.

We are called by God to breathe LIFE…..words, actions, facial expressions, affirmation, and touch – into our homes and children. Every word you say will speak LIFE or death over your child. Jesus came to give us LIFE abundantly – He came to save the lost and heal our broken hearts! WOW – Will you please read that again? Sometimes we breeze over that latter part – go ahead and re-read the sentence – He came to heal our broken hearts…..yours, mine, and our kids’. Deep sigh. That is a safe place – a sanctuary where we should long for our children to find rest for their hearts.

I like to remember it as a simple word: LIFE – Love, Investment, Fun, and Eternity.

LOVE: If you love Jesus, and you have a personal relationship with him, you are in debt to him - to love and to teach as He loved and taught. His love is BOLD and has no end…If we want our kids to know and love God, then we must LOVE them as Christ loves us…always, forever, and with forgiving hearts! Home schooling is a journey – Love your kids well…Love them to the Savior…. Hug them when they are unhuggable… If your children were gone from you all day (private or public school), you could not LOVE on them all day. You are HOME with them…Love on them – ALL DAY!!!

INVESTMENT: What if we see our children as investments? Children are a blessing from the Lord! We are called by God to invest in the lives of our children: Pray with them, read the Bible to them…share your heart with them….teach lessons about God to them…forgive them….You can forever change the life of your child by having an attitude of investing in their lives. They are “disciples” and they need a teacher – a model to follow. God has entrusted your kids to you - to invest your time, energy, love and prayers. What do you want your relationship to look like with your adult children? Invest in them NOW! Remember the Proverbs 31 woman? Her children rise up and call her blessed - I WANT THAT TOO! She invested in their hearts, education, souls, lives, physical needs, self-esteem, body image, and spiritual needs…That is sweetness – to be blessed after blessing another.

FUN: When was the last time you laughed? I mean really gut laughed so hard that it made your stomach hurt? (a great workout instead of sit ups..hmmmm). Children laugh WAY more than adults. Have you looked in the mirror recently? Are you smiling? Are you sober, frowning and downcast in your appearance? Kids love to laugh – they do it at odd times, all day and would love to keep it going - if we joined them. Small children can bring disorder (especially toddlers), but they are not min-adults trapped inside small bodies. They are persons learning, listening, watching, growing, and discovering emotions and gravity. What would happen if we laughed just a little bit more each day? What if we chose laughter instead of raising our voices in anger? What if we turned up the FUN music, grabbed a spoon (makeshift microphone) and began singing some crazy songs in the middle of the day? What if YOU jumped into the swimming pool and did a cannonball? Watch your kids’ faces….observe their hearts spring with glee and their giggles wrapped in laughter….because mom and dad chose to be FUN.

We hung up a zip line in our backyard just to have some FUN….. Last year, I asked for a Karaoke machine for my birthday – so our family could break out into song when the day is absolutely headed down the path of no-return destruction….and it brings us LIFE…something my kids remember when times are tough and the world hurts. Family should be a safe place where we can giggle, laugh, sing and do a dance in the kitchen – to make it for another hour inside together. When math is done, paint some fingernails, build a LEGO® bridge or jump on the trampoline…try laughing a little more – watch your kids’ breathing LIFE when you choose FUN instead of tears and raised voices.

ETERNITY: May I encourage you to think in terms of eternity? If you can, read God’s Word each day to your kids (even those teenagers). It will NOT return void. Pray for your kids’ hearts OUT LOUD with them every day. Demonstrate God’s heart for them. Is God awesome to you? Make sure your kids see how awesome God is….SHOW THEM! Let them taste eternity by loving God in front of them. When our family has faced some really hard times, we have tried to display God’s goodness to our children – showing them that God is good; He is safe; He can be trusted; He will provide; He will heal; He is faithful. Think every day in terms of eternity for your kids’ hearts….it changes everything.

Finally, home school friend, remember that you are not alone on this journey! There are other home school families who can help you along this road. Don’t be afraid to ask a “veteran” home school family for encouragement, accountability and prayers. Moses had helpers hold up his arms. We have a LEAH community to support us, too. We cannot do this alone. We all have situations in our lives and family that seem overwhelming, but we serve a HUGE God who can do anything. “You can do it! It is not always easy, but remember, you are not alone! You have an unlimited power source supporting you. You can do all things because I strengthen you!” Love - The Lord your Helper (Phil 4:13)

My parenting becomes full of LIFE when I rely on God for strength, wisdom, a cooled temper, peace, laughter, and perspective. I simply cannot do this home school stuff well without Jesus…He is the true giver of LIFE!

Jennifer (“Jeni”) Chase and her husband David have been married for 20 years and live in Appalachian, NY, where they home school their four lively daughters. Jeni speaks to women’s groups, moms’ gatherings, marriage retreats, and home school conventions. She previously worked as a professional counselor in Johnson City, NY, and currently serves as the Co-Director for the Braided Cord Cooperative in the Binghamton, NY area which provides educational opportunities and community for over 35 home school families. To contact Jennifer: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)












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January 2016 eNewsletter