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Beginning Homeschool Getting Started Homeschooling 2008007 Bell, Debra Apologia If you're relatively new to homeschooling, Debra Bell's workshop should be an essential ingredient in preparing for your upcoming school year.  She reminds parents how important it is to know why you're homeschooling.  She lays a biblical foundation for why homeschooling is the best option for your children.  She then goes on to offer practical advice regarding choosing curriculum and providing a unique educational experience for each of your children.

Home Educating with Confidence 311 Boyer, Rick   Rick Boyer is a homeschooling dad with 14 children. He shares a long list of the advantages of homeschooling. He also does a scriptural analysis of the values promoted by schools vs. the values promoted by homeschooling.
  Welcome to the Movement 2007007 Kemmerer, Suan Schoolhouse Publishing Susan Kemmerer will encourage you to take the plunge and begin homeschooling, but she'll also make sure you don't go into it with rose-colored glasses. She shares honestly about the hard work of homeschooling, but shows that it's all worth it!
Homeschooling: God is Sufficient 231 Loop, Katherine Christian Perspective If you're just getting started homeschooling or have doubts about your ability to homeschool, Katherine Loop, a homeschool graduate addresses each area of doubt.  She shares from her own personal homeschool journey how God met her family whenever they faltered.  God's strength in their weakness is a recurring theme as she encourages parents to stay the course.
Education Learning Styles - Celebrating the Differences! 2008031 August, Mark & Sue ENOCH of NJ If you've ever been confused by the learning categories of visual, auditory & kinesthetic, this workshop might be just what you needed.  Mark & Sue August share a different model for identifying learning styles.  They also touch on how to use this information to customize your homeschool.
Is Competitive Speech and Debate for Us? 2008010 The Aus Communications for Christ The entire Au family takes a turn at telling about speech and debate from their perspective.  All your questions about speech and debate and what it involves, will be answered during this informative workshop..
Algebra for Everyone 2007008 Clark, Tom Videotext Tom Clark, author of Videotext Algebra makes a strong case for studying Algebra. He makes the point that Algebra is good practice for the general problem solving that occurs throughout a person's lifetime.
  Children and the 7 Intelligences 308 Koch, Kathy Kathy Koch describes 7 different types of intelligences our children can display. She offers practical advice about how to nurture our children's strengths and gives tips about how to strengthen their weaknesses. Her Christian background enables her to also show parents how to draw the line between predispositions and areas where
  Bring Out the Scientist in Your Child 2007017 Krahn, Donna Rainbow Resources If you have a tendency to avoid science, Donna Krahn can help you overcome your fears and insecurities. Her enthusiasm for science and learning in general, will encourage you to renew your efforts!
Coursequest 2008032 Krahn, Donna Rainbow Resources Donna Krahn is a full time curriculum consultant.  In this workshop, she shares the pros and cons of different types of curriculum and shares her secrets about how to choose what's best for your family.
How Boys and Girls Learn Differently 401 Pudewa, Andrew Institute for Excellence in Writing Recently,  Andrew Pudewa , homeschooling dad and founder of Institute for Excellence in Writing, addressed a group of homeschool leaders.  His topic?  Brain science research shows how boys and girls learn differently.  Did you know that for girls to learn, the optimal room temperature is significantly higher than for boys?
  You Are Different and So Am I 221 Sinclair, Dan Teach4Mastery Dan Sinclair has fun showing you how different we all are. Fortunately he offers practical advice about how to take advantage of those differences!
Teaching Spelling: When Our Memory Fades 2008025 Stobaugh, Karen For Such a Time as This Some kids never struggle with spelling.  Other kids struggle no matter how many different approaches you take.  Karen Stobaugh shares a simple method using syllabication that might help the struggling speller get a handle on spelling for the first time in his life!
  Celebrating the Differences 305 Waring, Diana History Alive! Diana Waring, author of Beyond Survival, and retired homeschooling mom, paints an inspiring word picture of seeing our children as young trees. She talks about old rootes in our lives that can hinder the growth of our children. She gives a thorough diescription of how to recognize unique giftings in each of our children and how to nurture those giftings to equip each child for the plan God has for them.
  The Joy of Storytelling 307 Weiss, Jim Greathall Productions Jim Weiss is a master story teller. People of all ages love his audio books. In this workshop, Jim reminds us that everyone loves a story and that stories should be a big part of family life. He then proceeds to give tips on how to tell a good story and even teaches how to do different voices for different characters.
  Everyday Critical Thinking 306 Wile, Jay Apologia Science Jay Wile, author of Apologia Science curriculum, talks about the importance of teaching critical thinking to our children. In his usual entertaining manner, he debunks commonly held myths and urban legends and challenges parents to integrate critical thinking skills into their everyday curriculum.
  Essential, Efficient and Encouraging Education 2007013 Wise, Jessie The Well Trained Mind Jessie Wise gently guides homeschooling parents through some basic principles that will ensure that your homeschool is headed in the right direction.
Education/Classical Teaching the Classics From Seuss to Socrates 222 Andrews, Adam Does the thought of engaging in Literary Analysis with your kids, make you weak in the knees?  Adam Andrews shows you how simple it can be.  After explaining what's involved, he does a step by step literary analysis of a popular children's story.
Latin, the Mother of Many Languages 229 Beers, Barbara The Latin Road We've all heard that every good homeschooling mom will teach her kids Latin.  If that idea baffles and overwhelms you, Barbara Beers will gently show you how worthwhile the effort will be.  She'll give you a very good idea of what's involved and how you can approach it.
Logic - No's, Ifs, Ands or Buts 2008017 Birkett, Norman Classical Legacy Press Norman Birkett has a passion for every branch of logic.  If logic seems like a mystery to you, Norman will walk you through the basics.

Latin is Essential and How You Can Teach It with No Prior Knowledge 217 Harrington, Mary Latin in the Christian Trivium So you've read the books that say how important it is to teach Latin.  You've asked yourself how on earth you can do this since you never learned Latin.  Mary Harrington will take the mystery out of this dilemma and will show you how easy and fun it can be!

Classical Education in the 21st Century 303 Hazell, David My Father's World David Hazell, author of My Father’s World Curriculum, presents a thought provoking framework for implementing a classical education from a biblical worldview. Learn the principles behind ancient Greek, Roman and Hebrew classical education models and how to apply them in your personal homeschooling endeavors.
The Why & How of History 2007036 Henriquez, Sidney Stratford Classical Christian Academy Sidney Henriquez has a plethora of ideas to make history interesting.  His own love of history is evident in this enthusiastic workshop.
  Trivium 101 204 Henriquez, Sidney Stratford Classical Christian Academy You've probably heard fellow homeschoolers toss around the term "Classical Education".  If you have never quite been able to sort out what this means, Sidney Henriquez gives a very clear overview as well as a Biblical foundation for a classical education.
Biblical and Classical Education 2008023 Somerville, Scott & Marcia Lampstand Press Marcia begins this workshop by explaining what a classical education is and why you might want to consider it.  Scott picks up where Marcia left off and explains how we can teach from some of the great books without losing our kids to worldly ideas.  His plan actually teaches our children to look at every idea through the lens of scripture in order to discern what is good.
  An Intro to Classical Education 2007006 Wise, Jessie The Well Trained Mind Confused about what a Classical education is? Jessie Wise takes you through it step by step.
Education/Preschool Teaching the Resistant Child 124 Ellison, Renee   Renee Ellison speaks about the psychology in dealing with a resistant child.
  The 7 Secrets for Starting Children Off Right 129 St. Denis, Randi  

If you have little ones at home, Randi St. Denis can help you know what you can be doing now to help them begin their homeschooling journey with a strong foundation.

Highschool/College Making the Most of the Jr. High Years 2007014 Abrams, Carla ENOCH of NJ Carla Abrams give very wise advice regarding planning for the high school years. She shows homeschoolers how to begin the planning process during the Jr. High years in order to make a smooth transition. Her workshop is filled with great suggestions and plenty of resources to help you get through the high school years!
Developing a Plan for High School 2008014 Cooke, Becky HSLDA If your primary concerns about homeschooling high school, have to do with keeping records and dealing with college admissions, Becky Cooke will show you how simple it can be.
It's Off to Work We Go 2008024 Cooke, Becky HSLDA Not everyone is headed for college.  Becky Cooke explores other options for homeschoolers and gives good advice about how to prepare your child for the workplace and choosing a career.
College At Home 2008004 Eagleson, Bruce & Mary Ann CHAP Bruce & Mary Ann Eagleson are homeschooling parents who have graduated 3 of their 4 children from college.  They will challenge your thinking about the traditional 4 year college experience.  They give  compelling reasons to consider rethinking your plans and trying college from home.
  Window on the World 2007005 Heather, Francis   If you're wondering whether to send your child to study abroad, Heather Francis will give you a great overview. Sharing from her own personal experience, she will share the pros and cons of studying abroad and give you lots of good advice for planning your trip.
  Homeschooling Through High School 226 Loop, Bob & Katherine   Listen as a dad and his daughter talk about her homeschool high school years. Bob Loop was a real skeptic as the high school years approached, but his personal experience now has him convinced that the best place for your kids to spend their high school years is at home.
College Now: Exploring Dual Enrollment 2007027 Parnell, Jessica Bridgeway Academy If you've wondered if your 11th or 12th grader might be ready for college level classes, Bridgeway Academy might be able to help you.  They have a dual enrollment program with online courses from a Christian College.  This is a nice alternative to the Community College path.  Each course is around $500.
  An Introduction to Accelerated Distance Learning 225 Yamane, Ryan Global Learning Strategies Did you know there is an alternative to the traditional 4 year college education? Ryan Yamane tells how Brad Voeller got a college education in less than a year and spent less than $10,000.
History Packing a Punch with Timelines and Maps 2007030 Hogan, Maggie Bright Ideas Press If you like the idea of timelines and maps, but don't know how to integrate them into your curriculum, Maggie Hogan will show you lots and lots of creative ways to make them work for you and your student.
  Ancient Civilizations: History Starts Here 2007034 Hogan, Maggie Bright Ideas Press If you have a hard time connecting events in the Bible to the ancient history in your textbooks, Maggie Hogan can show you how. She can help you make history and the Bible come alive!
Language Arts Introducing Analytical Grammar 2007010 Finley, Robin   If you're shopping for a new Language Arts curriculum, Robin Finley gives an excellent overview of Analytical Grammar and why she thinks it is effective.
Marriage Homeschooling but Still Married 212 Wilson, Todd The Familyman Todd Wilson presents an age old message in a fresh new way. Through gentle humor, he give practical advice about making your marriage a priority.
Math Deciding What to Teach in Mathematics 2007025 Clark, Tom Videotet Tom Clark, author of Videotext Algebra explains how to map out your math curriculum.
  Rethinkng Math 220 Hameloth, Nancy Right Start Math Nancy Hameloth shows why your child will learn to love math if you skip the rote memory and flash cards and aim for a true understanding of how math works.
  Mastering Math 218 Lawler, Kathleen Right Start Math Kathleen Lawler will convince you that not all kids can learn math by rote memory. In fact, even those who can, would be better off using ideas that promote understanding of the innate order and patterns of math.
  Teaching Math Biblically 216 Loop, Kattherine   Have you every wondered how to present math from a biblical perspective? Katherine Loop shares from her own experience how math taught without a biblical connection caused her to struggle with her faith. Merely knowing that math solutions never change is a testimony to the fact that God sustains and holds all things together.
Music Teaching the Grammar of Music 2007021 Reese, Paul Stratford Classical Christian Academy Paul Reese is a homeschool graduate that grew to love music despite his parents' lack of talent in this area. He makes a strong case of the importance of basic music education for every homeschooled student.
Parenting Parenting is Heart Work 228 DeVries, John National Center for Biblical Parenting If you're frustrated with your parenting efforts, this workshop lays out a practical and biblical plan to reach your child's heart to affect change instead of just trying to change their behavior.
Servanthood 101: Teaching Your Kids to Serve 2008015 Kemmerer, Susan Schoolhouse Publishing There is more to homeschooling than just textbooks.  Susan Kemmerer gives biblical advice about how to train your children to have a heart to serve at home.
  Being Best Friends With Your Brothers and Sisters 316 The Malleys   Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
Homeschooling Only One 2008027 Rothgaber, Nada CHAP Homeschooling an only child can be a real delight.  Nada, homeschooling mom of one child, gives practical examples of how you can customize you child's education to bring out the best in your only child.
  Pillars of the Home 202 Sisson, Gretchen ICHE Gretchen Sisson addresses teen girls about their role in the family.  Her message is Christ centered and offers a lot of practical direction for teen girls.
  Tips for Improving Sibling Relationships 203 Sisson, Gretchen &  Nathaniel ICHE Gretchen and Nathaniel Sisson share from their hearts about their own challenges at home with their siblings. They take a good, hard look at what the Bible says about siblings and offer excellent advice about how to be a godly sibling.
  Character First 313 Solis, Shirley Lifetime Books Shirley Solis reminds homeschooling parents about the importance of putting character issues before academics. She offers practical advice about how to do this.
Fun & Creative ways to Teach Spiritual Truths to Kids 2008029 Turansky/Miller National Center for Biblical Publishing Want to make the Bible come alive for your kids.  Turansky and Miller offer lots of creative ideas using activities, role plays and even science to make application of scripture fun and memorable.
  Helping Children Develop a Strong & Clear Conscience 2007002 Turansky/Miller National Center for Biblical Parenting Although there is no "how-to" manual for raising your child, Turansky and Miller lay out a very simple plan for leading your child through the steps of recognizing their sin and repentance. This plan will help your children understand their sin and their need for God's forgiveness without feeling condemned or discouraged.
  Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes 210 Turansky/Miller National Center for Biblical Parenting Most of us set our sights on getting our children to obey. Turansky & Miller challenge parents to raise the bar and train our children to have an honoring attitude. Their practical applications and personal stories make this goal seem reachable.
  Heart Maintenance 209 Wakefield, Norm Elijah Ministries Norm Wakefield discusses how a child's hard heart can get in the way of family relationships. He covers how to detect a hard heart and how to help your child work through it.
  What's a Mom To Do With Her Teenaged Son 213 Wakefield, Norm Elijah Ministries Moms and Dads, here's food for thought if you've noticed an attitude change in your teenaged son. Norm Wakefield offers some helpful advice from his own personal experience about how a mom can help her son on the way to manhood.
How to Correct Children with an Eye on the Heart 2008021 Williams Tim National Ctr. For Biblical Parenting Parenting is one of the hardest tasks God has called us to.  Tim Williams lays out a plan that applies biblical principles to parenting.  It helps children examine their hearts rather than just change their behavior.
Parenting/Dads Dad's Irreplaceable Role 103 Downer, Phil DNA Phil Downer along with his wife, Susie and son, Paul gives us a glimpse into the dynamics in his own household. Through sharing some of the challenges he faces in his own household, he helps dads see how vital their role at home is.
  Sheep Need a Shepherd Who Leads the Way 309 Hamby, Mark Lamplighter Press Mark Hamby, of Lamplighter Press, offers help for dads who are struggling with leading their families. He shares humbly from his own failures and tells how God showed him how to be a "good shepherd".
Pastoring Your Homeschool 2008035 Reese, Paul Paul Reese is a homeschool graduate.  He shares how fathers are the pastors of their homeschools.  Paul offers lots of practical ways dads can shepherd their children as he looks back on the role his own father played in his family.
Master Plan 2008002 Somerville, Scott Lampstand Press Dads, if you've been struggling to figure out your role in homeschooling, you can learn from Scott Somerville's mistakes! By God's grace, Scott has grown in the area of leading his family.  He'll share with you the steps he took to do what he could to ensure that his 6 children would grow up to love the Lord.
   Principles for Principals  2008013 Somerville, Scott  Lampstand Press  Dads, if you're unsure of your role in leading your family, Scott Somerville will give you 21 principles to consider.  He encourages you to listen for just one principle that God might be trying to get your attention about. 
Parenting/Dawdling   201 Flem, Lorrie   Lorrie Flem has lots of helpful advice regarding dawdlers.  She explores why dawdling occurs and how to help our children stay on pace.  She offers practical solutions that are full of grace.
Parenting/Purity Keeping Your Teens on the Road to Purity 114 Hiramine, Julie Generations of Virtue Julie Hiramine challenges teens to use this stage of their life to develop their affection for the Lord.  She offers a sound Biblical argument why teens should save romantic relationships for later.
  Setting a Paradigm for Purity 102 Hiramine, Julie Generations of Virtue Julie Hiramine has a heart for helping parents keep their children pure.  As well as building a Biblical case for courtship, she offers practical steps families can take.  She also mentions a wealth of resources to help parents with this daunting task.
Raising Pure Daughters in a Generation of Darkness 230 Mally, Sarah Bright Lights Sarah Mally is a homeschool graduate that has a heart for helping girls walk in purity.  Speaking from her own experience as an unmarried young adult, Sarah shares how girls can reject the world's model of dating and set their eyes on God during their single years.
Parenting/Spiritual Helping Your Children Internalize Scripture 312 Boyer, Marilyn   Marilyn Boyer shares how she helped her children learn to live by the scriptures they studied. She shares from her experience in raising and homeschooling 14 children. Her ideas are not complicated and can apply to any family.
  Warrior Mother: Fighting for the Kids, Not With Them 128 Bradley, Bev Family Ministries Bev Bradley humbly shares a message of encouragement for moms.  She leads the listener through scriptures that give a godly perspective on how moms can be spiritual warriors in their children's lives.
  Winning Your Child's Heart: Relationships 125 Bradley, Reb Family Ministries Reb Bradley shares transparently about the mistakes he made with his own children.  He shows us a better way from the pages of scripture.
  Wise Sons & Wise Fathers 315 Demme, Stever   Steve Demme exhorts dads to disciple their sons by modelling humility and a need for God's grace.
  Draw Near and Hold Fast 310 Wakefield, Norm   Norm Wakefield speaks from the book of Hebrews to help us apply the power of the gospel when storms and trials come our way.
Political Chairman's Address 106 Farris, Mike HSLDA Mike Farris, Chairman of HSLDA and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College looks ahead to what battles for American freedoms might be on the horizon.  He builds an excellent case for homeschoolers to begin now to preserve the fundamental rights of parents.
  Question and Answer 113 Barna, George Barna Research Group George Barna answers questions based on his research done among Christians. What impact do Christians have on politics?  Can Christians make a difference?  What does the next generation of Christians look like?
  State of the Nation Panel 116 Klicka, Chris HSLDA Chris Klicka along with several other HSLDA attorneys discuss current assaults on individual homeschooler's rights.  This workshop will give you a firm ooting if you are ever in a situation where you are dealing with social services or other governmental agencies.
  The Leadership Code 115 Newby, Paul   Justice Paul Newby talks about leadership qualities and shares insights from his own journey in Politics
  The Power of Homeschool Research 104 Ray, Brian NHERI If you feel inadequate when trying to explain homeschooling to the general public, Brian Ray's workshop will give you the information you need.  He explains current statistical data and its significance.  Brain Ray also introduces ideas that may be major issues in the future.
  Town Hall: What Do You Think? 2007019 Ray, Brian NHERI Brian Ray serves as the moderator as NJ Homeschoolers give opinions and advice on topics such as "What should a new homeschooler know?" "Why are support groups important?" And many more.
If You are Homeschooling, You are at Risk 2008005 Rothgaber, Doug and Nada CHAP NJ Homeschoolers enjoy tremendous personal freedom.  The Rothgabers share some of the snares involved in government involvement in homeschooling and warn NJ Homeschoolers of trends that might compromise the freedoms we now enjoy.
Reading Teaching Reading from Birth On 2007018 Wise, Jessie The Well Trained Mind Jessie Wise takes the mystery out of teaching your kids to read. She shows how to make it one of the most rewarding parts of homeschooling!
Science Slime, Slugs, Soda Pop: Science Secrets 2007024 Hogan, Maggie Bright Ideas Press Does the thought of teaching science paralyze you?  Maggie Hogan takes the mystery out of teaching science and shows you how to overcome your own distaste in order to instill a love for learning in your kids.

Help! How to Prepare Your Student for High School and College Level Science 224 Keller, Rebecca   Rebecca Keller helps you map out an individualized science plan for your child, based on their strengths and interests. If this is an area that is perplexing to you, Dr. Keller can put your fears to rest!
  Teaching the Jr. and Sr. High School Sciences at Home 2007015 Palmisano, Erica Apologia If you're hesitant about teaching science, Erica will boost your confidence. She explains how user-friendly Apologia science is.
The Return to Genesis 2008020 Snavely, Mike Mission Imperative! Have you ever wondered why it's so important to understand the issue of creation vs. evolution.  Mike Snavely expertly lays out the logic of needing a firm foundation of understanding the account of creation in Genesis in order to make sense of the rest of our beliefs.
Struggling Learner Helping the Distractible Child 2007020 Boring, Melinda Heads Up! Melinda Boring became an expert on distractible children through homeschooling her 3 children. Two out of the three (plus her husband) could be classified as distractible! Besides convincing you that these kids are lovable, she shares her many practical strategies with you.
  The Biology of Learning 118 CraftDianne   If you've ever wondered how biology affects learning, this workshop will answer a lot of your questions.  Dianne Craft explains the connection in simple layman's terms and offers manageable solutions to many problems.
  Identifying if a Child Has a Learning Glitch 109 CraftDianne HSLDA Dianne Craft brings 35 years of experience in the field of education and nutrition into this very informative and encouraging workshop.  She addresses how to hone in on why your child might be struggling with certain learning tasks. She offers oodles of simple steps homeschoolers can take to identify and fix "learning glitches".  She also offers a godly perspective on why each of our children is a gift from God.
Homeschooling the Struggling Child 2008034 Parnell, Jessica Bridgeway Academy Jessica Parnell and her collegue share from a wealth of knowledge about how you can help your struggling learner.  As well as sharing theory, they will give you practical tips you can implement immediately.
Teens Using Your Logic 207 Bluedorn, Nathaniel   Your teens or your co-op might enjoy listening to these 2 homeschooled brothers talk about the everyday applications for logic.
Vision Heaven or Harvard: A Higher Call 2007026 August, Mark ENOCH of NJ Have you forgotten why you homeschool? Mark August reminds us that homeschooling is more than just academics, it is about God's plan for our children.
Overcoming Discouragement 2008018 Bell, Debra Apologia Let's face it - we all have those days when we're ready to give up.  Debra Bell shares how the assurance of God's call to homeschool her kids, kept her from discouragement when her twin boys announced that they were making plans to attend the local high school.  Her experience and wisdom can be applied to any discouraging situation you've encountered in homeschooling.
  Are You Leaving (Gasp) Gaps? 211 Duby, Tamy Tobin's Lab If you're one of those moms who finds herself worrying about whether you're doing a good job, this recording is your best medicine! Tammy Duby will help you have a perspective on your homeschool that will leave you excited about what you're doing rather than worrying about it.
Does God Want You to Homeschool?  Catching the Vision 2008030 Eagleson, Bruce CHAP If you're not sure whether you should homeschool, Bruce Eagleson will gently lead you through both logical and scriptural reasons why God probably wants you to homeschool.
  Becoming a Family of Eternal Purpose 227 Hazell, David My Father's World David Hazell will help you see that there is much more to homeschooling than the Three R's. He outlines what he believes is God's plan for this generation of homeschoolers and for generations to come.
  Confessions of a Real Mom 2007102 Hogan, Maggie Bright Idea Press Maggie Hogan shares from her own experience as a homeschooling mom. She is honest and forthright about her struggles. She will give you tips that are easy to implement so you can avoid some of the issues she faced.
  Homeschooling Grows Around the World 111 Klicka, Chris HSLDA If you're wondering what homeschooling is like in other countries, Chris Klicka gives a great overview.  You will learn how to pray for fellow homeschoolers around the world.  He also offers other suggestions to help advance the cause of homeschooling internationally.  This workshop will give you a new appreciation for the personal freedoms we enjoy in the US.
  Homeschool Leadership and Political Leadership 120 Lundburg, Kevin Colorodo Homeschoolers Kevin Lundburg encourages homeschool dads to consider holding a political office.  He tells the story of how God led him in this direction in the Colorado State Government.
  Be Honest?  Who should be educating your children? 2007001 Ray, Brian NHERI Dr. Ray will convince you that homeschooling is the best choice for discipling your children. His thought provoking workshop will make you think twice before embracing any other educational option.
  Just the Fact Ma'am, Homeschooling Works 20070033 Ray, Brian NHERI Do you feel less than confident when responding to homeschool skeptics. Brian Ray will give you the statistics you need to answer inquiries intelligently and confidently.
  President's Address 121 Smith, Mike HSLDA Mike Smith, President of HSLDA talks about the leadership qualities found in Joshua from the Old Testament. Also, if you've never heard the historical account of how homeschoolers across the US shut down the switchboard at the White House in a quest for freedom, Mike tells it in all its glory!
  Words 117 Richardson, Mike   Mike Richardson is a missionary and homeschooling dad in Mexico.  He shares from personal experience on the power of words.
The Hidden Treasure in Your Home 2008101 Somerville, Scott Lampstand Press Scott Somerville, homeschool dad of 6 grown children and former HSLDA attorney shares about 4 hidden treasures found in your home - wisdom, honor, joy & love.  He shows how these treasures manifest themselves in any Christian homeschool.
Vision/Encouragement Identity-Directed Home Schooling 208 Davis, Chris Elijah Co. Chris Davis is a homeschooling dad. He challenges parents to discern what purpose God has for each of their children and then tailor their upbringing to equip them for that end.
  Myths & Realities of Homeschooling 126 Duffy, Cathy   Cathy Duffy has the gift of encouragement.  If you need to be redirected in your homeschooling, this workshop will do the trick.
Why a Tailor Made Education Works 301 Pudewa, Andrew Institute for Excellence in Writing Andrew Pudewa, creator of Institute for Excellence in Writing, makes a strong argument for why homeschooling is the best choice for your children.  He also shows why mimicking public school at home will only lead to failure.  In order for our children to be equipped to be used by God, homeschoolers can tailor their child’s education to include the perfect balance of knowledge, skills, and character.
  Put God in the Center of Your Homeschool 304 Strayer, Debbie   Debbie Strayer has some solid advice for homeschooling moms that are suffering from burnout. She puts things in perspective by pointing out that remembering God’s calling is a better option that putting your kids on the school bus. Debbie Strayer, a retired homeschooling mom, speaks her encouraging message from her own personal experience.
  Lies Moms Believe 317 Wilson, Todd Familyman Ministries Todd Wilson addresses moms' hearts in an entertaining way. He is fun to listen to, but his message also addresses real struggles that challenge homeschool moms.
Vision/Inspirational Homeschooling From a Foundation of Grace 2008102 Bell, Debra Apologia If you're working hard to succeed at homeschooling for the sake of proving what an excellent education option it is, Debra Bell has something to say about that.  Picture this: the "boat" of homeschooling is in the dry riverbed and everyone in the family is paddling furiously to make the "homeschooling boat" work.  It is only when you put the "homeschooling boat" in the river of grace, that it will begin to progress.  In fact, Debra Bell says, you can't help but succeed when you're being swept along on God's river of grace.  What an encouragement to those who are weary!

Homeschooling: The Silent Revival 119 Smith, Elizabeth HSLDA If you're having trouble remembering why you homeschool, Elizabeth Smith will inspire you!  Wife of Mike Smith, President of HSLDA, Elizabeth draws striking parallels between the current homeschool movement and the great spiritual revivals of the past.  Being reminded that we are part of God's working on this earth, is a great motivation to persevere day by day on our homeschooling journey.
Vision/Marriage Loving and Leading 2007101 Ray, Brian NHERI Dr. Ray says that in order to have a successful homeschool, you need to have a strong marriage. This workshop suggests many ways to strengthen your marriage.
Vision/Parenting Essential Elements of Building Teamwork and Vision 122 Downer, Phil DNA Phil Downer introduces this topic but then turns the microphone over to his two sons who are students at Harvard. These young men reminisce about what their parents did to help them be leaders for God's glory.
  Supporting and Encouraging the Homeschool Mom 108 Downer, Phil DNA  
Vision/ Parenting/Dads Building World-changing Leaders for Christ through Homeschooling 101 Downer, Phil DNA Phil Downer is an ex-marine and homeschooling dad of 6 children ranging from teenage to young adult.  He is candid about sharing his mistakes about trying to train his kids as if they were in the Marines.  He was convicted that what Jesus modeled with his disciples was a better way.  He now attempts to disciple his children in faith, hope and love rather than fear.  He builds a strong Biblical foundation for this approach and shares many practical applications as well.
Women/Organization The 7 Ups of a Peaceful Home 127 Powell, Rebecca   This workshop will give the homeshooling mom some easy ways to organize her home.  The Biblical perspective will encourage and not condemn!
Women/Spiritual What About Me? 2007023 Kemmerer, Susan Schoolhouse Publishing Most homeschooling moms find themselves serving everyone in their families but themselves. Susan Kemmerer helps moms to put things into perspective and embrace the high calling of motherhood and homeschooling.
  The Three R's for Homeschooling Moms 314 Noonan, Shelley   Shelley Noonan encourages moms to remember the Three R's of taking care of themselves: Revitalize, Rekindle and Refresh.
Worldview Fighting the culture War: Evolution, Creation and Intelligent Design 223 Keller, Rebecca   Picture this: You're at a dinner conference. You are the only Christian at your table. The other people do not know you are a Christian. Someone makes a comment about feeling guilty about eating meat since people and animals are all related to one another. How would you respond? Rebecca Keller will help you puzzle through this scenario. She'll give you a gracious yet authoritative way to respond.
Writing Teaching the Essay 2007022 Finley, Robin Analytical Grammar It's hard not to stress about the timed essay on the SAT exam.  Robin Finley presents a simple formula for writing essays.  This can be applied to any type of essay and will take away any apprehensions you had about the SAT essay.
Writing the Essay 2008022 Goldstein, Eva Excellence in Writing Does writing an essay overwhelm you?  Does teaching your kids to write an essay cause you to panic?  Eva Goldstein gently walks you through some very basic steps that makes essay writing a cinch!
Teaching the Reluctant Writer 2008003 Goldstein, Eva Excellence in Writing This workshop is guaranteed to take the mystery out of writing!  Eva Goldstein describes a step by step interactive process for helping everyone to become a good writer.
Chocolate Brownies, Candy and Inspiring Writing 2007016 Parnell, Jessica Bridgeway Academy If you've gotten into a rut with your writing curriculum, Jessica shows you how to make writing fun. Your kids will learn some basic principles in a way that is easy for kids to remember.
How Do I Know if My Children are Writing Well? 2007009 Parnell, Jessica Bridgeway Academy Jessica Parnell is passionate about writing.  She offers a systematic method of helping your student to become proficient at writing.  Using her tips, your student will also learn to love the writing process!

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